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Season 8 – Starts September 19th

Season 8 – Starts September 19th

It Starts Tonight.....

Huge Update: The Season Starts At Noon, September 19th….

CTP Teams is a funny beast. We’re going onto our 8th season and while there has been some less than memorable experiences, we are striving each and every season to create the most fun and excitement for you. Because of this goal, we tried really hard this season to put the power back into the surfers hands.

We heard you loud and clear and we hope you enjoy the changes for the next season of CTP Teams:

SEASON 8 START: September 19th 12pm EST




Teams Are Collecting Points For Completing Promos

We’re using a new scoring system but it will be familiar. To win you match ups, your team simply completes more promos that your competition. That earns you a win.

New Format, New Rules
We heard you loud and clear so this season there will be no subscriber bonuses or XP for purchase bonuses. We want to make sure everyone feels like they have a fair chance. So to win, you have to earn more points than your competition. How do you earn points? Simply complete more promos than the other team.

Divisions Again?

We got great feedback that people enjoyed the divisions…But this time there is a twist. Just because you are in a division, doesn’t mean you STAY in that division. The top team in each division after 3 days of competition moves up! The bottom team in that division moves down.

Each team plays each other during those 3 days, so it’s like a mini-Round Robin tournament throughout the season. This makes sure all teams are competing because…No one is SAFE!!!! Obviously, we are trying to discourage sandbagging, so there will be rewards for climbing the ranks and staying in the top tiered divisions.

But What About XP?

Glad you asked! Yes, XP will play a huge role in the season because as you read above…We’re basing each competition with points. Earn points by completing a promo AND trading in your XP….To earn one point you can trade 1 Million CTP XP and bam, your team has an extra point. This is why the Season Pass Multiplier is critical….Read on…

The Season Pass Multiplier

This seasons’s special multiplier will be sponsored by Justin, Tim and Jon….It’s the CTP Season Pass Multiplier! Grab a Season Pass through this link and we’ll give your team a 8x multiplier for all XP earned…

To claim your bonus League Pass multiplier – Click here and it will credit your account. If not, then send in a support ticket with your confirmation email. We’ll credit you as soon as we get your information!

The Daily Competitions

We heard you loud and clear and we hope you guys love the changes. We listened to your recommendations and this is the formula we came up with from your suggestions and the input from attendees at TE Live. It’ll never be perfect but here’s the main things we wanted to tackle;

– Get rid of the massive subscriber bonuses and bonuses for purchasing.
– Focus more on surfing, this helps the surfers and the promo partners
– Implement the divisions again to level the playing field and let people actually compete for positions daily!

We hope you enjoy the changes and are as excited as we are to CRUSH IT with Season 8!

*Please note – There may be changes over the next few days on this blog post if we need to tweak anything. This is the general structure for the season and we will do our best to make sure you know EVERYTHING before we start on Monday September 19th!

48 responses to “Season 8 – Starts September 19th”

  1. Awesome Game Plan Guys Way to Go. Let’s kick it on Monday,.

  2. Sig says:

    Now the GAMES can Begin! Now ALL READ THIS! ABOVE!

    @To all UBERS: A UBER is for life, not just for Christmas!!!

    And Remember my words: Dead men tell no tales!!

    So Lets all get ready! Ubers or not… the games begine at…oh my..

    Shiver me timbers!!! The 19th allready!!



    TOOT’em and BOOT’em

  3. Howard says:

    I feel excited about ctp teams again I hope these changes make it more of a competition for all TOOTERS and NON TOOTERS in ctp universe. But beware of those farting Unicorns.

  4. Suzanne Howarth says:

    Was just wondering what doing the DC is worth.

  5. Excellent post Jon

    quick question about XP
    you atet
    But What About XP?

    Earn points by completing a promo AND trading in your XP….To earn one point you can trade 1 Million CTP XP and bam,
    is this only giveaway XP, ??? what happens to XP you might earn while surfing somewhere, does this become trade able ??

    Eg if I gave away XP to someone, can it accumulate somewhere for them to trade for a point ???

    Not quite sure how te xp I get as a reward can be available to trade ??

    Just short of a few sheep in the Paddock today, brain a bit addled

  6. Gary Calvert II says:

    Okay, So if nine teams in total are going to the playoffs, All 4 teams in division 1 and winners of divisions 2-6. Who’s gonna be in the play-in to play the overall #1? The winners of divisions 5 and 6, or the 3rd and 4th place division 1 teams?

  7. R. Van Sky says:

    Terry hates socks, I am not sure why. Sunny on the other hand loves socks. Glad there wasn’t a typo there. Best of luck everyone!!! As Marcus would say, “Hit it hard and keep pounding it!

  8. Hi Sirs,

    I am really lost with this new way to do things.

