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Close Call But Alphas Held Strays At Bay For Yet Another Week

Close Call But Alphas Held Strays At Bay For Yet Another Week

It really is tough at the top and the battle at the top of the CTP Teams Premier League was as intense as ever last week.

Yet again it was between SurfAholics Alpha and The Strays and it is fair to say that those cats put up a huge fight. Or should I say those copycats put up a huge fight because now both teams have their own unique team songs. Stefan was first to create the Alphas song and now Kris has done a really impressive job indeed with the rap song for her team.

Lucky 13 took third spot – I still think we are going to see a lot more from this team in the months ahead.

Promoted this week to the heady delights of Premier League glory were:

  1. Kore4
  2. Dream Team
  3. Surf to Earn

While two teams went down to the Competitive league (it was only two this week because one team was disbanded part way through the week):

  1. The C.T.P Renegades
  2. SurfAholics Bravo

Yes the Bravos went down once more…but we enjoyed two weeks at the top this time round. I hope this does not mean we will stay down for two weeks now to even things out.

Have a great week ahead everyone…and be creative.

CTP Teams team standings on July 14 2014

28 responses to “Close Call But Alphas Held Strays At Bay For Yet Another Week”

  1. charlotte ericson says:

    An interesting week ahead indeed with a lot of Kore 4 renewals. As I am writing this Lucky 13 is #1 but who knows how the week will end. Good luck everyone.

  2. Stephen Whittle says:

    Go Lucky 13!

  3. Georgia says:

    Wow – Strays almost took over first from Alphas, but couldn’t catch them. WTG Alphas and all teams who participate!

  4. Patricia Hedge says:

    The Strays are great competitors and gave us a run for our money! Congrats to the members of both teams.

  5. Indeed was a tight race! WTG SurfAholics !

  6. Our machine is ready to go now!

  7. It’s going to get even more interestin – especially as there are so many other ways to earn XP now – well done to all those using XP to build their business.

  8. Marye says:

    the competition keeps us going…WTG to All Teams

  9. Raj G says:

    Congrats to all teams for putting in some sustained efforts…

    A special thumbs up to my team, CTP Masters!
    Let’s rock all the way, again and again!

    ~ Raj

  10. Lynn M says:

    Well thanks, Patrick. We at Lucky 13 KNOW y’all will all see a lot more from us indefinitely. We’re a team full of action takers, there will be no stopping for us.

  11. I smell trouble, or maybe that’s my laptop over-heating, lol.

  12. lol Wendy …I know about that one.
    Great work all teams !! – this is Midsummer-madness πŸ™‚

  13. R Van Sky says:

    Each week presents a different challenge to meet and conquer. Each day a new team is flexing their muscles. No rest for the wary.

  14. steven schofield says:

    We almost had them Strays keep up the awesome work.

  15. Sig says:

    A Good Fight thats what I like…and so I guess many others..if not it aint Fun!

    Well done Fighters! πŸ™‚


  16. wtg surfaholics alpha team well done

  17. I congratulate the top teams. And Yea to CTP Masters that had a great week.


  18. Keep up the great work Alphas! keep staying in 1st place.

  19. Nice to know at least one or two teams can give the Alphas a run for their money πŸ˜›

  20. Karen Kuty says:

    Congratulations to the winners! And a big WTG for all the participating teams!

  21. Wendy says:

    Tough competitor Alpha. But this week belongs to The Strays.

  22. Abdellah says:

    great work πŸ™‚

  23. Tony says:

    Never count us out

  24. And the game is on for another week!

    Great job to all the teams!

  25. Anton Parvov says:

    Well done Fighters!

  26. Patricia Dean says:

    Good work to all teams

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