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Taking Up The Slack

Taking Up The Slack

 G’day All From Rob P.,

Warning, Warning, Warning.

Danger, Danger, Danger.

Yes they gave me the keys to this blog so now I am here to take the heat for what is wrong and what is right within  CTP Teams Competitions.

I believe that a lot of the issues that many where having have now been sorted fingers crossed it took a bit but a direct line of conversation with Tim for sure helped. Giving an outsiders perspective  can be an assett at times.

My first aim is establish some guidelines and rules for any further seasons.

My next goal is to make sure that winning teams get some sort of prize. No Not Cash.

So for me to acheive these two things I am looking for input from everyone involved so Team Leaders all the way down to the lowest person in each team.

It is only fair to look at everyones point of view to get a better picture on what people expect and would like to see.

So post your thoughts here or if you are shy or want to say more on QT then PM me at CTP. Click Here To Send A PM

Enjoy the current season and be prepared to hear from me on a regular basis here. I am interested in keeping the team comp’s going but once again it all depends on the feedback I get as I am doing this for no reward but strictly for the CTP Platform which I believe in.

Regards To All

Rob P.


30 responses to “Taking Up The Slack”

  1. Dani Samuelne says:

    Hello everyone

    I’m sorry I’m just angry. We’ve been waiting for this race, if there’s a small prize, there will be news, instead of what we got? Many of the mistakes that they have not been able to correct since the start of the tournament, so surfing is both a suffering and not a pleasure. (Except for this the brunette who helps to win his team with deception …. :))
    It would be very good to stop this race, to close it, to fix the bugs – all because there is nothing right here now … and then you can start everything with a clean sheet.

    Thank you for reading somebody and thank you very much for somebody who will respond – Tim, Jon …..

    Dani Samuelne – cats003

  2. Given that CTP designed to help us build businesses, it seems any contest should further that goal–reward surfing by members and reward TE owners with increased exposure. When everything is working, I think this is what happens.

    As for prizes, I like books, coffee, and chocolate–and yarn, but most team members probably are not as into yarn as I am. 🙂

  3. Really, just fix things. Go down if necessary to test things. People enjoy heated competition, but it is no fun if stuff is not working for everyone. We want to win/lose with everyone at full strength.

  4. Phil Lenz says:

    That brunette is MY brunette,Dani! I endeavor to run a clean team. What is upsetting you has been hashed out with Jon last season. The brunette takes time stamped screen shots to back her claim that she does surf the required pages. Less time cyber-bullying on CTP profile pages and a friendly “how do you do that” would improve the game.

    And I agree with the other comments, fix the game and restart the season. If the game only works for a portion of the population, it is not a game. It is a racket.

    Not just getting badges working, but let’s start the season with updated team standings and leader boards too.

  5. Shannon Dowden says:

    I am thinking that if you do not want to give away stuff you have to ship, then maybe CTP tokens, wand charges and prize wheel spins would be nice. Or do a joint promo with zubees or swagbucks, etc. as prizes. Since Amazon gift codes and Facebook gift codes are almost the same as cash, I am not sure about giving them as prizes. They would be nice too.

  6. Deborah Cook says:

    Thanks Rob for asking for ideas on how to make things better. I think if the competition is to continue there needs to be a few changes so here goes:

    – Don’t be allowed to save any subs – either use them or lose them.
    – I have also seen the occasional comment in chat about saving keys – I was
    under the assumption that we were not allowed or able to do this – again
    use them or lose them.
    – Buying xp to use during the competition – again something that I thought
    was no longer part of the competition but there was talk last season that
    it was still happening – this is supposed to be a fun way to encourage
    networking not about who can buy the most xp to win the competition.
    – Cancelling out all the bonuses at the start of the new season – I asked
    about this one a couple of seasons back. We have a huge number of bonuses
    that we “seem” to be earning from people who are no longer in our team. I
    imagine that teams that have been around for a while are in the same
    position. I don’t know of any competition where you start a season with an
    advantage of the previous season’s bonuses or scores. Whichever way you
    look at it if they can’t be zeroed out then some older teams have a huge
    advantage over newer teams. Doesn’t seem fair and it is not much of an
    incentive to start a new team or even be part of the new season.

