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Tim Appeared on Jon’s Spreecast Today But Didn’t Like What He Saw

Tim Appeared on Jon’s Spreecast Today But Didn’t Like What He Saw

It is not every day that you see Tim on a Spreecast but today he turned up to see Jon dancing his “happy dance.”

Do you think he enjoyed it?

Judge for yourselves.

Jon Olson, Tim Linden, Patrick Griffin in Spreecast show

Jon Olson, Tim Linden, Patrick Griffin in Spreecast show 1

37 responses to “Tim Appeared on Jon’s Spreecast Today But Didn’t Like What He Saw”

  1. can’t wait to get home and watch the replay :)))) AWESOMEEEEE

  2. and I had to leave early and missed it.

  3. Wendy says:

    Laugh out loud. Love the second photo.

  4. David McKay says:

    The dance of Jon – I sent that to Canada’s Got Talent.

    Tim – I sent the video to his Doctor.

    After that, spreecast video went down for me. Maybe that was a good thing. lol

  5. Jon says:

    I am having great difficulty in erasing the memory of Jon’s dance. Even though it haunts me, the big man can move lol

  6. Charlotte says:

    I like your dance Jon 🙂

  7. Lynn M says:

    Hahahahaha…. that’s classic! 😀

  8. Well Jon has been known to be different at times

    Expressing him self I guess

  9. Stephen Whittle says:

    Classic moment!

  10. Virginia says:

    Now we know the real reason Tim rarely shows up.

  11. Sig says:

    This is one to turn on Re-Play indeed!!

    🙂 And Good Tim had a chance to see it Live, looks like it made him get more inspired…?! :o)

  12. Raj G says:

    Jon is always in good mood… lol

  13. I watched the replay and that was funny when Tim was hiding his eyes while jon was dancing I LOLed

  14. Abdellah says:

    lol 😀

  15. R Van Sky says:

    LOL It looks as if Patric did like what he saw either. Oh man

  16. Glenn Witmer says:

    Was at work and missed it, but thank God for replay

  17. It was a good TELive today, glad to have seen it after being away quite a while from it… 🙂 🙂

  18. Karen Kuty says:

    ROFLOL @ TimLinden! I guess he forgot that what has been seen cannot be unseen!

  19. darnit, I just gotta get out of my nice warm snuggly winter bed in the mornings, I miss the TE Live sessions.

  20. steven schofield says:

    Classic moment for Jon.

  21. Kris Rogers says:

    Loved the happy dance and nice to see Jon in such a good mood!

  22. Sunny Suggs says:

    Anybody who isn’t afraid to dance in public is okay in MY book.

  23. There was a time when Tim was more of a certainty to appear on TE Live than Jon.
    How things change over time, nice to see he paid a visit which is all you see of Tim these days a fleeting visit and gone again.
    Must be something to do with married life and putting family priorities first T/U for that.

  24. One misses a few days and look what happens; Jon is auditioning for Dancing With The Stars, Tim will Never come to TE Live again, and Patrick, will be Patrick

  25. Anton Parvov says:

    Super! Have fun while working.

  26. Tame Bear says:

    Next time, let’s see TIM do the Happy Dance.

  27. great Dance Jon wtg and nice to see Tim in spreecast for a change.

  28. Georgia says:

    Funny dancing – WTG

  29. WHO said Jon sucks !! …lol

  30. Carl Davies says:

    It was funny as hell. I enjoyed that spreecast. Keep dancing Jon!

  31. Mandy Moomy says:


  32. Patricia Dean says:

    Love the pictures.

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