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Season 8 Is Just Around The Corner But First….

Season 8 Is Just Around The Corner But First….

We’re looking at a quick turn around for the off season this time and we’re getting ready to set up Season 8 of CTP Teams!

But first…We need your help!

We’re thinking of making some changes, drastic or not, on how we play the game.

But we don’t want to make any decisions that would hurt the growth of the team play, so we’re putting it out there for you.

We are looking for feedback on what one change you would LOVE to see for CTP Teams.

Please post your comments below and let us know how YOU would change the game if you could.

We really want this to be the players league and while we can’t guarantee everything can be implemented, we want to mold this league to be as player friendly as possible.

Let’s hear what you think….

121 responses to “Season 8 Is Just Around The Corner But First….”

  1. Carl Davies says:

    Qualifying could be a little easier to achieve each day.

  2. Scott Rohn says:

    Remove everyone from the teams but the team Leaders. Then have a draft maybe 6-7 rounds possibly more. This way maybe some of the better players will be spread out more and who knows the competition might improve, That’s just my thoughts.

  3. Carl Belcher says:

    Smaller teams, right now the competition is between about 4 teams. In the playoffs things don’t get too interesting until the semi finals. Up till then the match ups are mostly squashes. Lots have lost interest because of the lack of competitiveness.


  4. player friendly
    It should not be the amount of TE owners in the TEAM, that should have so much to say in the season. Make it count, what they surf, collecting. Try to set it up, so TEAMS with no TE owners, have the same chance, if they are active.

    fair game fair chance

  5. Rob Paris says:

    The Playing Field needs to be leveled out so all teams stand a chance.
    When you have teams that can score trillions without even qualifying for anything and other teams that have to qualify just to get on the board it really must be daunting for some.
    Somewhere along the line certain bonuses have blown out of proportion and have benefited a minority and not the majority.
    Maybe some of these things need to be adjusted or changed so all are on a more equal footing.

  6. Carl Belcher says:

    Bonuses are nice and necessary, but they are blown way out of proportion. Too many 100% bonuses. Trim the bonuses down to point where they still have impact but don’t put the bar so high that most cannot compete.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Thanks man, yeah that might me a really good game plan…People in TE Live were talking about taking away the subscriber bonus at the beginning of each new season. To level it out…

  7. John Brewer says:

    Maybe have something like “major” and “minor” “leagues” so that the folks who can’t surf as much as others, but would like to contribute to the team effort.

    Also, there needs to be a way to figure out how to take the advantage to folks who simply have more cash to spend than others on certain incentives that offer XP for particular purchases. I’n not saying it’s wrong for people to get awarded xp for spending money, but sometimes it makes the playing field a bit unlevel. Maybe there could be some kind of “points from purchases” and “points from surfing” identification.

    And maybe some kind of “inter-team” incentive so that even inside a team the members can be encouraged to compete against each other for recognition for making the most points in that day or something like that.

    • Marye says:

      I agree with the division(s) being put in place…but (maybe) based on the total bonus points that are carried by the team overall…

  8. Mary Golon says:

    Sub games should go back to 3. Makes it easier to qualify for smaller teams and those that don’t have as much time.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Definitely something to think about. We want to make sure our promo partners get value for hosting them with us, but still maintain the ‘incentive’ and excitement for people to surf.

    • True Mary but we need to eliminate any XP and last minute purchases so Teams can’t just purchase the win in the last say one hour of the round No XP is awarded for a purchase they have to win based on effort no buying power.

  9. I’d really get apoplectic if you fuck with team dynamics by moving everyone around. The big 4 are the big 4 because they are the big 4. Any leader who wants to change that should be looking at how they can create that in their teams instead of expecting the hand of god (TimTech) in this case, working the change from outside, instead of a team working from within.

    I can’t always surf on scheduled playoffs, and it’s not a problem for me. I like having fun as a team with out going nuts surfing like a banshee.

