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I Was Kicked Out Of My Own Party…And A Sweeva Surf Party At That

I Was Kicked Out Of My Own Party…And A Sweeva Surf Party At That

One minute there I was minding my own business trying to keep score as The Cash Surfing Network hijacked the Sweeva Surf Party.

I was trying to handle that rather tricky task of trying to talk, write and add up at the same time and doing it with my usual level of organized confusion and perpetual bewilderment.

Then there was…nothing. Sweeva stopped sweeving. I was no longer on Spreecast and the internet was disconnected from my life.

Soon a new page opened up on my computer telling me my broadband connection had been lost. Lost? How could it be lost? I don’t know much about the internet but I am pretty sure my internet connection lives inside a box called a router three floors below me.

So I managed to go downstairs where I found the internet pretty much where I thought it would be and using all my technical skills was able to turn it on again.

But when I got back my count was all wrong…how would I catch up? Thankfully Brenda kept score and was able to save the day…thanks Brenda you saved the day…again.

CSN Team splashpage

Not that keeping score was strictly necessary when it came to the team contest. Every other page shown was for The Cash Surfing Network. Seriously. They dominated. Crushed it. Nobody else stood a chance.

Put it like this…here is the top three for the team contest.

  1. Cash Surfing Network – 45 pages shown – 50K xp
  2. Lucky 13 – 20 pages shown – 25K xp
  3. Team Kore4 – four pages shown – 10K XP

Where were SurfAholics Alpha? Where were The Strays? They hardly got a look in.

What was even sweeter for CSN was that this was the first Sweeva Surf Party where we were trying something new.

Jon had flicked a switch which transformed winning bids into XP for the duration of the party…so for every page that CSN (and everyone else for that matter) got shown the team member who placed the bid got rewarded with XP.

And talking of bids…the average bid during the hour was 11,525 credits.

Over at the individual competition there was the usual intense rivalry with Legacy taking top spot, Robert Arnold coming second and Eric Goettman and Lynn tying for third place.

So thanks to everyone for making it another totally awesome surf party…coming up next some of the pages which really stood out for me.

Another CSN team page on the Sweeva Surf Party


29 responses to “I Was Kicked Out Of My Own Party…And A Sweeva Surf Party At That”

  1. Quote : “And talking of bids…the average bid during the hour was 11,525 credits”
    Thats why maybe many didnt get their bid in…way to much to get 33 people looking at you site .. 11K credits …unique hits 33 lmaoff

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      The bids at Sweeva are set by the members – clearly the consensus on the night was that 11,000 credits was the price worth paying to get a page seen during the Sweeva Surf Party.

  2. Georgia says:

    I got there late … but it was fun sweeva surfing with everyone. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing the average bid number 🙂

  4. Lynn M says:

    Oh Patrick… I am so sorry you had such terrible technical difficulties, I really am. BUT – your telling of the tale has me giggling out loud this morning! So thanks for the laugh today!!!

    (But still I’m really sorry about all your tech woes, I know how frustrating that can be. Really.)

    (But still – LOLOLOLOL!!!!!)

  5. Well it all sounds very exciting. What would we all do without Brenda? How many hats does that poor woman wear anyway. I think Brenda is in charge of catching anything that falls through the cracks…and sometimes those are large cracks. LOL.


  6. Tom Wacker says:

    I’m so thankful that your innerwebs connection was simply misplaced and not lost…

    FWIW, my internet provider does a weekly cleaning and such every Monday morning at 0300 local time. Right in the middle of my working day.

    Thanks for the great tale, Patrick!

  7. Rhonda says:

    I feel your pain when it comes to spreecast Patrick…it has a very fond hate for me LoL

    Congrats to CSN…was fun to see all the new splashes you guys came up with 🙂

  8. steven schofield says:

    Congrats to CSN.

  9. Marye says:

    Congrats to EV1 – you are ALL Winners

  10. I’m glad that you found the Internet in the little black box that you expected to find it in.

    Sometimes the idea of using a steel-toed boot for the router reboot is very appealing.

  11. Stephen Whittle says:

    Congrats to the winners!

  12. Now I understand why none of my bids were accepted. I would have never guessed the average bid was so much! Good time, though!

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      yes but for future reference when you make a bid you can always check the box that says “use average bid” and this will set the average bid for you.

      You don’t have to use this, but it will give you a clue of the ballpark you need to be in. If you want to bid higher (or lower) the just insert your own bid in the bid box.

  13. Charlotte says:

    You really can tell a story, Patrick. I’ve been surfing connected to my cellphone the past week being on vacation. Not recommending that at all. Slow old laptop on a 3g connection Izmir frustrating.

  14. hope your internet is up and running Patrick.

  15. Carl Davis says:

    Timing is always bad for me

  16. Sig says:

    WOW, no fun when tech mess up!! Anyway you had Brenda 🙂

    Good story (sorry ofcoz), but still a good written one..and wow Big Bids!!

  17. Ken Wolff says:

    Amazing that Elaine got a couple of sites shown during the party! I still say that it would be good for everyone to start the bids out low and get more people to participate! There is plenty of time to bring the big guns out later in the show.

  18. Raj G says:


    Good to learn….


  19. I blame the legacy team, always up to shenanigans.

    joking LOL.

  20. Karen Kuty says:

    Wow! That is one impressively high average bid! Good thing the winners were paid in XP!

  21. I used up most of my points on that party. The problem, that takes away from other advertizing in Sweeva. I am on the top of my team though for a short while today. I guess I need to do some more Sweeving 🙂 Looking forward to the next creative Sweeva party.

  22. Patricia Dean says:

    Patrick you are a great story teller, even at your own expense. Loved it. Congrats CSN.

  23. The Internet has always a Love Hate relationship. It Loves you and gives you access to the world and beyond, and in a jelous fit of rage and hate, it takes it all away and leaves you in the dark with just a single wet match and nowhere to strike it!

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