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Special Note: Kore4 Team Leaders

Special Note: Kore4 Team Leaders

As we are nearing the end of Season 8 it’s come to our attention that a number of team leaders are no longer Kore4.

As part of the rules when we started the team based play it was required that all teams be managed and lead by an active Kore4 member.

So we will be going through the teams in the next few days and making sure all team leaders are active with their Kore4 membership.

A few notes;

– We will be disbanding teams without an active Kore4 leader. It’s not fair to the active teams with their Kore4 leaders in play.

– You will have plenty of opportunity going forward to upgrade your account if you are a team leader and looking to remain so.

– And we’ve got a really sweet deal to bring you back on board….We will be giving you a $50 credit at Doctor Traffic when you re-subscribe or for any new player to secure a Kore4 membership.

All you need to do is send Jon a note via email (jon at timtech.us) and let him know you re-subscribed. After that, he will send you an exclusive link to get your $50 free credit.

Pretty sweet huh?

46 responses to “Special Note: Kore4 Team Leaders”

  1. Yes indeed it is in deed NOT FAIR that the majority of team leaders maintain their Kore4 while others have dropped theirs. I think that this is a necessary action on Tim Techs part to keep the spirit of CTP teams alive πŸ™‚

    • Jon Olson says:

      And….It kinda makes people take it a little more serious πŸ™‚ The whole purpose of teams was in fact, to get people thinking business together. We’ve gotten away from that…Thanks for the comments sir

  2. John Brewer says:

    Very good move.

    Rules are rules. No Kore4, no team leadership.

    Even in TEs with team surfing you have to be an upgraded member to be able to lead a team.

    It makes lots of sense.

  3. I think it a real play on money and it shows . With this market as messed up as it is today Where still playing the Fairness card

    Give me a break .

    • Jon Olson says:

      Not sure how it can be a money ploy when it’s been the rules since day one. The rules were always, team leaders need to be Kore4.

  4. Colleen Fitten says:

    Could someone explain to me why after purchasing a kore4 annual upgrade on November 24th….having had a monthly upgrade. My profile now shows me as a member. I am shown as member in my team as well. My bonuses are therefore also totally messed up and just by the way this DOES affect the team considerably.

  5. Cheryl Fitzjohn says:

    you sure clear up a question i had. tho not kore4 not more but even team leader either.

  6. soph142 says:

    I am owed 5 or so months worth of K4 income. Just wonder how many are in same position let alone Team Leaders. Programming without testing is NOT a good idea. Own up CTP team

  7. Claudiu Pop says:

    Hi,Jon and Timtech team!
    I sent about 2 tickets to Sweeva support ticket about my experience problem at @sweevadotcom,but no answer.Then I sent you an email and also to the other CTP Timtech leaders,but no answer.What are you guys doing? Why you do not answer me? If you can’t solve the problem I have,then at least say it.
    You can respond me here,but please do so.

    P.S.I know this is not the place for this,but you gave me no choice.

  8. ajay says:

    HI Jon my teams payout is showing as 11 usd pending from season 7.When is that getting to be paid out

  9. Claudiu Pop says:

    My issue at Sweeva is the following:
    My problem is that about three weeks ago,Sweeva had a site in browser which freezed the timer and I could not surf.The same happened to some other members.
    I request that my Daily Experience at Sweeva to be restored to 14450 points per day as it should be.

  10. Janelle says:

    The ex support nerd in me is going bonkers over this blog post. It’s not a support desk. Leave your comments regarding the blog and send in tickets or contact Jon for support. It’s so silly to just keep posting on here with support questions.

    Jon probably won’t say it but I am – THIS IS NOT A SUPPORT DESK. The end.

    Oh, btw, it’s not a play on money – CTP Teams was created to try to bring out the serious team players and I think we can all agree, it worked!! So many leaders of different shapes and sizes emerged and started to do amazing things. In order to be a team leader, you must be Kore4 and remain a Kore4 upgrade status. If you can’t afford it, don’t do it. But instead of making a comment that says it’s a “play on money”, remember, this is a business.

    • Elina Balashova says:

      Janelle, I completely agree that this is not a support desk. BUT the problem is, since support team has been let go, there are not so many answers to correctly submitted support tickets. Sorry but had to be said.

      • soph142 says:

        Yes, a support desk without help or reply will result in complaints like those seen here. Nowhere else to report! CTP hopefully will get their act together very very soon. Many multi site owners (eg Legacy) are good

  11. soph142 says:

    How can I actually post a support ticket on CTP? Just goes round in never ending circles with advice and thats it! A very fed up CTP user

  12. soph142 says:

    Help! else I give up forever

    • Deborah Cook says:

      I found the support section a bit confusing as well Elizabeth. You just need to click on Home or use this link http://timtechsupport.com/ The support ticket link is on the right of that page.

    • Jon Olson says:

      There is nothing we can do about YOUR computer. You have said it yourself, your computer is very old. We have not had anyone else have the issues you have had. Maybe a computer re-install of your operating system might be in order to start fresh?

      • soph142 says:

        No worries Jon
        As I got no reply from help ticket via http://timtechsupport.com/ I will cancel K4 sub soon. BTW CTP help site is poor. I WILL keep my old computer, it works except for that wretched PayPal verification!
        Sad me, where did my support ticket reply go to?

  13. Gary K Waters says:

    Good point anyone running a team must be a member of Kore Four. Those were the rules from the beginning.

  14. soph142 says:

    BTW Gary Before I retired I did quite a bit of writing program routines, always targeted for old computers. So something wrong as i cannot get commission from CTP Pathetic

  15. soph142 says:

    In view of no reply to support ticket, I will be resigning from K4 quite soon. Those owed commissions could have gone a fair to getting a new computer or getting someone in to upgrade OS on my golden oldie. Sorry, you lose out on income from me!

    • Jon Olson says:

      Not sure what you want me to tell you. No other member out of the 180,000 inside of CTP has this issue…

    • Scott Rohn says:

      Excuse Me But I really need to know this. What The heck does the age of your computer have to do with verifying your pay pal account with Tim Tech? If you can use for surfing and collecting pennies I’m sure you could manage to verify your PP account.

  16. Ken Wolff says:

    The key word here is Leaders. Leaders should lead by example. Kore 4 is an awesome deal in itself. Upgrades in 5 programs for the price of 1. Think of the time that you save or the value that your get for your time. It is so much more with Kore4. Being Kore4 is the best thing that you can do for your team, let alone what it does for you.

  17. Which other members would see that the rule that you have to have so many kore 4 members on your team to get past 10 members kills alot of teams because of the way the bonuses play out and there too focused in the wrong areas to see any value.

    This season had no value to me whatsoever.

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