    So I like Carl’s idea of making it a little easier to qualify.

    Perhaps add ranking points based on how much training has been completed. Not enough emphasis is being put on the training. Maybe XP ranked on amount of training completed. Extra XP when you achieve one of the training badges.

    XP for number of blog posts during a competition.

    How about XP for the number of friends you’ve made in CTP

    XP for having a real picture posted.

    XP for having something in the about me section.

    After all these are all the basic we teach here and teams should be rewarded on where there members stand overall in CTP not just how much they surf in one day.


    • Jon Olson says:

      Yeah I really dont wanna mess with the golden purpose that CTP Teams was set up for, and that’s the networking and team building point.

      But we need to change something…It’s not growing, and without that, things won’t be looking great down the road.

      But the team building is essential.

    • Shon Jimenez says:

      Exactly. You want a great team, go build it. Don’t take from others that have built great teams.

    • How about XP for people with there own social media shows like mine

      http://hulksmashhits.com/show.php We award extra XP bonuses to people willing to step outside of there comfort zone

      And that teach there team to do the same thing . Tiny Chat and Firechat are free tools people need to be taught to use.

  10. Hi…

    I believe in the beginning it was more about surfing sites, collecting badges and subgames and vaults. Now the emphasis is on XP… and when the numbers of XP needed to win is larger than the national debt, it seems we have lost the focus of teams working together and having fun… It is not like we are going to win a million dollars, so why foment contests where teams have to spend hundreds of dollars to end up with maybe $25 per player on the winning team? How about some retro-changes?

    • + 1000000 from me, Renee!

      • Mark Manypenny says:

        I agree, it seems that CTP Team play has evolved into the worst paying full time job for the casual surfer (and I worked at McDonald’s when minimum wage was $1.90 an hour). Surfing is only a part of business building, not the prime focus.

        • Jon Olson says:

          Thanks Mark, I’m looking for constructive ideas. If you feel like your time is being wasted, that isn’t what we envisioned when we started this.

          • Mark Manypenny says:

            The thing I have noticed is a dramatic drop in quality traffic due to the fact that everyone is scrambling for points, badges, etc. and not actually looking at the ads on TEs. I myself am guilty of this a few seasons back when I could surf 18,000 plus pages a day and not tell you a single ad that I viewed. Now, with my busted hand slowing me down I am surfing less but actually looking more.

        • Bingo Mark I remember making $9.00 An hour at the time your talking about and I had to work my butt off to achieve the position of Crew Leader.

          There is no Crew Leader paying position of $15 bucks an hour on today’s pay scale inside CTP Teams.

    • Bingo that right there was discussed many times when I was a member of Easy Team thanks for remembering and bringing this subject forward.

      As A New Team Leader Myself I support this type of change.

  11. Lynn M says:

    Hate to say it but I think the Subscriber Bonus has been 95% or more responsible for the outcome of the last few seasons… not playing the “it’s not fair” card and I expect the team that’s held the 80,000+% Subscriber Bonus would agree with my assessment. Not sure what to do about it ‘cos I understand why it was made part of the game, but it may well be possible it’s time to consider removal of some or all of those extra bonuses (and I say that as a member of a team with a pretty high, tho not the highest, bonus).

    • Lynn M says:

      (There could also be the potential, I guess, of making it so a bonus doesn’t come into play that day unless the member responsible for the bonus qualifies that day…. tho that might be a programming nightmare, I dunno)

    • Jon Olson says:

      Yeah that’s something do-able and I think most would agree wouldn’t ‘hate’ if we changed.

  12. No draft–many of us love our teams and stay on them for a reason, as we work well together. A draft would break up relationships we have built over time. As long as teams still welcome newcomers as there are openings, there is opportunity for growth.

    One change? What about a daily XP bonus for the team with the highest percentage of members qualified? That would reward surfers and benefit those who bought promotions.

