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Social media has more power than their money, Trump says!!

Social media has more power than their money, Trump says!!

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This is not a political post. Just wanted to motivate you all to utilize the full power and potential of your social networks. Afterall if it played a pivotal role in getting Mr. Trump the most powerful position in the world, surely it can help you build your business!!



Wow and Wow!!

What an amazing couple weeks it has been here in the United States. No matter what your political affiliation, or your personal philosophy you have to give your hat off to Mr, Trump and his team in one critical area, social media. I can’t think of any better example than his recent utilization of Twitter to get his message out and to motivate like no one has before.

I’ve been a proponent of using social media for your business. It’s a wonderful way to reach out to new people. And the more you learn, the more you realize how powerful of a tool this can be. As you connect and interact with other users, the more you stick out. And if you do so in a responsive, professional, and friendly manner more people will connect with you. If you continue to do this you will brand yourself light, and see some real results. Now depending on your goals, this could be increased sales, networking connections, etc. Now considering all this why aren’t more people doing this, do people need more examples?? Well if Mr. Trumps recent success doesn’t convince and motivate them, what will?

I would highly recommend that you update all your social networks. Start interacting with your current connections, build a larger base, and add some content that attracts users.

Best of luck in emulating Mr. Trump!!

10 responses to “Social media has more power than their money, Trump says!!”

  1. soph142 says:

    Political Rubbish! Concentrate on PayPal closing down good sites instead. And so many expecting us to use Payza which is less than trustworthy

    • While I welcome the comment, obviously missed the boat on this one. We all know about the paypal issue. Don’t think anymore needs to be said on that.

      This is just to motivate people to see the power and usefulness of social media.

      Perhaps I should of put a disclaimer stating this was not a political blog post, oh wait I did 🙂

  2. Most american Banks will not even deal with payza there is the big issue .

  3. soph142 says:

    Thinks will try Solid Trust Pay ~~~ Canadian based. Sorry all payza only sites, no more income from me!!

    • Patsy j Payne says:

      STP is not licensed in several US states, Texas among them. I would adore coming back to STP. Any issue I had they resolved quickly…

  4. Mary Goble Thomas says:

    I will not use Payza, I do not trust them at all – I will not give them my SSN.

  5. Mark Manypenny says:

    Social media has lost it’s allure, for me at least. Twitter was never a good fit, since there isn’t much I can say in 140 characters and Facebook is a lot like attending someone else’s high school reunion. Of course, I do not have a goal in my life of having a bunch of fake “Friends and followers” that I can annoy with my rambling autistic musings 🙂

  6. Gary K Waters says:

    I think some are missing the point the author was trying to make!

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