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Your Hurricane Season Champions – Team Phoenix

Your Hurricane Season Champions – Team Phoenix

I’m not sure I can completely describe what we just witnessed…

But I’ll try!

The Hurricane Season came to a close a few minutes ago with a mammoth come from behind win in the last few seconds of the season.

With about 10 seconds left to go, We Are Family looked to have the championship all but won.

However with one of the gutsiest calls in CTP Teams history, Phoenix literally…Rose from the ashes!

Trailing by a huge margin, they unleashed the beast and took home the championship.

Well played Phoenix, so well well played.

A huge congrats must also go to We Are Family, who without a doubt were the story of the playoffs, rising to the challenge and giving it their all.

And to all the teams that made these playoffs a joy to watch and take part in. Congrats to all.

And with the introduction to our Competitive Division….We saw Team Cruisin’ Along win the Competitive title!

Hopefully they will move up into the big leagues next season because let’s be honest….They have what it takes for sure to compete!

Rest up everyone! A well deserved off season is at hand but rest assured, Phoenix will be back to defend their title in the next season of CTP Teams!

Stay tuned….

6 responses to “Your Hurricane Season Champions – Team Phoenix”

  1. Congrats to Team Phoenix… it was an awesome final two…. WeAreFamily finally broke our “Final Four Curse” and the final two contest just capped a wonderful season!!!

  2. Rob P says:

    Well done Phoenix in another amazing rise from the ashes.
    It would be fair to assume most thought you where gone and We are Family thought they had it in the bag but once again a last minute rage showed what can be done.
    It was predicted that it was going to be a crazy playoffs it was that and more.

    A big thanks and a well done to my team mates in the effort put in by them this season in making team Cruisin Along the number one team in overall team scores and finishing first in the Competitive division playoffs.
    A BIG acheivement by a smaller team.

    Now onwards to the next season what surprises can find there way into it.

  3. Ole says:

    WTG to the winners ! Well done to those who played.

  4. Sig says:

    Congrats to you Winners!

    And Allso to all who play…!!


  5. I am very proud of our little team and am happy to have played a part in helping us win đŸ™‚

    Congratulations to Phoenix as well!

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