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The Playoffs Are Rocking – Elite 8 Are Competing Now

The Playoffs Are Rocking – Elite 8 Are Competing Now

After a rocky start to the first round of the playoffs, we moved onto the second round and the Elite 8 teams inside of the competition.

We’ve got some great match ups going on right now as we see;

Phoenix vs. Cash Surfing Network

AdKreator vs. Soaring Eagles Team

SurfAholics Alpha vs. The Cavalry

Uber Surfers vs. We Are Family

These 8 super teams will be going head to head as they battle it out for Season 10 supremacy.

*Special shout out to Cruisin’ Along who have literally…Cruised along the whole season, might be time for these power players to be bumped up to the Premier league 😉

Nugget: There was a great idea brought up today in the Skype Room, who do you think will win the title?

Which team will reign supreme this year? Have you vote count by commenting below with your pick and at the end of the season, one lucky blog viewer that picked the right team will win some awesome sauce prizes…

28 responses to “The Playoffs Are Rocking – Elite 8 Are Competing Now”

  1. Awesomesauce prizes… Phoenix of course!

  2. Dani Samuelne says:

    No no …winning the We are family……:)

  3. Mark Manypenny says:

    Well, since ticking off Mama is not conducive to health (lol), I have to go a bit Sister Sledge and “We are Family”

  4. Karl Blatz says:

    Team Cavalry

  5. lol… Gotta go with “WeAreFamily”… never argue with teammates!

  6. Cheryl Fitzjohn says:

    The Cavalry.

  7. Graham McCallum says:

    SurfAholics Rule OK??

  8. Rob P says:

    Obviously, a different playoff list than the one I see so I will base my prediction on what I see.
    Team Cruisin Along to take the cookies and milk as they are the only team with !00% on the board.
    After throwing a dart at the alleged Elite 8 (cough, cough, choke) My dart says it will be SurfAholics Alpha to upset the game plans of Team Cavalry and We Are Family.

  9. Ken Wolff says:

    It would take a record performance by all members of the team but I will go with The Soaring Eagles! They have been amazing to start as a new team this season and will make it to the final four and be in position for an upset win to soar to the top.

  10. Phoenix will win…Let’s get some more support for Phoenix!!!

  11. Kamilla Tyminska says:

    Of course Phoenix will win. We are the best !

  12. My Heart says The Cavalry over Soaring Eagles in The Final. My Head says The Cavalry over Phoenix in The Final. Hopefully NO ONE from We Are Family is reading this… 🙂 Good Luck to all 4 of The Final Four!

  13. Kristina Galinovic says:

    In this season there were brilliant battles, with full respect for all teams, but Phoenix will win

  14. Lori Drake says:

    I vote for we are family. They will have my support

  15. Presley Mitchell says:

    Wishing everyone luck

  16. Meredith B says:

    I’ll vote for my team, The Cavalry 😀 Good luck to all though!

  17. Some great teams again this season. Phoenix team for the WIN!! 🙂

  18. Ivo Ivanov says:

    Team Phoenix ! We are No 1 !

  19. Joyce says:


  20. K Schimmel says:

    We are Family is Stayin’ Alive.

  21. Ole says:

    WTG to the winners – TT havent discoveret it yet lmaoff

  22. […] a special congrats to Kimberly Schimmel for winning the contest we had in our previous blog post. She not only guessed who would win the title but also gets to add the title CHAMPION to her […]

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