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Meet The Players – Scott Rohn

Meet The Players – Scott Rohn

As one of the most active affiliates in the traffic exchange industry, Scott Rohn has seen a lot! A regular blogger and hardcore affiliate for ClickTrackProfit, we touched base with him to hear his thought son CTP, affiliate marketing and the importance of blogging.

Scott is the author of Scott Rohn’s Thoughts and has been featured on Mentor Strategies via BlogTalkRadio.

1. How did I stumble upon Click Track Profit?

Well let me think. Oh yea I remember was walking along and I tripped over one of those little boulders and hit me head on the ground when I woke up CTP was right there.

No just Kidding….

Seriously um wow back I’d say 2007 or so I wanted to start making money online…You know live the good life. And I tried everything. Go Go 20 , Rich Jerk, Plug & Profit the list goes on. Oh before I tried to make money online.

I tried Don Lapre’s program and Charleton Sheets Real Estate program. I can’t remember exactly what program it was. But I put together an online hardware store.

I called it Hanks Hardware. How I came up with the name is one night. My brother in law and I were in a bar, and the bartender asked me my name. I told her to guess, and she said You look like a Hank.
So every time we went in there she’s say Hi Hank. But nothing was working. So I quit. Then around March / April on 2009 I got a postcard from storesonline inviting me to a live event they were having.

So my wife and I went had lunch on them and paid like $29 for a store. Of course it was only a startup store with allot of limitations. Of course they invited all the guests to a Bigger conference a few weeks later.

I went and committed to a $6,000 Pro contract. To get an online store with all the whistles. So I went to work on my store decided to call it Alpine Cameras. And I might say it was a good looking store. One of the support techs at storesonline even made me a cool header but getting eyes on it was a pain.

I tried everything they were teaching me about SEO. So while looking for ways to advertise my store I stumbled upon traffic exchanges. The first one I joined was Lords Of Traffic. And I promoted the heck out of my store. Only I didn’t know about splash pages or squeeze pages. In fact I knew nothing about TE’s. And there was no Click Track Profit around at that time to show me. So Yes I promoted my entire site. But I did know enough to know I had to expand my horizons. I needed to joining more traffic exchanges.

So I joined sites like Tezak Traffic Power, Startxchange, and others. Then while surfing I saw ads for Worldprofit. 50,000 credits so I joined and I have to tell you. I learned allot there. The friday morning sessions with George Kosch played a huge part in the way I promote today….

He said something like promote as much as you can in as many places you can until you don’t want to do it anymore. Then go promote some more. And He didn’t just tell us to do it. He did it himself. So I started with Worldprofit to promote my camera store. But eventually that went by the wayside when I was making money with it, and I couldn’t make the payments.

Oh and it was about this time I enrolled in the Pittsburg Online Art Institute for Graphic Design. But missed one class and got booted plus a owed money UGH!. So now my entire concentration was now on World Profit. And of course with them You got your own site, and Blog if you wanted one for a little extra ( One time price) You could have your blog hosted by them as long as you were a paying member of Worldprofit.

My site was BestBiz 5000, and my blog was BestBiz 5000 Blog. With articles mostly from Dr Lant. And of course I learned about landing pages email marketing. And Yes I did make money here and there with World Profit. My sponsor Linda Elze was the weekly, Monthly, Yearly Sales Champ when I was there and it looks likes she is still the top Dog there. I mention that because I learned allot from Linda.

Then around 2011 I started seeing these ads with these three lunatics throwing snowballs at each other. I knew who Tim Linden was but I had no clue who the other two guys were. and they kept mentioning this other guy from Canada Jon Olson and yes I knew who Jon was by this time I had joined I Love Hits and had been to a couple TE Lives. I went a couple times when It was on UStream when I could remember it was on.
I was like what the Heck is this. But the more I saw the more intrigued I got.

