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Unstoppable Lucky 13 Win Weekly Challenge For First Time Ever

Unstoppable Lucky 13 Win Weekly Challenge For First Time Ever

Lucky 13 CTP Teams winners badges

It is always nice to get something right. “Watch Lucky 13,” I said because I believed they had the potential to get to the top.

And almost no sooner were the words out of my mouth than this team leapt to the top of the Premiership and then stubbornly stuck there to the very end.

They faced intense pressure from The Strays but every time their rivals pounced then Lucky 13 were quick on the counter attack.

Previously Lucky 13 has gained the third place trophy six times but the top slot has always proved elusive…until now.

Here’s how things finished last week.

Premier League:

1. Lucky 13
2. The Strays
3. SurfAholics Alpha

Demoted to Competitive League:

1. CTP Masters
2. Surf to Earn
3. Dream Team

Promoted to Premier League

1. SurfAholics Bravo
2. C.T.P Renegades
3. Plus one everyday

As a new week starts, good luck to everyone in CTP Teams.

37 responses to “Unstoppable Lucky 13 Win Weekly Challenge For First Time Ever”

  1. Matt Badura says:

    Awesome Job guys you rock.

  2. Joao Ramos says:

    Great work from all the teams.
    This week was ours!

    Go Lucky 13

  3. Stephen Whittle says:

    Like I just said on today’s Lucky 13 team blog post…..a new week……a new opportunity for the competition to step up……and we expect nothing less.

  4. That already said, money had the power!
    Surfing? ……. NAH

  5. steven schofield says:

    You win some u lose some , money does help the matter.

  6. Lynn M says:

    Wawan, that is totally incorrect about the surfing. Nearly everyone on our team surfed for the full Daily Challenge every day last week or almost, including myself, who often only surfs to Tier 4. I put in a TON of surfing hours last week as did several of my Lucky 13 colleagues and we certainly earned our surfing bonuses.

    As for the rest, people on other teams had the same opportunity to take the lead we did with the ListPunk upgrade XP offered by Jon. Five or six people on our team took the upgrade (as opposed to, I believe, only one on the Strays) and that gave us the major lead and kept us in the lead for most of the week. You all and every other team had the same opportunity we did.

    We took action on the ListPunk upgrade and took the lead and if people want to be sore losers about that when they had the SAME opportunity to get ahead that Lucky 13 did, and we would not have KEPT that lead had it not been for all of our collective team SURFING last week – well, so be it.

    In addition, we also had a major jump in XP when I won XP at last week’s Sweeva Surf Party – I took action and I got major XP for it. Every single other person in CTP had this same opportunity to take action and win that XP.

    Many people on our team including myself also redeemed the Rewards Points we EARNED for our XP. I redeemed twice personally. If other people didn’t have personal XP to redeem – again, everyone in CTP has the same opportunity to earn Rewards Points.

    And finally – Lucky 13 EARNED the Rewards Points we had available for the last two months, just as the SAs did, and just as the Strays will earn for July (and probably would have more if the Strays hadn’t wasted all those 400% upgrades in June when you couldn’t place in the top 3 for that month because it was too late).

    Everyone on every team has had the same opportunities to earn XP to win, especially last week, and if others didn’t take action when they could have and when we did – such as the 5-6 people on Lucky 13 that took advantage of Jon’s offer of XP for ListPunk upgrades – well, there you go.

    We outplayed the other teams last week, plain and simple. Just as other teams have outplayed us week after week up until now, but we haven’t gone around complaining about it being unfair. We simply wanted to win last week so we made sure we did.

    Best to ALL of the teams this coming week.

  7. Lynn M says:

    (And for anyone who still says we didn’t surf to earn our lead, let me point out that Rhonda & I were #2 and #3 overall players all last week for two reasons – one, we both took the ListPunk upgrade offer of XP that Jon offered (again, something everyone else had the same opportunity to do) and two (and wouldn’t have kept those spots otherwise) we both surfed the entire Daily Challenge every day last week – something I never do most weeks, but I did it because I hoped that we might finally win a week. I surfed my butt off last week and got nothing else done most of the week and I totally earned my spot in the Overall. To even suggest that Lucky 13 won without surfing is just simply incorrect, period.)

  8. Very well done Lucky 13. I would love to see them on top again, wish they can make it 😉

  9. John Brewer says:

    Lucky 13 simply ROCKS!

    We are a team. We stuck together as a team to hold on to the lead. many of us surfed more than we normally do in order to maintain the lead that we had or to take it back when we shortly lost it.

    We have been in 3rd place for the longest and NEVER cried foul! Shame that there are so many sore losers. Simply a shame.

    We have stated from the beginning that we are in it for the long haul. We ROCK, and will continue to ROCK!

