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Did You See What Happened This Week?

Did You See What Happened This Week?

Wow, what a week at CTP Teams…

As our 10th season nears it’s final month, we saw arguably some of the more intense battles take place this week which…Amazingly…Left the reigning champs with back to back losses.

It started on the 29th when a record amount of points were being earned between….Team Phoenix and We Are Family. We’re talking a whopping 2937 points combined between the two teams.

And this wasn’t even a playoff battle!!!

In the end, We Are Family handed Phoenix their first loss of the season and while both teams we’re collecting their thoughts for the next day….Along comes the Cavalry.

The next day Phenix, drained from their insane battle with We Are Family had to do the dance again with Team Cavalry and it was just too much.

Cavalry squeaked out a win with a final score of 629-608 and handed Phoenix their second loss in as many days.

What a week!

However, I highly doubt that is going to cause much worry on the part of Phoenix. This team is the CTP Champion for a reason and I think this week might have gotten them even more fired up.

The last month of the competition is starting tomorrow and the playoffs are just around the corner.

Will we see some more insane battles like we just did this week? Or will teams save their energy for the playoffs…

No matter what happens, this has been one of the most exciting weeks in recent memory in CTP Teams.

4 responses to “Did You See What Happened This Week?”

  1. Sig says:

    Good Going folks

  2. Ken Wolff says:

    WTG WE Are Family and Cavalry! Awesome competition!

  3. Rob P says:

    Well as you have stated these were battles that had interest.
    It had me interested while I sat on the sideline and spectated.
    How awesome to see such great scores been put in by Phoenix and We are family at this stage of the season it had me checking the schedule to make sure we were not in final playoffs.
    And then along came Team Cavalry to upset the cart more I don’t think Phoenix expected a stiff bit of competition two days in a row.
    I had to wait for the outcome of yesterdays battle between the two teams who took Phoenix down in consecutive days before I commented here.
    So further congrats to Team We are Family as they won that tight battle against Team Cavalry.
    A BIG WELL DONE to all three teams for showing that team competitions are not dead but well and truly alive and thriving.
    All this just to wet the appetite before we go into the final month of competition and then finals.
    I will watch from my sideline vantage point with great interest to see what eventuates before we get to the finals but with performances like this, it is promising to be very interesting.

  4. Phil Lenz says:

    Hats off to ALL competitors! A week of friendly battles where the winners were all who participated! Now onward! CHARGE!

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