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Meet The Players – Rob Paris

Meet The Players – Rob Paris

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It’s been a while since our last Meet The Player feature and with Season 9 right around the corner, we felt it would be a great time to fire these posts up again!

And what better way than to check in with one of the busiest guys on the busy. The VERY opinionated and dedicated owner / team player….Rob Paris – Owner of CrusinXchange and leader of Team Crusin’ Along!


1. You’ve been involved in the industry for years, how did you stumble upon ClickTrackProfit?

In the T.E. industry I came across StartXchange and liked the young bloke who was just starting out and liked what I saw.

So I was quickly involved with the team side of it there at StartXchange we had a great time and built relationships I can say 15 years plus on I still talk with those same people.
Unfortunately I have seen a few depart us also.

When ClickTrackProfit came along you could say I had a foot in the door and of course was eager to see what new things it could bring to the table.

I have enjoyed my time in CTP and it has opened new doors for me and I am sure while I am breathing I will be involved in CTP.

2. I remember you sitting on cam with us for an entire weekend few years back on our marathon live streaming event….What attracted you to this community and how did you stay awake that long?

Yes that was a while back where do we start I think it was 24 or 28 hours the first one then a few years down the track we where at 102 hours.

After doing one and filling in the gaps I guess I stuck at it so people could see anyone could get on cam no matter how big a goose you may come across as we all enjoy entertainment.
To keep going all those time I think it was something in the cancer treatment I was doing that made you say well your not getting me today one day turns into another and so the show goes on.

The best part about the community that was and is still around today is that with out them I would not have got as far as I did, it gave you have highlights as in the first timers I was able to encourage to jump on cam, yes that will keep you going seeing others taking the leap.

3. You’ve always been a very vocal supporter of teams, how important has networking and building relationships been to your business?

I have most probably covered this question back in question one. But I will say no networking or building team relationships I can only think it would be a lonely path to tread online.

4. Speaking of business, CruisinXchange is a huge partner in the upcoming season, what can we look forward to with your program in 2017?

CruisinXchange the TE that was not meant to be. What started out as a experimental platform from back in my early days in StartXchange where we had a few TE owners on our team that turned into a working TE because someone went and gave it a plug.
My Plan was to just run CruisinXchange as a test TE well that has changed and the TE that was going to be built from that experiment is still been built. Maybe this year.

I will always be a supporter of CTP at CruisiXchange and while it stays viable I will run as many cross promo’s with CTP as I can. I have no major changes planned for CruisinXchange except fine tuning and adding what I learn from building my othere TE and of Course SealifeHits in some ways I well always keep CruisinXchange as a test platform in what I try.

Good example everyone says Run OTO’s well CruisinXchange dosn’t so if it is a bit different you will find it at CruisinXchange.

5. If you could leave new marketers with one piece of advice, what would that be?

One bit of advice well that is pretty standard from me get a product believe in it and make that what you sell don’t be sidetracked by the next shiny thing that comes along.

Software has always served me well and is my backstop online it is not hard to find something that will appeal to people just remember if it got you excited then it will others.

As we say here when you’re on a good thing stick with it.

9 responses to “Meet The Players – Rob Paris”

  1. G’day Rob, its good to meet you here on the blog. I know most of your story from our chats on skype, but I’d love to see you on cam one day. The one you mention here must have been before my time. Maybe we should organise an Aussie one lol.

    • Rob P says:

      G’day Leone,
      I jump on with The Legacy guys occassionally these days.
      And you never know with me where I might appear next as long it’s not on national news oh the shame and embarrasment.
      Then again they might not like my response and with hold all comments.

  2. Rob P says:

    Thanks for the plug Jon 🙂

  3. Barbara Erickson says:

    Hello Rob,

    Thank you for your “experimental TE”. It is very appealing. Not sure if it is the colors, the mascot, or just what caught my attention. I wish you the best of everything and will keep “cruisin’ along”. Thanks for being a part of CTP.

  4. G’day Rob, good to see you on here,
    have had the good fortune to spend quite a few hours on Cam with you, and had lots of chats, one of these dayas a cuppa will be had


  5. Sig says:

    Rob is a fantastic man, no doubt.

    I could said a lot here… but get to know him, that has been a great journey for me.

    Got respect for him indeed..as a friend and in business.

    Just saying he knows what hes doing… 🙂

  6. Shannon Dowden says:

    I enjoy surfing at cruisinexchange. I am excited about your new TE. I am mostly just a surfer, now a days.

  7. Great to Read about you Rob, I smiled when the marathon events we use to host and I do remember you Rob, being there and helping people get on cam. That was a lot of fun.


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