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Nice One Kitty – Those Cats Are Not So Crazy After All

Nice One Kitty – Those Cats Are Not So Crazy After All

Crazy Cat People team

What is CTP perhaps best known for?

Well, quite a few things really,  but badges immediately come to mind.

So wouldn’t it be an awesome idea if you were the first CTP Team to get a special exclusive CTP badge for your members?

Actually it would.

But you can’t…because the Crazy Cat People have got there first…

crazycatpeople badge

Well done crazy cats.

P.S. Talking about first…lets talk about first, second and third.

The top three teams in the Premier League now have little badges on their team headers to mark their weekly achievements…

weeklyicon1st weeklyicon2nd weeklyicon3rd



22 responses to “Nice One Kitty – Those Cats Are Not So Crazy After All”

  1. John Brewer says:

    Ahh! So that’s what that little icon in our team room is!

    Hats off to the Cat People! A very cool idea – and you beat everyone to the punch!

  2. Kathy Kelly says:

    Very well done Nathan !!!

  3. Neil says:

    Good strategy. 🙂

  4. Good job, Nathan! Spray bottles to the ready! LMAO

  5. Joao Ramos says:

    Well, not my team but i must say that it’s a brilliant idea.
    Well done!

  6. Really good idea, good job

  7. Kris Rogers says:

    Well done Crazy Cats! I love the badge! Thank you.

  8. Tom Wacker says:

    You know what hacks me off? That I didn’t think of that.

    Really good job Nathan and the Crazy Cats. Does not mean we are not coming for you, but very nicely done right now!

  9. Patricia Hedge says:

    Nice job guys kodoos to you!

  10. Karen Kuty says:

    And it’s a cute little badge, too.

  11. Proud become one of Crazy Cats. Love You Full 😀

  12. Myra P says:

    Nice job! And great Premier badges…

  13. Lynn M says:

    Well done, Nathan!

  14. Totally crazy 😉

  15. Victoria Stein says:

    ‘Crazy Cat People’ totally rock with their newly released badges!
    Did Kirk come up with this?

    See you fine folks out there on the ‘battlefield’!

  16. Jessica McLurkin says:

    Hi Nathan,

    Great looking badge !! Love those cats … lol 🙂

  17. Bob Sims says:

    Nice way to promote.

  18. WTG Nathan! It’s always Great to think FAST and be the First to get something like a TEAM Badge! great way to Brand yourself and your TEAM for SURE! GO CRAZY CATS GO!

  19. I still have a banked badge.

    This is certainly a worthy cause for our team!

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