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The Hurricane Season Is Here

The Hurricane Season Is Here

Huge Update: The Season Starts At 10am, March 3rd….

Here we go…The 9th season of CTP Teams is here and this is the result of 8 seasons of competition, to deliver you the most exciting surfing competition in the industry!

We heard you loud and clear and we hope you enjoy the changes for this next season of CTP Teams:

HURRICANE SEASON START: March 3rd at 10am Eastern



The Details, Rules and Juicy Stuff….

We’re using the same scoring system as the previous season. This seemed to be the best way to score the daily competitions and made it as even as can be for all the teams. To win you match ups, your team simply completes more promos that your competition. That earns you a win.

The Big Change Part 1

We have a schedule set up for the season and YES…… Teams will be having days off. We heard you loud and clear!

The Big Change Part 2

As the scoring will be the same as last season, the biggest issue was that well…Some teams are just absolute powerhouses.

So we needed a way that EVERY team felt like they could compete, but still allow the power house teams to compete as much as they do!

Going off some great suggestions (Rob Paris, thank you for your ideas!) we are going to go with two divisions similar to the first season of CTP Teams;

The Premiere and The Competitive Divisions

The Premiere Division will have the teams that have over 11 members in them. These teams will compete against each other multiple times throughout the season but will NOT go against teams in the Competitive Division.

The Competitive Division will go against teams with 10 members or less and will not compete versus teams in the Premiere Division.

What Does This Mean For The Playoffs?

Two ‘playoffs and two finals for both divisions šŸ™‚

The Big Change Part 3

The season will have teams playing a total of 50 games with a few breaks for Easter and Mother’s Day sprinkled throughout…But the big change will be the introduction of ‘The All Star Game’ in the mid point of the season (April 7-9). This is going to be an absolute blast and we’ll have more details about that as we get closer to it šŸ™‚

But What About XP?

Glad you asked! Yes, XP will play a huge role in the season because as you read above…We’re basing each competition with points. Earn points by completing a promo AND trading in your XP….To earn one point you can trade 1 Million CTP XP and bam, your team has an extra point. This is why the Season Pass Multiplier is critical….Read on…

The Season Pass Individual Multiplier

This seasons’s special multiplier will be sponsored by Justin, Tim and Jon….It’s the CTP Season Pass Multiplier! Grab a Hurricane Season Pass through this link and we’ll give your team a 7x multiplier for all XP earned…

The Season Pass Team Multiplier

Want to give your WHOLE team a HUGE bonus….Check out the brand new ‘League Pass’ where every single member of your team gets a 9x Multiplier!

Already got a 7x multiplier?

Not a problem….That’s ADDED to your bonuses as well!

The Daily Competitions

We heard you loud and clear and we hope you guys love the changes. We listened to your recommendations and this is the formula we came up with from your suggestions from previous seasons! Again, last season we think we found a very good ‘comfortable medium’ for everyone!

– Get rid of the massive subscriber bonuses and bonuses for purchasing.
– Focus more on surfing, this helps the surfers and the promo partners
– Implement the two divisions again to level the playing field and let people actually compete for positions daily!

We hope you enjoy the changes and are as excited as we are to CRUSH IT with the Hurricane Season!

*Please note – There may be changes during the season. We do our best to provide a fun and exciting environment for competition. However we reserve the right to change things up as needs be. With that said, we do our best to never do massive changes in the middle of the season. Crossing our fingers, but we think this is the best set up we’ve ever done because of YOUR feedback and participation!

25 responses to “The Hurricane Season Is Here”

  1. Sounds good! I am excited to start season nine.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Awesome Shannon, we can’t wait for it to start and especially the All Star Game in April! It’s gonna be a blast!

  2. Steven Ackerman says:

    With TimTech selling multipliers for season 9 but not willing to put up any prize money, that doesn’t seem very fair!! I for one will not purchase any multipliers. Or spend even a single dime for anything related to season 9!!

  3. How will the All Stars be chosen? Can we vote for our own teammates or just players from other teams? Also how about something like a Golden Egg Shootout Game, an Emerging Stars Game, ect. ect. šŸ™‚ Good Luck everyone!

  4. Kamilla66 says:

    I would like to know if personal multiplier X 7 adds to team multiplier X9 meaning that the person who has both multipliers has 16xmultiplier.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Yup! The team multiplier is added to every player on the team. If they also have the individual one, it adds the 7x as well.

  5. Cheryl fitzjohn says:

    Well Explain Thanks

  6. Ken Wolff says:

    Looking forward to the start of the Hurricane Season tomorrow and talking with my team about the whether or not to do the Team X9 … 5 of us have the X7 so far. Winning is fun although our main purpose in participating is to have fun and interact and get to know others. Getting traffic to our sites by advertising in the key sites is a plus every day!

  7. Rob P says:

    Well I have heard of days off but wow looking at the schedule that is a lot of days off.
    Wait and see I say who knows what mystery’s may present themselves this season.
    I can see looking at teams there has been many changes so that alone should create a bit of interest.
    And now an all star competition now that will be an interesting one to watch.
    Let the Hurricane Season begin, I can see many things happening this season and it might well be like a hurricane did go through when it all plays out.

  8. Sig says:

    I am used to a few Hurricans, and the salty sea raining over me here at the Northsea…

    So Let it come…lets Surf those Waves!!

    Good luck all!

  9. Chris Deffenbaugh says:

    I would like to see a detailed step by step example of how the team bonus, promo bonus, x7 and x9 multipliers are incorporated. I haven’t be able to find the formula.

  10. Howard says:

    #ubercommand is ready for season 9 maybe we will also find #sigsrum somewhere in season 9

  11. Living Wealthy: we are ready to go.


  12. ejgwolff says:

    Good way to try to even the playing field a little bit.

  13. Doug English says:

    HURRICANE SEASON START: March 3rd at 10am Eastern

    Did someone forget to set an alarm?

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