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Quick – Time Is Running Out For Hit Funnel’s XP Offer

Quick – Time Is Running Out For Hit Funnel’s XP Offer

Just in case you missed it, Randy Sult from Hit Funnel and leader of Stinkin Badge Owners has been giving away XP all month.

This is the final week where you can upgrade at his site for a super low price AND get CTP XP into the bargain.

Another cool thing that he is doing is that when you sign up for Hit Funnel you don’t get bombarded with upgrade offer after upgrade offer.

Instead he treats members a little more like grown ups and says: “Hey I have three different offers for you…these are what they are and this is what you will get.”

I have not spoken to Randy about this post so I won’t list the details here in case he wants to keep that between him and his members…but to see them for yourself then click this link to sign up to Hit Funnel.

What I can tell you is that he has monthly, three monthly and yearly upgrades on offer at crazy prices…and each comes with XP but there are only a couple of days left to get this deal.

Randy Suit from Hit Funnel

The upgrade offer is linked in with his Double Digit Midget referral contest where 1,000,000 CTP XP are up for grabs – both end on July 31 at 11:59:59 PM PST.

And as an added bonus should TimTech win the referral contest then any XP which are won will be given away so everyone is a winner.


16 responses to “Quick – Time Is Running Out For Hit Funnel’s XP Offer”

  1. Charlotte says:

    Randy has a great TE and his upgradeoffers are great 🙂

  2. Randy Sult says:

    Wow, that’s awesome that Tim Tech is giving away their XP if they win. But that should be a challenge to members of Hit Funnel. Get out there and beat Tim Tech in the contest and make them keep anything they win! There’s still time left. If anyone can do it it would be this group of competitive CTP Team players.

    In fact, I will give a secret bonus to anyone who can beat Tim Tech in the contest!

  3. Georgia says:

    Hit Funnel is an excellent traffic exchange. WTG Randy. And, Tim Tech – you guys rock as always!

  4. steven schofield says:

    Hit funnel is a great te WTG Randy .

  5. Lynn M says:

    Good stuff, Randy! You have been a very active owner from the start and that’s been impressive. Keep up the great work with HF! 🙂

  6. Stephen Whittle says:

    WTG Randy! Great job of branding yourself and your site!

  7. I see good branding Randy

  8. Start Surfing Away 🙂

  9. Ken Wolff says:

    Nice use of XPs Randy!

  10. Tom Wacker says:

    Yep. That’s some rock and roll action there. Great leverage of TT to promote the beejeepers out of your site.

    How to be, Randy!

  11. Sig says:

    Good Going indeed!

  12. Karen Kuty says:

    Thanks for letting us all know about the deadline!

  13. Glenn Witmer says:

    Good to know, timer is ticking

  14. This is a great deal.

  15. Raj G says:


    Unique method adopted to promote… Cheers!


  16. Patricia Dean says:

    Nice low price for 3 sec timer.

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