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The Hurricane Seasons Starts – March 3rd

The Hurricane Seasons Starts – March 3rd

ctp teams hurricane season 9

The 9th season of CTP Teams is getting started on March 3rd and we have a few notes to share with you before we launch!

First up, massive congratulations to both Sig Skeie and Kathy Dyer for winning the co-MVP for Season 8! We held a vote via Twitter and both these awesome sauce players tied for the number of votes by you, their peers! Congrats to both of you for representing everything we LOVE about CTP Teams!

Next, we will have an official rules for the Hurricane Season post in the next few days. Be sure to stay tuned for that….

Also, you can now secure your Hurricane Season Pass inside your members area. This pass gets you a 7x multiplier for the entire season and playoffs!

And finally…We wanna hear from you! And reward you for sharing with others why you LOVE CTP Teams!

Simply comment below for your chance to win an official CTP Teams coffee mug or t-shirt…Share with others why you love the competition. Why you love your team mates! How much you’ve learned working with others…We wanna hear why YOU love this community and competition!

I’ll be picking a winner before March 3rd 🙂

Get ready….It’s going to be a blast!!!

Update: Congrats to Gavin McLean for winning the mug! I’ll be getting in touch with you to get your mailing address to ship it to you! Congrats!!

29 responses to “The Hurricane Seasons Starts – March 3rd”

  1. I love the camaraderie and friendly competition. My team mates cheer me up when I am down, and competing for a prize makes surfing fun. I have learned that opening too many cross promos really slows your surfing down, so just concentrate on a few pages at a time. Make sure not to surf when you are sleepy because some times you click the wrong icon or miss bonuses to click on.

  2. Howard says:

    Congrats to the bmp season 8 winners #sigsrum wooo

  3. Barbara says:


    I love this community for their willingness to help each other-even if you are not on the same team! Jon Olson has been my only online mentor from the start. I have listened to his advice and learned to take it slow, build it right, and what tools are essential to this thing called online marketing. I have grown as a person through this community, because they do not allow you to keep all of your warts. Yes, they love you with your warts, but know there is room for excellence and that is what they want to bring out of their members!

    Thanks to Jon and everyone in this arena.

  4. Ken Wolff says:

    Looking forward to “The Hurricane Seasons…” I love the competition in CTP Teams because it is fun and challenging. It also keeps you in view of where the most traffic is on the Internet. It is a lot more fun than being in bumper to bumper traffic on the freeway during rush hour … LOL. I love the members of The Soaring Eagle Team because our main focus is on sharing strategies for success and helping others. We know that the more we do that the more we are going to be successful in all that we do. We learn from each other every day as the participating promo sites change every day. Best of success to all in “The Hurricane Seasons…”

  5. Rob P says:

    Just send me my coffee mug.
    I had my say two posts ago 🙂
    Rules to come now that is interesting does this mean structure?

  6. John Brewer says:

    Since the beginning of CTP Teams I have been blessed to be able to network with some outstanding people – including many program owners.

    My first team (L13) was simply the best networking experience anyone could ask for, We had an outstanding spirit of friendly competition and an honest desire to help each other when where and how we could.

    Without CTP Teams I don’t think I would be as far along in Internet Marketing as I am now. The networking and also the team spirit is something to be appreciated and emulated.

    CTP Teams is a game, but yet so much more. It’s important to remember that is is just that – a GAME, therefore we should not take ourselves too seriously. But in addition to that it is a Networking experience that should not be taken for granted. You will folks you love, folks you hate, and even folks you love to hate (lol), but at the end of the day, we learn something – if we are paying attention.

    What many don’t seem to realize is that Internet Marketing is a “team sport.” CTP Teams has taught me that and so much more. It is humbling to know that my little bit of activity and input can make a difference in my team and hopefully we will be “Cruisin Along” to the season 9 championship!

  7. Sig says:

    Season 9 – WOW!

    Thanks a lot to all who Voted, its was with deep Respect & Surprise I did see that I became the MVP. Thanks a lot you folks out there.

    All the best to all the teams and players who going for an other Round!

    And much success to you at Timtech too, and good luck with this Big Hurrican Season!


