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As Another Week Ends…The Competition Hots Up Again

As Another Week Ends…The Competition Hots Up Again

With another week coming to a close there is intense activity once again within CTP Teams.

1 o (1) SurfAholics – Alpha (25/25) 54604589
2 +2 (4) Empower World Team (25/25) 24747950
3 o (3) Lucky 13 (25/25) 20810560
4 -2 (2) Crazy Cats People! (25/25) 19213062
5 o (5) Cash Surfing Network – Team 1 (25/25) 10976706
6 o (6) Bonz Brigade (25/25) 9679777
7 -7 (0) Lions (18/20) 3901410
8 -8 (0) TEAM GREEN (25/25) 3393078
9 -2 (7) CTP Masters (25/25) 2933713
10 -10 (0) TE Racing League (21/25) 1328502


As the table above shows, there has been some amazing activity at the top of the Premier League.

Due to some clever team tactics and ruthlessly using the available bonuses SurfAholics Alpha were able to extend their lead at the top by what should be an almost impossible amount.

As things stand they will take the top spot again this week.

The battle for second and third place is closely fought between Empire World Team, Lucky 13 and Crazy Cats People, with Cash Surfing Network (Team 1) and Bonz Brigade not too far behind.

Given that all these teams have the maximum member limit of 25 there is still time for anything to happen with some concerted surfing.

1 -1 (0) Wake Up Now (25/25) 3049271
2 +21 (23) Dream Team (12/25) 2379287
3 +14 (17) SurfAholics – Bravo (16/25) 2016853
4 o (4) cats003 team (13/15) 1856847
5 o (5) The C.T.P Renegades (18/25) 1782939
6 +2 (8) Indulge Yourself (10/20) 1688794
7 o (7) Dr Kelps Racers (8/20) 1676619
8 +1 (9) Cash Surfing Network- Team 2 (9/15) 1273142
9 -9 (0) The Founders! (2/10) 882956
10 -4 (6) Surf to Earn (20/20) 864360


In the Competitive League, strong performances from Wake Up Now, Dream Team and SurfAholics – Bravo see these three teams poised to move up into the Premiership.

However the relatively tight points spread between teams four to seven means that the race to move up to the top league is still wide open.



37 responses to “As Another Week Ends…The Competition Hots Up Again”

  1. GREAT Post here… GO TEAMS GO! EVERYONE in my book is a WINNER!!!! Keep going my friends…

  2. Evelyn Kramer says:

    Great competition!

  3. Tom Wacker says:

    “Due to some clever team tactics and ruthlessly using the available bonuses SurfAholics Alpha were able to extend their lead at the top by what should be an almost impossible amount.”

    I am in utter admiration. Even I have conceded the top spot to SAA… That was a serious demonstration on how to play the game. It will be interesting to see who learned the lessons the best for next week.

  4. Beyond that first place spot the board is most definitely fluid with change being the only thing that is consistent.

  5. Matt Badura says:

    Boomastic Team of Fantastic, Love you guys, You ROCK HARD.

  6. Myra P says:

    Go SurfAholics – BRAVO, I gotta support our Sister Team.

    SurfAholics Alpha – hard work by all on the team — AWESOME TEAMWORK!

  7. Frank says:

    wow! some awesome team work!

  8. Virginia Herron says:

    Time to pick ourselves up and get ready to conquer next week I suppose. Lessons learned.

  9. Cindy Schellenberg says:

    Looks like everyone is in competitive mode! Kudos to Tim Tech as a whole for giving us all the opportunity to work as teams.

    Go everyone!

  10. Sig says:

    As our Team Motto Says: In Our Team We Trust!

    Success to all!! And respect to all in team and other teams too.


  11. Neil says:

    Oh yeah… and thanks for the points.

  12. Glenn Witmer says:

    There doing great…but it’s not over yet watch for CSN team 1

  13. Lynn M says:

    I’m in awe of the Surfaholics team, wow. As for the rest of the roster…. go Lucky 13!

  14. That is quite an impressive lead.

  15. Karen Kuty says:

    Given the intense competition, it’s still anyone’s guess who will end up in the Top 10 for the week. Having more “full” teams does even out the playing field, making it even more exciting.

  16. The Rce is on and if I wasnt indulging myself to some mobile WIFI due to change of space, I would be in there crushing it again 🙂

  17. Wow everyone is doing great. I went out on a very long limb and started Team Kore4 but so far no takers If I can move up 6 places by myself think what a few more people could do to propel us upwards

  18. Donna says:

    Go Team Surfahols A!! 🙂

  19. Howard Fullmer says:

    Im excited to be in SurfAholics – Alpha you guys rock.

  20. Madolyn Joseph says:

    WTG Lucky 13 keep it up and to the other teams as well.

  21. Michael Phillips says:

    Watch out! Dream Team is on the rise folks 😉 😉

  22. John Brewer says:

    Amazing things happening with CTP teams.
    There are lessons to be learned.
    I am doing my best to learn all I can.

  23. Stephen Whittle says:

    Go Lucky 13!

  24. Tony says:

    Lucky 13 will be there in the end.

  25. Selya Rollins says:

    Its amazing what team work can do.

  26. Karl Blatz says:

    Great job Alpha Team.

  27. Boris says:

    Absolutely crazy week.

  28. SurfAholics are crushing it!!! BOOM!!! Go SurfAholics!!!

  29. Been spending time with family over from Canada and Australia so not been pulling my weight for CTPMasters! Time for that to change!

  30. Anne Bergman says:

    Go Lucky 13 Go ! ! !

  31. Patricia Hedge says:

    Wow what a competition the heats really on us now. Go Team Go!

  32. Howard Fullmer says:

    Go team SurfAholics-Alpha we won another week Way to go everyone.

  33. Go TERL. let’s make it to the top 10.

  34. Charlotte Ericson says:

    Go Lucky 13! Good luck to all the other teams.

  35. Amazing, the teams are fighting hard

  36. Still …. no winner announcement & prizes for second week competition, it’s Tuesday!

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