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The Hurricane All Star Game Is Set

The Hurricane All Star Game Is Set

In the season of CTP Teams, we decided to do something a little different at the mid way point to the season.

We’re introducing our first ever All Star Game where the Top 20 players from the first half compete for All Star Supremacy! (Based on total promo points collected over the first half.)

And it all starts this Saturday, April 8th!

Here are your line up’s for both squads, congrats to all our All Stars!

Red Team


Blue Team


all star game

Once again, congrats to the top 20 for becomign All Stars this season! We get started on Saturday and it’s Red vs Blue!

For everyone else….Rest, relax, enjoy your time off…Because once the All Star Game is done, we’re back to the Hurricane Season and it’s second half.

Good luck to everyone!

19 responses to “The Hurricane All Star Game Is Set”

  1. Rob P says:

    Well that just leaves one question.
    What is the prize for the winning team?
    A sheep station?
    A Timtech coffee cup they have to share?
    A personal pat on the back from Justin?
    A week of from team duties?

    Congrats to the top twenty players taking part

  2. I think Rob has a great idea… only cost TT 10 mugs for the winning All-Star team… Not like you can share ONE mug… (custody of the mug for 30 days and then you have to ship it to the next member on your team??)

  3. Rosy says:

    Never mind the profit, but hopefully this will bring visibility to our team. Hoping that Jon unlocks new surfer. All these surfer who occupy the place with Hat take away energy.

    • Jon Olson says:

      This is why we tell folks before the season starts, to get their teams in order 🙂 Cause we lock it down until the end of the season.

    • Rae Sheets says:

      Rosy I totally Agree with u on this one! dead teamies r a waste of each teams time and energy!

  4. Kamilla66 says:

    Personally I agree with Rob in 100%. 20 persons are to fight tomorrow while the others will be peacufully collecting subgames. Prize – of course no prize – just fun only for whom? Sorry I am not not an idiot to spend 16 hours surfing for nothing…ups I forgot…just to get tired.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Well, if you are surfing for 16 hours without a purpose, that’s the problem.

      What are you promoting with all those credits you are generating?

      That’s the purpose. You are surfing to build your list or at least should be.

      So the ‘reward’ is the brand and list you should be building.

      CTP Teams is NOT about rewarding people with money to surf. We tried that, and it almost ruined us. This is about fun, it’s about team mates, it’s about relationships…And most importantly, it’s about building your businesses.

      • Kamilla66 says:

        Sorry Jon but I am not a dumb blondie the photo may suggest so don`t treat me like one. If I decide to surf 16 hours it`s my private matter why I do it. Certainly not for TT fun. Just look and read your answers once again. I suggest a course of good manners and some diplomacy if you understand what I mean ( not sure about it )
        One more thing – when you organize some event make it properly because as for now it does not work as it should. Not to add that the whole system has bugs which you seem to ignore for almost 2 months. So maybe TT should hire someone who can “brand” it 🙂

        Over and out

        • Jon Olson says:

          Never said you were a dumb blonde, that’s putting words in my mouth.

          But alas, you are surfing to brand yourself. Not for Timtech. Not for anyone but yourself.

          That’s not ‘manners’ that’s just telling you like it is.

          But I can see where this is going, so have a great weekend and good luck to you!

  5. Dualberto says:

    The All Star game for the best surfers seems to me a great idea, but a little bit improvised. It will be very interesting to know who will win. Hope everybody will enjoy it.

    Dualberto Brito

  6. Who will be the All-Star Game MVP? If I were a betting man, I would say it will be a member of The Cavalry!

    Good Luck to all the Players!

  7. Rae Sheets says:

    i have to vote for Rosy. and not just because she is a fellow Teamie! she surfs her butt off daily – team or no team!

  8. ejgwolff says:

    if there are 20 on the team, you would only get about 2 1/2 weeks custody.

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