    About the prizes – What prizes?? I still don’t know what the winners from last season got! I was beginning to think that we weren’t going to get anything – I thought that we were just playing for the fun and excitement. I do agree with some of the above ideas though – I like tokens, special badges and chocolate and like Kimberley I also love yarn. Some keys to open some of those chests in the warehouse would be nice as well.

    As for the problems with the start of the season – maybe once things are fixed we can start over and we can call the last two weeks pre season training.

    My thoughts and ideas could be way off the mark – but if something doesn’t change then I don’t think the competition will see much improvement.

    • some good points. I would like to add to this list that team members could be rewarded for amount of activity to may boost more motivation among the members. A lot of people dont even get one single point during the competition and I think whats the point of being in a competition if your not contributing even a single point. So I believe the ones that are contributing should be rewarded for there efforts 🙂

      as far as the keys go you cant save them but if you finish the day with one key finished it will go into the next day and you will still have that one key untill you find the other.

  7. Wow! Interesting comments.

    First of all, congrats Rob! (or condolences? – lol)

    Here are my two cents:

    If things are broken (as others have mentioned) Fix them. Not now, but RIGHT NOW!
    If that means stopping the season, for now, to fix the stuff THEN DO SO. Whoever wins this season under these circumstances will probably face a great deal of skepticism warranted or not.

    I agree with the comment about rewarding individual team members for their efforts. Folks like me who can’t do a great amount of surfing because I also have an off-line job that requires WAY more of the “9 to 5” that I work (I teach ESL in Germany). I try to do what I can for our team. Some do nothing at all. I am not criticizing them because we all have our unique circumstances. That’s why rewarding those members who actually contribute to the team is a good idea.

    As far as prizes go, maybe some credits or upgrades or something in certain programs? Something that will help folks promote their business. Cups and T-shirts and things are always pretty cool (my wife will kill me if I buy another cup – lol).

    The bottom line in my humble opinion is this: CTP Teams was created to encourage networking and business promotion and to have some friendly competition amongst the teams. WHERE DID THAT GO? On the one hand, some folks REALLY need to grow up. After all, this is a GAME! On the other hand, CTP needs to get it’s act together and resolve bugs and other problems in a timely manner – it’s YOUR game.

    We as CTP Team members need to contribute as much as we can to make this a fun and healthy competition. CTP owners need to make sure that things work – no matter how minor the bug or problem is.

  8. Phil Lenz says:

    A few comments on the comments…

    If you have non participating team members, you should encourage your team leader to take action. There are teams who DO reward active team members. And there are some who do not.

    Rewarding active team members should be handled at the team level.

    Saving Sub games. This has been a fact of the game for many seasons. The only complainers are those who choose freely not to save. Do not complain about a way to advance your team, if you do not take advantage of the perk. Without saving of subs, the sub game will die. Why would anyone surf 140 pages for a single point when they can surf 154 key sites for double the points. For those advocating the banning of saving subs, talk to the TE owners who pay to be a mine site. They want traffic.

    Buying XP. Another complaint coming from teams who do not participate. As-long-as the playoffs are XP only and XP is for sale, this will remain part of the game. I suggest teams who claim to not be able to afford XP to pool their dollars team wide and make team purchases.

    Now, it has been well over a week since the game went out of control. All I have been hearing is how it is the surfer’s or TE owner’s fault. It is CTP’s fault and so far I personally have seen NO action taken to repair the game. Your inaction is speaking volumes louder than words!

    • Deborah Cook says:

      I am not sure who is complaining about the sub games or xp. They were my ideas on how to make some changes to the game. Mine alone…nothing to do with my great UBER team or any other team. I am certainly not complaining about anything. We were asked for ideas on how to make the game better for the future. Even when things aren’t working correctly there is less and less activity each season. If people think things will get better over time then I guess nothing needs to be changed. I have played the game since Season 1 and I huge doubts that activity will improve if they stay the same. Like Rob I believe in the CTP competition…just not the way it has evolved over the few season unfortunately.

    • Yes but there are also teams out there were everyone even the leaders are not making points what do you do then whats the point of pointless teams

    • so let me get this straigt this is a post about people making suggestions about what they would like changed and they make suggestions and the suggestions are complaints so may as well keep everything the same because nothing is wrong to you 🙂

  9. Ken Wolff says:

    I learned at an early age that if you do not have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all. I ain’t say nothin! 🙁

  10. How about some kind of incentive to give the smaller teams a reason to not settle for 0-0 TIES? One or two points isn’t too hard even for a team of One Person to get!

