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Connect where your already connected.

Connect where your already connected.



First thank you so much for taking the time to visit this blog post. I really appreciate all comments, especially constructive criticism. 

My last couple of blogs have been about the first steps to getting the most out of your social media. Either if your beginning your journey, or looking to start using it in a more efficient way I look forward to conquering this medium together. But I had a thought today after several great conversations with some wonderful people in the industry are most people getting the most out of their current connections and social mediums. I think it’s easy with this whole social media crazyness to forget or take for granted the tried and true methods of connecting online.

Now these tried and true methods can cover a broad basis, and there’s no way I can address them all.

I figured there was no better place than CTP Teams to bring up this topic. We all are connected with our own teams, and all the other’s through the great spirit of competition. Now I’m all for kicking each other’s butts 🙂 , however I think many of us including myself  are missing the chance to really connect in a long term and meaningful way. Many people have, so don’t think I’m speaking to all of you. But even those that have build some great relationships, hey can’t hurt to build more. Have you done so lately? Just here there so many great ways to do it. Leave a post on someone’s ctp page, or one I highly recommend but you see so little doing so would be utilizing chat. The chat’s in the te’s are rarely used. And this could even extend to skype. How many times have you seen a few posts turn into a live broadcast. Or the end lead to a new site appearing. Just a little bit of chat can lay the seeds for something great. Just snicker sometimes when you see so many people want to be Social but you never see them say anything. Before conquering social media, maybe having a conversation would be a better place to start.

This is true with any program you belong to. Also any blogs you follow. Shoot even those you game with can lead to lifelong friendships. Just take a moment and say hi. Review these various sites. Are there owners or other users looking to reach out. They are the one’s commenting and already are showing themselves to be social. Takes only a second to test if they really are. Reply or reach out to them, and give them a good amount of time to respond. If they do, hey you might want to build something with them.

I think blogs are a natural extension of this. You know these people are already like minded as they are commenting on blogs you visit or own. Obviously they have no issue in being communicative and interacting if their posting. People will share there blogs, and if they blog they are definitely one’s worth of connecting with. It’s easy to say and many say they will. There are so many people just in our industry, yet it’s amazing how few really put there name and face out there. Let alone attempt to communicate.

Not to go back to social media, but before you even considering changing or attempting to do a whole new direction with your social media content, why not just look at those you are connected with. I preach this all the time. No one will reach out to you if you don’t reach out to them. The problem with social media is each side is waiting for the other to react to what there doing. Don’t be one of these people. Be proactive, make them react to your direct communication. One communication of hey how are you. Or wow I really like that post will be far more effective than any well worded or pretty post, unless you already have a large captive audience. But even than never forget the small steps, they are what will get you to the larger following.

No matter what site or tool you use online I bet there are chances to connect with some great people. All YOU have do is take ACTION!!

6 responses to “Connect where your already connected.”

  1. This new idea of connecting is very interesting to me, thanks to Presley Mitchell.

  2. Hi Akshay,

    I’m so happy I’ve sparked an interest for you. If you need any help don’t hesitate to ask.

  3. Hi Presley I must confess I am one of those type of people mentioned in your post. I tend to do a lot of lurking about. I feel people just arent into chatting due to the fact there is always someone who says something negative about there post or blog. So sometimes it is very hard to open ones self up.

  4. I completely understand Sheila. I use to be the same way. One thing to remember there is always people who are negative. In any situation, social in real life or internet. Negative is as negative does. After you do it more and more you just accept for what it is and naturally gravitate towards those that are positive. Now there is one thing I never got? In a industry built around building each other up and establishing lasting connections why negative people would even be attracted to it. But no matter where you go there be trolls. And online it is only magnified by the last effects of post online lasting forever, and of course so many are brave behind there keyboards and screens.

    Now myself i love “constructive” feedback. Alot of people online don’t seem to either have a filter setup between there keyboard and brain. No kooth if you will. Oh and so many people “know” there right, and will do anything to prove it! Those people are just sad in my book and are truly the “lost” online. They are not open to other info that may shake up there universe. And will never learn anything.

    The smartest man knows how little they know!!

  5. Dani Samuelne says:

    Hello CTP team guys

    You need something new
    You need something short competition
    You should have something new badge hunting
    There’s something you need to get bored of the boring surfing

    Please ….


  6. Carl Davies says:

    Spot on with this. We must be more social, and not just on social media sites. Let’s all chat on TE’s, blogs, forums, and more. If we all do this daily, relationships can blossom!

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