So finally I joined Click Track Profit. and the two other guys turned out to be Justin Ledvina one of the best business minds I’ve ever heard and Larry Dame. Who I miss having around he was ok even for a Red Sox fan. So that’s my story on how I stumbled upon Click Track Profit.

2. Something you have embraced more than most in the industry is the power of video on your squeeze pages, how important has that been to your advertising?

As far as embracing the use of video I gotta give you the credit. You were basically the only one talking about it. I remember when You guys would give away Flip Cams. I think Blain Jones was one of the first guys to get a Flip Cam while at least he was the first to use it. And he made some Awesome videos. I was like ok if I ever win a Flip Cam I’ll start making videos. But then I got to the point where I was like I’m just going to start making videos. I have a web cam, why do I need to wait for a Flip Cam?

My first video was kinda of goofy I would talk while different effects kept happening around me, Rain Snow Bang Explosions etc. Like I said a goofy video. But nobody bite my head off and I kinda liked doing it. So I kept making videos for my pages and even did a couple video tours of a couple sites and tutorial videos. And eventually I spent some Money and bought a Cannon Powershot A2500. and started making videos with that.

For the second part of your question. OMG it has helped me Tremendously. Before that I was putting my Pic and name on my splash pages using Adkreator and Awesome program . And I was starting to become known. But doing video, Man that just put me over the top with being known. I’m sure there are some who don’t know who I am Yet! I’ll get to them eventually.

As far as The results I get I’ve found I don’t have to get a ton of hits to get good results. When I was doing research on what makes High Converting squeeze pages. The number 1 answer was video.

3. Speaking of promoting and advertising, what the biggest tip other than adding video to your squeeze page that you could offer members looking to get better results?

The biggest Tip I could give anyone is well there is a couple things, don’t go program hoping find something and stick to it.

Or better Yet Promote Yourself, Build your lists.

Then promote to your list. But You have to go at it like a mad man. Promote Promote Promote the Promote some more.

If you own a Program a TE or whatever. You have no business promoting anything else Look at the Legacy Guys they are where they are because they worked there asses off. They didn’t open another TE until Legacy Hits was well on it way. Not like some of these people who open a traffic exchange get to 300- 500 members think there a success then Open More Traffic Exchanges. And the funny thing is if you look at what there promoting its everything but there Traffic Exchanges.

As for an affiliate Promote You first. No matter if you List Build or not Promote You First. As far as Ownership I don’t currently won anything right now. But there could be something in the future. Were getting a _ _ _ _ ton of Cash from My In Laws from the sale of there house. So yea will see what the future holds . But Yea promote yourself and promote as often as you can in as many places as you can!

4. You’ve also taken big steps to practice consistent blogging! How has that experience helped or hurt your online business?

First of all this isn’t my first blog I had a couple other but they never seemed to latch on. So Last year when I made the choose to get into List Building I thought why not a blog.

And I’ll tell it more people seem to know about compared to my other blogs. I just wish Marcus would stop calling me Scott Rohns Thoughts when I login to there show ha ha who am I kidding its Awesome when He does. Blogging as actually helped me with my business, It has helped people get to know me even more. And thanks to a couple rants, People might have discovered I can be a bit opinionated. Yes Blogging as definitely helped me with my business!

5. If you could leave new marketers with one piece of advice, what would that be?

Lets see I would tell them to learn from those that came before them. Learn from there mistakes!

If something sounds to good to be true. It probably. Get Rich quick doesn’t exist. Online or offline.

I would tell them to Promote themselves Build there Lists Promote to there lists. Promote as often as possible! Use video and start a blog!

5 responses to “Meet The Players – Scott Rohn”

  1. Rob P says:

    WTG Scott nice to see you featuring here 🙂
    Keep up the good stuff you are doing bloke.

  2. Scott Rohn says:

    Hi Jon thanks for the Shout Out. And the opportunity to share my story with everyone

  3. Hey Scott great to read a little more about you. You know I support what you do and how impressed I am with your videos. We just need to be able to clone you and we could all have one of you in our downlines. Wouldn’t that be great.


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