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Why don’t people react to my Social Media??

Why don’t people react to my Social Media??

Was going to make this post about finally coming back after having to deal with offline issues. And most certainly very happy to be back. While I’m working on many things. The main one worth mentioning is I’m getting back to blogging on a pretty regular basis. The majority if not all will be done here at ctpteams. It’s a great community with wonderful people. So I think it’s best to start where there is already engagement.

Additionally will be using this in various exchanges as I rework my brand a bit. Engagement being at it’s core. Ask me something, and I will respond. Or just say hi 🙂


To stay in line with this I’m making my first post in a long while about shining some light on a certain mystery!! I have followers but for some reason no one is clicking, seeing, and most importantly buying.

it could be a few key things. But today I would like to talk about engagement and responsiveness. In most cases I bet your Social Media habits resemble something like this video illustration of ineffectiveness.





Now I know it’s not rocket science guys. But like many things throughout the industry, people say they will or do, but just flat don’t do it. It’s like a email campaign where you don’t give a url or some contact info. Or a brick and mortar where someone is standing at your counter and your employees are too busy responding and interacting with their followers. Or making calls to people and asking have I reached you at a good time, and after they say yes your like well that’s good but I have nothing else to say and I’ll be calling someone else.

It’s not that you don’t have “potential” customers in reach or even reviewing something you do. But if you don’t engage and respond to them they will quickly lose interest and move on to someone offering the same thing, but that does value their time and interest.

I challenge you to most certainly reach out to those that have you, and than randomly find some people that follow you and than just say hi and that you appreciate them. You will be wowed by how doing  this will lead to some great people and opps.

And remember to always #GetYourSocialOn


19 responses to “Why don’t people react to my Social Media??”

  1. Cheryl Fitzjohn says:

    I believe I got a sign up sitexpolsion cause of twitter. but mostly doing at all .in te subjects. or even mailers. through social media.
    i might get likes from the owners tho. I dnt even get comment for other important stuff on (like comsumer warning stuff) ever never ever. on social media. facebook is the worst .nothing ever. unless i wine. and I don’t do that much I hope. u do know i am just reacting to your title. of this blog

  2. Hey Cheryl definitely can be tough. It’s very easy after putting stuff out there and not getting a good or any response for that matter to just give up on it. It’s almost a seperate section I may right on soon. About customizing certain content for certain groups. Say if your trying to promote a type of product or service.

    But the main goal of social media beyond interacting with current users and customers an d most certainly solidifying that relationship, is to bring fresh users who may have had no experience with mailers, te’s, etc and to show them the merits of that.

    Not only will you show you care, but someone to turn to for some innovative way of doing things. The main thing it will paint a perception of trust and usefulness that other’s may flock to.

    What I would do for now is reach out to your current users and followers and just try to get a rapport going.

    I most certainly appreciate the comments and look forward to you having participate in all the conversations I hope we can all create together.

  3. Mark Manypenny says:

    I think Social media has jumped the shark and waiting for the next step….Facebook will soon join the corner of the net that Myspace occupies in time. Twitter is trying to capture more interest by doubling their character limit….social media will pass in time, thankfully.

    • I would agree that a change is coming, not just coming is needed!! Main thing that happened to Myspace was the greed of the Tom, lol. Don’t blame him I would of sold at that price as well.

      Now if social media will come to fade, as all things this is hard to forcast. But media that is social is just the way of the world. I think even to do this day very few utilize it correctly for there needs and goals. I don’t think social media is broken, we all just have been taught to use it incorrectly.

      But who knows one day we could wake up and see nothing but music on facebook, hey it’s happened before.

      All my best Mark and thank you for the contribution. I also look forward to see you take part in future discussions.

      • Mark Manypenny says:

        Well, I have been online since the days of CompuServe and have seen a lot of changes and not all for the better, but mostly moving forward or taken control of by the larger players (i.e., Microsoft, Apple, ad naseum). It is interesting to watch, and currently Apple in the post-Jobs era, as they move from innovation to acquisition mode like Microsoft has been doing for so long. Also AOL and Yahoo (Now Oath) both terminating their tired chat clients, Leaving less than desirable Skype and the dominant chat tool…..hoping the next great innovator is about to drop out of (or maybe even graduate) college….:)

        • Presley Mitchell says:

          Oh yes miss Compuserve and the old bulletin boards.

          Hope your right about the next innovator. Right now it’s just crap for the most part. The new “stuff” is basicly copy or a version not up to snuff. What’s sad is alot of the better stuff gets lost and cancelled.

          It comes in waves, so we are due now that’s for sure.

    • Suzanne says:

      I hope you are right. It’s a bastion of unthinking individuals for the most part. (Can you tell I don’t like social media?) I use facebook to play those time-sucking games when I don’t feel good…. outside of that I gave up trying to foster business over there. It’s not worth the aggravation because right now there are far too many. As the rule of economics says, easy entry causes there to be lots of those. I had to paraphrase but basically when a business is easy to get into and is low cost, you get lots of people doing it because it looks attractive and easy (and we are lazy as a species). So something akin to creating cars, for example, has a huge layout of cash and assorted and sundry other things so the majority of people don’t do that.
      so…well..yeah. outside of games and stalking my kids’ facebook pages, i don’t really like nor use facebook for business purposes.