    Go Lucky 13!!!

  10. Elina Balashova says:

    Don’t know what is all the fuzz about 🙂 We have been 2nd and 3rd for quite a while and haven’t complained. We are a very strong and friendly team, even our video shows that. But I guess that is why there is some negativity towards us. We haven’t made any drama ourselves, so it has been done for us :).
    If someone is trying to say we don’t surf enough, then take a look everyday at our team’s stats. Even the few members that are not in touch with us daily, complete DC.
    Cheer up, everyone!

  11. Lucky Lucky Lucky da da da da daaah

  12. Tom Wacker says:

    I have always believed that you make your own luck. We are the Lucky 13 after all…

    It was a terrific week for all the teams. Approaching a billion points is a major accomplishment…

  13. Georgia says:

    Awesome job everyone

  14. Lynn, I am so sorry if you felt like that and i shouldn’t made a comment like above.
    What actually i am not agree is the way TT gave XP rewards for that offers. It’s too much!

  15. “Surfing? ……. NAH”
    What i want to say with above sentences is …….
    XP’s from surfing & vault meant nothing compare to XP’s from rewards from that offers.

    • Jon Olson says:

      There are always options for the people that dont wanna pay. That’s why we have sub games, vault n keys…People can always get XP from us not paying. That’s the entire freemium model we have had since day one.

      But this has got me thinking, we appreciate the feedback. We’re always listening so keep the concerns and feedback coming!

  16. steven schofield says:

    you have had your say Lynn ,just as Wawan had his say we are all in title to opinion about the matter.

  17. Evelyn Kramer says:

    Way to be “Lucky”!
    LOL You guys worked hard, as all successful people do.
    Happy for you. 🙂

  18. Calm down …no need to write books WTG on first win !! lucky13

  19. Debb Lafevre says:

    I guess the number 13 is lucky after all…..lol

  20. Wow is there a favorite team out there somewhere?
    What is the deal, I heard very little about the fact that the ONLY reason that the strays took the win their first week was the fact they had like 6 people upgrade to Kore4 and had 400% bonus now if you ask me that is an advantage. But it is offered to all CTP members. Our team has been a steady 3rd for weeks so why is it not expected that eventually we would be #1 well that is what happens when you have a competition. There will always be a team out there somewhere that will come up to beat the team who thinks they should always win.

  21. Charlotte says:

    I am proud to be a member of such a great team. Lucky 13 deserved to be #1

    I think everyone that participates in the team contest is doing a great job. Good luck to everyone!

    “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” –Henry Ford

  22. Ken Wolff says:

    I would love for Team Wake Up Now to be in competition for that number one spot. I appreciate the effort that Lucky 13 put forth to win. Not everyone has that kind of time . I will say this about the money. Time is money. Getting 2 to 4 times the value for your time might be very much worth the money for an upgrade. I like the lifetime upgrades myself. I hate the reoccurring payments. I like the one day purchase for a shorter timer…though if you are nerd surfing and going for badges that is not going to make that much difference. A lot of things play into where your team is in the standing. The important think is to enjoy what you are doing and do the best that you can.

  23. great job lucky13 team

  24. Sig says:

    Thats a great Job indeed!!

    Congrats and Respect!

  25. Virginia says:

    I’ve spoken to Janelle and I have to say congrats and I’m very glad that Janelle choose to speak with me :). Good luck in all future weeks!

  26. We love you, Lucky 13! :^) Happy Surfing!

  27. Great job to an awesome team showing what grit and determination and spirit can do. My hat is off to you guys and to your team leader, Tom.


  28. Patricia Hedge says:

    Congrats Lucky13!

  29. Marye says:

    Awesome Job Lucky 13 🙂

  30. Karen Kuty says:

    Congratulations to Lucky 13! I think you have done a great job exemplifying teamwork, and it has nothing to do with your surf totals. Keep up the great work!

  31. Marye says:

    Congrats to all – you definitely went above and beyond – WTG

  32. Patricia Dean says:

    Well done to all teams who work together, whatever the results.

  33. Raj G says:

    Never mind…
    Watch out CTP Masters once again…

  34. I guess there is no way in real life to totally even the playing field. there are always super achievers and slow learners. There are time commitments and bills that can get in the way. The thing is I like to play when I have the time and I know I could move to the top If I had enough time but I like my team mates and like to get to know them better. I like to do things with face to face opportunities and to shop and to sew and to paint and work in the garden and work on my primary business. So If I were full time and had nothing else to do. I would be trying to join one of the top achieving teams. I think Wake up Now is one of the great unrecognized teams because we really care about each other and strive to do what we can when we can. Thank you team mates and other friends on the leagues for doing what you do… you all inspire others to achieve and do well with what we have to do it with.

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