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The Founders – Where Are They Now?

The Founders – Where Are They Now?


It is now 24 hours since The Founders disbanded their teams and decided to go their separate ways.

Following the lead of Janelle, they each cleared their virtual possessions from their respective virtual desks and walked away to pastures new.

Well all but one.

Larry stayed behind.

He told a friend: “I just couldn’t bring myself to leave. Leaving just didn’t feel quite right so I had to stay.”

Tim found a new home with Dr Kelp’s Racers. He said: “The grass is so lush and wonderful here. I feel right at home already.”

Jon threw his hat into the ring with the C.T.P Renegades. He wasn’t available to comment as he was too busy surfing but he told one friend: “I have fallen in love with TE’s all over again. That’s the power of CTP Teams.”

Janelle did not need to sleep on her decision to move…she jumped right in with Wake Up Now and said: “The time was right for a move and this is the right team for me.”

I joined SurfAholics – Bravo which is quite ironic because I really don’t surf that much. I am fully expecting to be the first person ever to be kicked out of a CTP Teams team.

Brenda can be found at Affiliate Prosperity – do they know she has a cane which she uses to bring people into line?

And Justin can be found at Surf To Earn. He said: “The virtual grass here is unbelievably green. In fact it is far greener than Tim’s real grass in his garden.”


18 responses to “The Founders – Where Are They Now?”

  1. Tim Linden says:

    Looks great. Thx for the xp.

  2. Justin Ledvina says:

    I spit oatmeal out of my nose. Not because this was funny but because I’m celebrating my new team!

  3. Patrick Griffin says:

    It feels so odd with us all being on different teams now.

  4. Well our team is up 5 places and headed for the top……

  5. Karen Kuty says:

    Poor Justin–I don’t want to be on a team with such painful celebrations. It’s sooooo much nicer over here at Wake Up Now.

  6. Kathy Kelly says:

    What Tim said šŸ˜€

  7. Neil says:

    Tim’s cooking up something, again. =)

  8. Jon Olson says:

    Renegades! Renegades!

    Get ready to get curb stomped!!!!! We’re coming for all of you!

  9. Lynn M says:

    Larry’s “Join the Founders” page looks kind of sad out there circulating right now. Janelle tells me he’s in denial. Poor Larry.

    As for the grass wars, summer hasn’t even begun yet, this could get bloody before it’s all over with this year….

    • Evelyn Kramer says:

      I’m proud of Larry for his loyalty.
      I’d join you if my team wasn’t working it’s way up to swallow you up! HAHAHAHAHA

  10. I miss the motivation why they joined the specific teams and ignored other great teams in CTP land

  11. I agree that TE’s have experienced another interesting aspect that will bring new vigour

  12. Cindy Schellenberg says:

    Oh I guess the founders want us to be scared!;-)
    But it’s all good! It’s early in the game.

  13. One thing I need to say is this Look who is at the TOP of the TOTEM POLE here with the Teams! Yes your right it’s CRAZY CATS and who is on the Crazy Cats right now… Well, None of the Tim Tech guys and gals that’s for sure! Good luck to ALL who are not on The Crazy Cats Team because you will be below us from now on and that’s for SURE! LOL I just had to write this all I am just giving you guys some Inspirational words so, we can have you all compete against us CRAZY CATS! Good Luck to all!

  14. Frank says:

    CTP Masters is heading for the top!!

  15. Hey everyone, It’s time to WakeUpNow! Our team is fully loaded and our mice can’t wait. You think a cat attacking a dog is something special. All I can say is watch out cats.

  16. Glenn Witmer says:

    hmmm…the last placed team breaks up???

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