      • Presley Mitchell says:

        Oh I fully get what you mean. And it can be that way. But like other tools in our industry if utilized in a different manner than most do you will get results. But I suppose your bring up a good point. It’s almost we have to see the end of our goals, atleast the most immediate goal, than we have a better idea how to use social media or any tool for that matter to us to that goal.

        It’s easy to get lost in “posting” and than hoping people react to it. To get people to react they first need to be paying attention. I have many accounts from social media to even gaming communities with many people I follow.

        But in all cases there are just certain “favorites” I pay attention. Heck half the time it may be the only reason I’m on the site. No matter what drew me to these people in the first place, the one thing that keeps me enthralled and coming back is the there reciprocation to my overtures. Do they respond to me in the most basic terms.

        What I would take from this is that really is as simple as say going to the recent people that followed you. Any social site will do, take your pick. Just send a ty for them connecting of course. Maybe look at their content and pass it along. If they don’t respond or do something back in good order focus on another. Just do this once or twice a day. Takes like a few mins. No need to spend hours on it. Best and easiest way to start.

        I will be doing a good number of blogs about this very thing. It’s really just a shift that needs to take place on how we view and utilize. And most people don’t. And is some of the big players in social media fault as well. Alot of it is not very intuitive.

  4. Aaron Green says:

    That is one of those things about Social Media you Never know what will or won’t work until you try it. If you are not willing to try you can’t say it will work. Seems like your Video got some Responses and you din’t say a Thing. lol What Comes Next for your Video’s?

    • Very true. Can be a fun process of discovery. The videos are coming along. Shot a few more in the last couple days. There horrible, but they have there use. Will probably have one up soon I hope.

  5. Ken Wolff says:

    Thank you for your excellent blog post Presley. I do not take it personally when a lot of people do not respond to my reaching out on social media or other means of communication. Most of us have multiple list of individuals with varying levels of being active. We also never run out of things we can do so it is best to focus on what we know will get the greatest return on our investment of time. It is better to work as a team than trying to do it all by yourself. Share strategies for success. Learn from others and then teach. Brand yourself as a person that has great value and is willing to help others. The more people that you help to be successful, the better your life will be. Make it a great life!

    • First thanks for vising and posting Ken. Always love your input.

      Oh definitely. Even the one’s that don’t are helpful as you know who not to reach out to anymore. And most certainly can’t even let it bother you.

      I think that’s the main thing that social and other forms of connecting allow us to do is share ideas. And help them to flourish. Together is better if you will.

  6. Carla Frey says:

    Interesting post Presley. I think the lack of engagement is almost due to all the social media we are bombarded with every day everywhere we go. Its tweet this, like my facebook, check me out on Instagram. These are all great mediums but its also easy to get lost in the shuffle. Building a relationship that bridges all of these mediums would be the best plan but a challenging one. Keep the posts coming!

    • Yep I think the number and sheer mass of the various social media mediums is inherently overwhelming. Would be better is less and more focused. But what I do is mainly focus on one. Especially in the beginning. If you build and learn one, many others are easier just by already knowing and interacting on one, and they invite you on another. Just more natural flow to it.

      But you said it best about just building relationships is the key, no matter the medium.

      Really appreciate you taking the time to post.

  7. Great to see you again, Presley! There is too much out there or people just don’t feel like it. It could be a combination of many things.

    You need to remember that you have to continue putting yourself out there no matter how bad you feel about things. It can be tough, I know.

    • Thanks for coming by Barbara. Definitely have to water the lawn if you will. But that would be true of anything we do. Especially website owners. That’s half of what will keep people coming back. Interaction and support is what it is all about.

  8. Great post – I think one of the main reasons that people don’t use Social Media like they should is that they over extend themselves and try putting a week of work in 24 hours – guilty lololol

    Lately, I have been learning to use #hashtags more and time will tell on how this works for me. BUT I do believe that building relationships is #1 these days – people have to get to know you, trust you before they will join your site and buy from you – JMO

    • Suzanne says:

      Then you run the risk of alienating all your friends and family. I am not willing to do such a thing.

    • Hi Nancy,

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by and post.

      Appreciate it. Yep it’s a marathon not a sprint. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and burn out. Plus if you do it too much can put people off. Don’t want to seem mechanical if you will.

      And of course the type of post and content is another consideration. And I prefer if I’m going to spend more time one day than another to try to initiate a conversation with someone by showing interest in there page. Just try to find something your really interested and will learn and seem to someone they would want to speak with.

      The relationship is the main thing as you say. And many uses for #’s especially in a post meant to bring in new or to say promote a brand.

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