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It’s all in your list, your team member lists!!

It’s all in your list, your team member lists!!

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Hey guys. Please watch the video for a welcome and a new addition I’ll be doing to the blog.


That being said, I notice a wonderful thing today here at ctp and the teams. I realized beyond family and friends, the people I speak most with are my team members here, at various te’s, and in general the ctp community alltogether.

I mean you have the obvious communication such as strategy and razzing the other teams. But beyond this as the seasons have gone by you have made some great freinds I bet, maybe a few enemies as well, lol. Seriously though let’s take a moment and look back. We have seen team work that rivals some professional sports. Teams coming together and forming there own partnerships and joint ventures, with everything in between.

Of course we all talk business. But from politics to well maybe not religion, we spend a good deal of our time with our team members. So next time your putting “value” on lists, don’t forget your team members. They should and probably are some of your most valuable resources. And we all know how I value out of the norm lists.

So go hug a teammate today!!

10 responses to “It’s all in your list, your team member lists!!”

  1. John Brewer says:

    CTP Teams has been an outstanding idea from it’s conception until now.
    Since the dawn of CTP teams I have built some wonderful relationships and friendships.

    As you mentioned, people have also made business partnerships, networking opportunities and all sorts of things.

    I hope we all realize the value of this and don’t take it for granted.

    Thanks for the great post!

    • Hi John,

      First ty for the response and taking the time to read the post.

      Exactly the friendships and ventures from the community have been amazing. Would be great for all of us to utilize it more, and see where this will take us all.

      As you said about taking it for granted, let’s hope that never happens : )

  2. soph142 says:

    Now that PP have attacked many sites (some deserved, a lot not) I refuse to use Payza due to their connections with AlertPlay who rushed in a hurry with our hard earned cash. Egold was a scam as I suspect Bitcoins is. So thinks maybe out of this of this scenario

    • Thank your for the contribution. Many people are very upset about the whole PayPal situation. There just doing a cya, as they are soon to be under the scrutiny they have done on others for so long. As always the community will adapt.

  3. Ken Wolff says:

    Thank you for posting about the CTP Teams Presley. I have been on a few of them and made a lot of life long friends and business partners. In a way I think of CTP as a team of all the members. We are but a grain of sand in comparison to all who use the www but we worked together between season 7 and 8 to come up with some changes for the better.

    • Oh most certainly Ken. Of course members of your own team it’s natural to build a relationship with. But than the “good natured” competition breeds this as well. The fun razzing and just coming together to build a better community is wonderful.

      Yep we are just one small part of the web, but what a unique part of the web. So many people out there if they would just get past the surface of this industry, would benefit from the tools but primarily the community.

      As always I appreciate your contribution.

  4. Gary K Waters says:

    Definitely nee contact with your team mates and your downline as well as everyone else in the world you can contact to be successful.

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