  11. I was here at ctp for 3 years before I really started getting involved. The reasons are twofold 1.) my stupidity for not reaching out to the right people, I originally was asked to join a team I did and after that never had a word from anyone as to what I should or should not be doing and 2) my lack of understanding what was involved and the comittment of time and training.

    Everything I know about ctp so far I have learned from Renee Vorbach and Debra Chism and my heart felt thanks to both of them for being patient and understanding.

    My first suggestion is that if you are going to be a part of a team (Together Everyone Achieves More) that you be trained in what to look for. What is a sub, a key, a vault how to spin a wheel, how to use a battery, when to use a battery all the things that we do howto load a card etc.,

    Also re-enforce the regular training for CTP how to sign up for certain sites. Don’t throw out 50 thousand videos to view and then you get awarded something, but instead put in in 5 or 10 piece segments section and as the complete that Phase they get a trophy, Then another section of ten for another trophy. If you can take it a little at a time it easily absorbed and more fun.

    You cant join a team until you have at least completed Team Training. And the training is the same for everyone. And you get a certificate, badge or something to display on profile.

    So what I have addressed so far is what I have always been needed from the start and is a contributing factor to many of the things going on.

    So how can we correct some of the things that have gone wrong, and will go wrong in the future.

    The Best way is to stop the arguments, b—-ing, moaning and groaning and remeber there are at least Six (6)segments that have to come together to fix many of the things CTP Owners, Technical Team, Owners of Sites, Team Leaders, Kore Members and individual Team members

    I am going to stop here and continue later with what I feel is needed by each of these and hopefully othere will post something along the same lines

    Don MacEachran aka “Cowboy”

  12. Kristina Galinovic says:

    I’m in the CTP competition for 3 years but for me, that’s a great thing. I met wonderful people who helped me a lot. People from my team but also from other teams and thank you very much for that. As John said this is a game and team members need to contribute as much as they can to make this a fun and healthy competition. Each of us has its own life and responsibilities, and sometimes we are surfing a lot sometimes less. I surf because I like it and I love to compete. Each competition has its own tactics and I think the subs is tactics here so I think they should still be able to save them. The prize would motivate the members to participate and as has been said there is a lot of goodies: xp battery, tokens, prize wheel, bonus round. However there is a lot of bug which needs to fix it so that the competition would be fun and healthy. So CTP owners fix the bugs, offer some prize and return the CTP competition to what it really is fun and healthy game where people will hang out and have fun.


  13. Phil Lenz says:

    I feel that I owe the group an apology. I did not mean to attack anyone or group. I sometimes revert to Sgt. think at times.

    My thoughts were meant to support the business side of the game with regards to volume of traffic.

    But we DID get the discussion active!

    Your humble apologist,

    Phil Lenz

    • appology accepted lets make this next season and 2018 a great one

    • Deborah Cook says:

      Hi Phil, I am sorry if you felt that my comments and suggestions were aimed at your team – because they weren’t. I just think there needs to be some new direction for the game. If you look back through this blog you will see that at the end of one season (Season 6 I think) the winner was going to receive $500 and in earlier seasons it was even more. If you go back to earlier posts you will see the excitement and many posts that were associated with the game. Two years on the amount of teams and players has reduced and I just feel the original idea has been lost along the way somehow all because of some pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And yes Howard lets get this season going.

  14. soph142 says:

    Takes me ages to reply without putting my foot in it. Back to start of nasty TE downfall (PayPal). So that affected all, not just the nastiest.

    Since then a lot of TE sites have moved to payment processors with dubious origins. Others quietly vanished into a black hole with site closed. CTP sort of dropped into a programing black hole and one has to wonder why. Please fix it Tim!!

  15. Cheryl Fitzjohn says:

    Ok great. so are starting over ……in feb. my team leader says we are but i seen no post on it??

  16. Maybe it would be more appropriate to restart Season 11 on FEB 2nd! 🙂 🙂

    Hopefully someone out there has seen the Bill Murray movie “Groundhog Day”…

  17. Mohammed Golam Mostafa says:

    Excellent news update!It will be very much beneficial for the team members!

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