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Season 9….It’s Time For Your Ideas!

Season 9….It’s Time For Your Ideas!

It’s time once again….

As we get ready for a new exciting season of CTP Teams, we are looking to make Season 9 the best ever.

Lots of changes were made last season and while there was some concern on how it all played out, we saw some great changes from your input and feedback.

Let’s get the big one of out the bag…We heard you loud and clear, so Season 9 WILL include days off. Teams won’t be competing each and every day.

Now as for keeping it competitive for everyone, this truly is the challenge.

A few things to note:

– There are some big new changes coming for Promo Partners who host their promos with us for Season 9. We are introducing ‘Chests’ later this week and people will start to see what all that means soon. So keep in mind, ‘Chests’ will play a big part in your experience for this upcoming season. Not so much in scoring, but…You’ll see šŸ˜‰

– There seems to be a few teams that compete each and every season and then a big bulk that don’t…We would love to hear YOUR feedback and constructive input on how we can make it to that again, all teams feel like they can compete.

– Please remember, to be a team leader YOU MUST have an active Kore4 subscription. If your team does not have a Kore4 leader, the team may be disbanded before the start of Season 9.

– The big thing to keep in mind for everyone reading this, we want this to be an enjoyable experience and rewarding one as well. The relationships you build with your fellow team members truly is the gold in these competitions. With that in mind, we are looking for idea that are a benefit to both…Promo partner and Competitor. We’d love to hear your ideas on how to make this a win-win for both parties!

This is a never ending challenge for us, which we embrace and accept. Finding the perfect formula for the CTP Teams competition is an on-going process. But with your awesome input and ideas, we know we can make this next season the best one yet!

40 responses to “Season 9….It’s Time For Your Ideas!”

  1. Patsy j konnektions konsultant says:

    I made one comment about eggs, put egg qual back to level 2 of DC. My team liked the cash benefit ..It kept us going knowing our chance of getting past Round 2 was slim… so cash during the season was nice…
    Spmehow, not sure how … the teams that surf consistently, yet cannot up numbers of the TOP GUYS, give them their own division for Tournament. Like Division A/B/C and a winner of each Division…
    I’ll throw other ideas as my team gives me additional ideas

    • Jon Olson says:

      With the new ‘rules’ at PP, to keep within their terms, it’ll be hard to offer cash for surfing. And to be honest, we’re trying to get away from that completely. Nothing positive has happened since this industry started rewarding people with money for surfing. We have a few ideas though, how to do it right, that benefits everyone šŸ™‚

      Interesting you mentioned the different divisions. That’s something that we always try to bring up, but might be a great time to revisit it for sure.

      Thanks so much for the input Patsy!

  2. Can there be a way Team Leaders can get a bulk purchase deal on temporary Kore4 upgrades for the entire team at a discount during the season 9?

    Right now I can’t upgrade anyone that is not signed up under me in Kore 4 so increasing my team size is hard to accomplish.

  3. Ken Wolff says:

    Thank you Jon for asking for input. Looking forward to seeing how the chest will play into the competition. I would say to get more participation from members would be to keep it simple and make it fun.

    As for Kore4, people should see the value in that. 5 upgrades for the price of 1! You get so much more with Kore4 than trying to do everything for free. Time is money! It takes you 4 times longer to do the same amount of work and your results are are just a fraction of what the upgraded members receive. The commissions that you receive are a bonus. Use your commissions to help your downline get started. Teach them to do the same in building their downline. The more people that you help to be successful the more rewards will flow in your direction.

    Keep it simple and make it fun and more people will stay active. šŸ˜€

    • Jon Olson says:

      Thank you sir, yeah man…I completely agree šŸ™‚ Obviously LOL But the more teams learn why they should be going Kore4 (for business purposes) the better. More commissions for everyone šŸ™‚

  4. Gavin McLean says:

    There should be a set finish date announced at the beginning of the Season. Season 8 ran forever and was far too long compared with previous seasons.

  5. G’day,
    Here is my 2 Robs worth,

    Have 5 divisions
    Div 1 = teams of 20 to 25 members
    Div 2 = Teams 15 to 20 ”
    Div 3 = teams 10 to 15 ”
    Div 4 = 5 to 10 members
    Div 5 up to 5 members

    Run it on percentages in each division for a fixed time say 8 weeks
    No playoff that could be something to add
    as in who is the master team or something once or twice a year
    have 2 week breaks so 5 team comps in a year.
    Prizes could be an this just an example

    Div 1 1oo red frogs
    Div 2 80 red frogs
    Div 3 60 red frogs
    Div 2 40 red frogs
    Div 5 20red frogs

    Everyone has something to play for and every size team can be a winner

    they can still win but up against teams of equal stature and as I mentioned nothing to say once or twice a year have Team Masters Playoff to decide who is Supreme
    So divisions compete each season….once or twice a year and it is for all the marbles

    each round would run for 8 weeks
    with 2 weeks of in between so teams can restructure and decide to increase their size and go up a division or decrease and go down
    while each comp is on no team can recruit.