    Regarding to divisions… What chance to win have any of the teams against CSN?

    Why a team of 9 have to be with a team of 25 members?

    Are we fighting or having daily duels as before for a buck or not?

    When are we going to cash former earnings?

    I know there has been a reorganization, but confusion is not the best way to solve former problems.

    • Scott Rohn says:

      Dualberto here’s an idea instead of bitching about CSN and 9 vs 26 GO Get Yourself Some More Team Member’s. And it’s not completely impossible for 9 to beat 25 Have a Nice Day

      • Elina Balashova says:

        When did you become so rude, Scott? Dualberto was asking simple questions. I understand his confusion, just because there is different information in different places. It will get sorted out, certainly, but for now it is confusing. And it is not your thing to tell him what to do or not to do with his team.

        • Deborah Cook says:

          Thanks Elina for saying this; I was thinking the same thing. It really isn’t helpful if we start getting annoyed with each other. We are supposed to be a community after all!!

    • Jon Olson says:

      You compete with the teams in your division. The more you surf, the more chances you can win. CSN doesnt have any ‘more chance’ to win than any other team. They just play the game, like everyone can.

  9. Natasja says:

    I am a bit confused….
    At the top of the team page still stands:
    To qualify you must complete 3 Tiers of the Daily Challenge, 3 Vaults, and 3 Sub Games. Every DC Tier is a multiplier for the Vaults, Sub Games, and Eggs. XP that has been crossed out is held in reserve until that team member qualifies for the day.

    When i read the text above, there is no need to qualify. You just need surf more subs and vault then the other team………. and the dc just count for points……. the more you do the more point…..

    And my team has now 30 points, but i do not see them in the shedule?????

    Hope to get an answer soon :):)

    Regards Natasja

  10. Mike says:

    “SEASON 8 START: September 19th 12pm EST” try again in about 3.5 hours πŸ™‚

  11. Natasja says:

    strange time to start this, because here in Europe it is 6 hours later allready………..

    • Jon Olson says:

      We are a company based in North America on Eastern time….Stop by Plus 1 Daily one day, and I’ll give you a story about how I started in business being on Australian time for 5 years πŸ™‚

  12. Jennifer H says:

    I’ve been informed by a team member that the points reset around 10:30 this morning… now why would that have happened if the season doesn’t start until Noon?

    And yes, wording on the team page still says you need to qualify which is incorrect.

    Would have been nice to get the last seasons team earnings cashed out, possibly even just to reinvest them into buying season 8 multiplier…

    Anyway, good luck to all the teams at the start of this new season!

  13. Catharina says:

    hello, why are the teams changed at starting time??

    first we where in division 4 and now in division 3!!

  14. Mike says:

    Does the XP reset daily, or does it carry over to be traded in at any time?

  15. Natasja says:

    Does the time start everyday at 12pm EST or was that just the first day?

  16. The 15M XP I earned on Day 1 is that gone forever since I didn’t cash it in yesterday, or is it in a “bank’ for future use?
    Also can I gift a point to “The Journey Begins” Team? I feel sorry for them all alone in Division 15!

    • Lynn M says:

      XP resets every day at reset, Thomas. You’ll have to use it or lose it. Until they fix the current glitch with it tho it really doesn’t matter too much, but once they fix it you’ll need to cash it in every day or lose what you have.

      • Maya says:

        well as the score goes down to 0-0 again better hunt for zubees πŸ˜‰

        I do like the changes though, back to basis wihtout huge bonusses.
        Good job in that!

  17. Maya says:

    Hmm, as we have to trade XP for ponts before reset daily how do I get the point for the millions XP after I trade the first? as it gets grey I cannot do it again.
    btw: I had over 2 M when I trade the first M

  18. Dumb question I suppose but HOW do we “trade XP for Points”. Only have an hour 1/2 to get rid of today’s 9 or 10M… πŸ™‚

  19. Disregard last Dumb question, I just figured it out! πŸ™‚ “Click here to use 1M XP on a promo point!”

  20. Maya says:

    Never mind how to trade..I had over 2M. traded 1M for 1point that is not showing in the callnge or wherever it should show.
    And after the trade I had over 1M left. Looking there now it is less then 1M.

    back to Zubees and VTG again!
    At least they know how to count πŸ˜‰

  21. spcystcy says:

    I do not understand how the team we played against yesterday and my team could have both lost we both had points and they kept changing every time I went to the schedule page not always up and then today it says that we both have 0 points yesterday.

  22. Natasja says:

    At this time my team surfed a lot and there is only 2 points behind our name at the standing page…………
    Think there a lot of bugs here…………..

  23. Jennifer says:

    Any updates as far as the glitches? o_O

  24. ajay says:

    when are the playoff rounds going to start for this season ?

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