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Important Hurricane Season Update – March 6th

Important Hurricane Season Update – March 6th

Well it wouldn’t be a new season of CTP Teams without a hiccup or two….

Good news, everything is fixed and ready to rock. We apologize for this latest mishap and in hindsight we shouldn’t have started the season on a Friday. Lesson learned!

Now we have a little bit of news that I described in the video about but here is the nitty gritty…

All Vault N Key promos are now worth 2 POINTS, rather than 1.

Here’s our reasoning behind this…

The Daily Challenge and Sub Games are lightyears ahead in popularity for surfers to complete. Surfers are claiming points quicker at 35 page views and 50 page views so we need to spice things up a bit.

Instead of taking away points which would send everything into a tail spin, at midnight tonight all Vaults that are claimed will be worth 2 points.

This hopefully levels the playing field for all the scoring and adds more excitement for our promo partners and surfers that enjoy the Vaults.

Hope you guys enjoy the changes….So far, the season looks like it’ll be a HUGE win!

10 responses to “Important Hurricane Season Update – March 6th”

  1. Rob P says:

    The update to the vaults scoring gets my seal of approval
    Thumbs up for this one and I will be watching with interest to see if this indeeed increases people collecting vaults.

  2. Cara R. says:

    Thank you. I always thought Vault ‘n Keys should be worth more, but never remembered to comment when you were asking for input.

    And on that note, I wish you would adjust the point values for the DC. We get a collective 10 points for completing 500, but only another 5 for completing another 500 to get to 1000. Seems like we should be rewarded more for completing the whole challenge!

  3. Mary Goble Thomas says:

    I think it’s great they are worth 2 points now. It would be even better if we could see at reset BOTH key sites for both Silver and Gold vaults. It’s 34 minutes past reset and it says:

    “Get the Pink Key at !
    the Green Key at ListBuildSurf!” and

    “Get the Red Key at !
    the Blue Key at VipTe.net!”

    This happens on at least one vault almost every night. Fixing this would also increase surfing for vaults!

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Mary Goble Thomas says:

    Oops, also the vaults are not giving 2 points – I just unlocked one, and got 1 point.

  5. Mary Goble Thomas says:

    Can’t this be fixed too?

    Get the Pink Key at !
    the Green Key at Hitfunnel!

    Get the Red Key at !
    the Blue Key at Tesearch!

  6. Mary Goble Thomas says:

    Tonight again – Red key at ! Pink key at !

  7. Julie Broadwell says:

    I like the idea that people can not team hop during the season. What I don’t understand is if people do not want to participate/and they are not going to participate, why won’t you let them leave the team?

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