    I will leave it at these are ideas.

    • I like the ideas that you have put forward Rob. One of the things I think that puts a lot off is the inability for lesser teams to compete with those already established. Rob’s suggestion of different divisions with different team sizes would counter that. The playoffs are certainly still geared towards who can gather the most XP – much harder for those that do not have the higher percentages. Food for thought I would think.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Awesome ideas man, I know you shared this with me earlier but I hope everyone takes a look and sees what you propose for sure

  6. Rob has made a number of good points.. I am interested in seeing how they will be implemented! My biggest thumbs up is a BREAK!!

  7. Jean Kopinski says:

    I love Rob’s Idea. But also Like the idea of qualifying for the day. 3 subs, 2 vaults, at least 250 on the DC. The playoff should follow the same format as the regular season.

  8. Patsy j konnektions konsultant says:

    WOW, so many great ideas… I like the structure better, The break allows for teams to either clean house of build. Division based on team numbers (IMHO) isn’t the best criteria, maybe we could do a 2week mini season to determine division n that would be based on total points. I like 5 divisions keeps the division size more equitable.

    they can still win but up against teams of equal stature and as I mentioned nothing to say once or twice a year have Team Masters Playoff to decide who is Supreme

    I to have the question of the funds for Season 7.

    I still stand for DC at Level 2, … many members surf lots of different competitions (Like TE Marathon) (VTG) surfing for cash (pennies),

    • Jon Olson says:

      We paid out the winnings from Season 7 months ago? But we’re getting away from cash for surfing completely going forward. And what other companies do, is up to them. People have forgotten what teams were for in the first place and we’re going to bring that focus back to business and business building. But having fun a long the way šŸ™‚

      • David McKay says:

        Sorry Jon, you’re wrong but I think you are looking at different cash.

        For Season 7, there is still $21 cash owed to Renegades. I paid out more than that in prizes for small surfing contests during that season, expecting the $21 to pay for the same(and more) in Season 8.

        The money never arrived and it was brought up by other teams that never got it. It was not winnings from play-offs, it was the $1 from each challenge win against another team.


  9. Phil Lenz says:

    Since CTP is as much about training as it is surf teams, why not give some sort of scoring bonus for achieving CTP milestones such as CTP Certified, StartXchange certified,etc.

  10. JOSE says:

    Wow!!!! It’s amazing, good idea for everybody, thank you!!!

  11. Wendy L Browning says:

    I feel that as long as you are able to purchase xp and store it for a certain time in the competition, there will always be the same team competing. I understand that this is a business and I have accepted that there are a few that have the means to buy, buy, and buy. However, there are those who just don’t have it like that. Thank you for listening to all of our opinions.

  12. Please……….Jon,

    We love & trust You………..

    Sorry to bother you again……..

    Kindly….. see that CTP Support Tickets are responsive & the problems are resolved asap…..

    Jayshree [akarv]

    • Jon Olson says:

      Our tickets are responded to within 24 hours. Tim is our support guy these days, which means all tech issues get resolved pretty quickly.

  13. Shon JImenez says:

    1. Keep teams the same (We like who we have on our teams)
    2. Keep the Season As Is with one exception.
    3. Have days off

    OH, and for sure KEEP TEAMS AS IS….

    You want a winning team, go build it.

  14. Perkons says:

    small Q .. u have to be kore to win cash on sub game?

  15. Mark Manypenny says:

    I would like to see the playoffs centered more around surfing rather than being purely XP. The playoffs remind me of the Steinbrenner Yankees of the 1970s and 1980s before baseball instituted a salary cap. That cap lead to a bit more parity….after all, both the Red Sox and the Cubs have won and even my lowly Indians made it to the World Series 3 times since šŸ™‚

  16. Gary Calvert II says:

    I think we should have a draft. Not breaking up the teams as they are, but have a pool of active CTP members not already on a team for teams with less than 25, or whatever they can top out at, to pick in a draft. Also, maybe the playoff prizes being upgrades, or something like that, instead of cash?

  17. Laura Kinnamon says:

    I have an idea about adding ctp card to the site. This way you can send expressions to teammates and others like “way to go” or “thanks” etc. Would be kind of nice to have something like that.

  18. I LOVE the WE ARE MARKETERS splash page that Phil has created for his new Cavalry Team! Would sure love to see the CTP Teams do more like he is doing! Good Luck Phil in Season 9!

  19. Shannon Dowden says:

    Instead of cash, people could win tokens, wand charges, batteries, or prize wheel spins. I would surf for those prizes, for sure.

  20. I like the last completion. Our team came up big in crunch moments something we hadn’t done before and we made it through a couple of rounds on the playoffs and that was fun and team building. My reminder to the team is that you must be having fun or what’s the point. We like to compete but we won’t kill ourselves the the process. Staying a live is a lot of fun.


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