    A Big thanks to all Surfers at Sealifehits & CruisinXchange too.
    (And a little Extra Thanks to Rob)

  8. Gavin McLean aka tiga33 says:

    Season 8 was less than satisfactory for a number of reasons. The duration of the season was far too long and there was little if any communication forthcoming from CTP as to an end date. I hope that CTP can rectify this uncertainty when finalising the new competition rules. Surfers would benefit from CTP nominating an end date, as we can then plan our time with a degree of certainty.
    It would appear that CTP has decided to remove the prize money component from the next competition. I have neutral feelings about this development, but I note that CTP is continuing with its policy of collecting money from surfers for the privilege of purchasing a multiplier to use in the competition. There appears to be an inconsistency of approach on the part of CTP in these decisions.
    I would hope that CTP allocates sufficient resources to the CTP Teams Competition to ensure that the competition runs seamlessly. The frustration experienced by surfers resulting from the consistent failure to load all the sites in the Subs and Vaults component in a timely manner each day was evident throughout the duration of Competition 8 (and earlier competitions). One expects and accepts the occasional glitch but not an endemic lack of competence.
    The change to groupings ensured that each days competition was real, and removed the one sided match ups factor that detracted previous competitions. It is obvious that many CTP teams have no real interest in the CTP Teams competition. Maybe CTP could consider introducing an Opt-out option to any team which would prefer not to participate, rather than persist with a numbers game of including all teams, regardless of the number of zero score sheets that consistently result from such a policy.
    CTP Teams is an excellent concept and has many positive benefits to participants, both surfers and advertisers.I have been fortunate to be part of a team that benefits from positive leadership and engenders great team values.

  9. Mark Manypenny says:

    For me, the best part has been interacting with other members here, as actual interaction with CTP (especially in the area of customer service) has really been lacking. I am not terribly social, aside from the occasional flip sense of humor and am not fond of Skypeing as I find the interface cumbersome and resource hungry, but my team and the community at large are genuine and helpful for the most part (granted as with all things human, there are some less than decent people, but those are exceptions rather than the rule).

    I would however, like to see a little more focus on the surfers with little disposable income and assistance to help them build, rather than the current focus on Traffic Exchange owners with deep pockets. I realize that CTP is a business, but there have been no new real products in quite some time, the main sales seem to be cash for what I call “non-products” (like season multipliers. for example) which are low in “manufacture cost” and high in profit and cash flow.

    I do feel that CTP has lost its way, but the team competition has allowed for more interaction between the members, which is the best thing to come out of the idea of competing, although was not the original focus (as stated in a previous blog, the original intent was purely to generate a bigger income stream and interaction was a surprise side effect).

  10. My best thing about the seasons is how much I have learned since joining the team… I was clueless about team competition… Debra dragged me kicking and screaming onto her team, and I learned to network and talk to other surfers… then as temporary leader while she took a needed break, I learned how to lead a team… having been a member before, I could see what was needed and what was not… Then I got to be a permanent leader and it opened my eyes even further… NETWORKING and FRIENDSHIP are the two most positive aspects of these seasons… I now know people on six continents who know more than I do and can call on them when needed… How awesome is that!!!

  11. soph142 says:

    A few probs. Cannot join another team after Renegades resigned. All team options to join are in brackets and nothing happens.
    Secondly my K4 down line has vanished into thin air!
    Sorry posting here but help is awesomely sauceless

  12. I love working with my teammates on our businesses, getting feedback and advice as well as giving it. My teammates are always encouraging one another in business and in personal lives. We put family first even during competition season–anyone has a crisis, others pick up the slack until life gets back to normal!

  13. Doug English says:

    Now we have another team multiplier in addition to the 7x one?

    What benefit do these multipliers bring to the competition, participants, and especially the promo partners?

    • Jon Olson says:

      The more attention we generate to the season, obviously the trickle down effect will be there for the promo partners.

      As for benefits….

      What we do with CTP teams is done throughout the world of online gaming.

      It’s a premium. If you want the premium, you simply purchase it. If you don’t want it, not a problem, you can still play.

      And yes, it’s designed to generate us income, but that’s the design of any good game. Fun for participants but the owners still can make a buck or two.

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