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This Is How You Maximize Your Wednesdays

This Is How You Maximize Your Wednesdays

We’ve seen a lot of program owners come and go over the years here at ClickTrackProfit. Some newer owners come in guns blazing, and swear they will be here for the long haul, only to disappear in a few months.

Others seem to support CTP Teams and it’s players for a month or two and then try their hands in some other promos only to come back to old faithful 🙂

However there are a few owners that have been here since literally…Day one. And one of those owners is Ben Frazier and his traffic exchange Advertising Maximizer.

Ben has been a huge supporter of everything CTP related for years.

He’s one of those owners who might fly under the radar because he does things the right way, the long tail way and the smart way.

Advertising Maximizer embodies the kind of owner Ben is. Steady and reliable!

Script – LFMTE
Membership Levels – Free, Advertiser & Maximizer
Downline Builder – Included In Membership With Tons of Extras

It’s a solid program with fantastic traffic delivery and has been a mainstay in the season play here at CTP Teams.

(AKA, this is a program all CTP players should be supporting and surfing daily.)

He supports the players and has never demanded glory, attention or extra special service…He just shows up, every day and let’s his traffic exchange do the talking.

I really respect that in a program and it’s owner. Especially in the day and age of programs disappearing left, right and center…Ben and Advertising Maximizer are built on solid foundations of hard work, patience and results.

Advertising Maximizer is your Daily Challenge traffic exchange each and every Wednesday along with hosting various other promos throughout the week.

This is a must upgrade program and one of the pillars of the CTP Teams competition experience.

3 responses to “This Is How You Maximize Your Wednesdays”

  1. Congrats Ben!!! Big Hugs.

    Barb 🙂

  2. Peter Mason says:

    Good recognition, well done Ben.

  3. hdtube says:

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