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Your Monday Daily Challenge TE – Manual Hits

Your Monday Daily Challenge TE – Manual Hits

Thought we’d do something different for this upcoming season…I wanted to do random blog posts on some promo partners to show case not only the awesome work they are doing, but also bring more awareness to the huge support our promo partners are giving this season and it’s players.

First up is the today’s Daily Challenge site and a program that has a heavy presence in this seasons competition – Manual Hits

Owned by partners Henrik Jensen and Marlin Solli, this traffic exchange has been online for about a year now. Still it’s relatively new to those who may be enjoying their first season, so I thought I’d go over some of the finer points of this pretty slick traffic exchange.

Manual Hits Facts:

Script – LFMTE
Membership Levels – Free, Bronze, Silver & Gold
Downline Builder – Included In Membership

The first thing I noticed by logging in recently is their insane upgrade offer right now. Top level gold for 3 months and only $9.58…I mean, this is a no brainer especially with the upcoming CTP Teams season and all the promos they will be hosting.

Marlin and Henrik are pretty much following the best path to ownership you could ask for. They are hanging out in live seminars, networking with others, taking part in discussions and group conversions…but most importantly, they are taking action.

This is huge for me when choosing a traffic exchange to upgrade in, what are the owners doing and are they putting things into action that they are learning. While this is not the oldest traffic exchange online, only about a year or so in age, the maturity of the ownership is light years ahead of most owners in the industry.

This is YOUR Monday Daily Challenge program! Be sure to support Marlin and Henrik and everything going on in Manual Hits!

2 responses to “Your Monday Daily Challenge TE – Manual Hits”

  1. Kamilla Tyminska says:

    Very good site, smooth surfing, attractions and really good offer to upgrade for 3 months. I strongly recommend.

  2. In case you have a closer look @ Manual Hits make dead sure you inspekt their Banner Coop (in the Ads Section) areal cool gadget for sites where you would burn your Banner Credits without this cute tool…

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