  13. Rosy says:

    We should abolish the qualifications also promote more pure surfing bonus xp packages which often ply undoes the work of many hours of hard surfing.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Need to make sure our promo partners have value and a reason to invest in CTP Teams. Without them, no prize money at all.

  14. I picture myself being like 90 years old with shaking legs and still screaming with the last breath that there should be a team bonus for referrals. And blatantly said, how about reverting to the older style of seasons where the effort was the crucial factor and not the buying ability?

    Yes , it is all about money after all, but honestly, Jon, if we take out the TE owners who bought like crazy daily challenge, key vaults and subgame slots, has it worked as planned. Have you measured activity and compared it to the one of the first seasons?

    How does it look when say 30 teams with say a middle value of 15 members are the only active ones? That is 450 out of 180.000 members. You think that 450 is way too conservative? OK, let’s raise that to 1000. I think a lot of things need to be reconsidered, right?

    We are both a long time in this industry, Jon and you know that I prefer to speak from my heart and tell it like it is to a friend rather than just being pleasant.

    • Jon Olson says:

      No I agree. Something needs to happen. But I need to cater to the promo partners as well. Without them, there is no activity and no prize money.

      So the trick is to cater to both parties….Surfers and promo partners.

  15. Ken Wolff says:

    A lot of great suggestions. I was thinking before I read them what Carl said. Make it easier to qualify…after reading all of the comments I think we should eliminate qualifying so that all things whether purchases or points earned by surfing count and help the team. Keep it simple. If someone does not earn any points during they would drop off the team and have to request to get back on a team.

    • Jon Olson says:

      I want to make sure we don’t take away all value for our promo partners.

      • Ken Wolff says:

        Yes, value to the promo partners has got to be the focus. What they have right now is a lot less surfing of the promo sites. Make the team participation more fun and less complicated and the promo sites will get more traffic thus greater value.

  16. Mark Manypenny says:

    I think the points awarded for promos should be more equal. Eggs are awarded for surfing 1 site for 35 pages (or so), Sub games are for surfing 4 sites for 35 pages (or close), and vaults are for surfing 2 sites for 75 pages (roughly), yet eggs seem to award the most points. The easiest task scoring higher is like rewarding the lazy way.

  17. I personally enjoyed it when each “match” was something DIFFERENT each time ( most XP sometimes, most Sub Games sometimes, most Golden Eggs sometimes, ect.) so each match had kind of different personality and strategy involved.

  18. Now its been mentioned . the crazy subscriber bonus, its really to high and gives to much of an impact on teams. in CTP members it seems only like 3 persons has a really good subscriber system that again gives an amazing
    80 000 % Bonus…because those few members are on same team it gives a totally wrong outcome..should be lowered to be in same style as like the 100% bonuses..that would even make team ranked at 10 a chance to get closer.

  19. Phil Lenz says:

    More power given to the common man( free surfer). The effort of 10 free surfers surfing to qualify is easily defeated by 2 fully vested members who buy bonuses.

    The expanding bonus for higher levels of DC qualify could be expanded to sub games and vaults as well.

    I like the idea that the purchase bonuses do not help the team unless the buying member qualifies THAT day.

  20. Gary Calvert II says:

    BTW, don’t take the get rid of the bonuses thing seriously, that was sarcasm. πŸ˜€

  21. Meredith says:

    Maybe a separate contest/bonus for the subscriber bonuses so that there is still an incentive to get subscribers but leave it out of the team part of CTP. I liked the x7 and x5 bonuses and also liked when it was most vaults, eggs, etc… that was fun and not the same old same old every day. I am ok with the current qualifying amounts 3DC, 3 subs, 3 vaults each match… it only took about an hour or 2 to qualify for me and I don’t find that unfair.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Thanks Meredith, yeah we tried to keep that low enough for surfers, but high enough for promo partners….tight edge to walk lol

  22. Jessica McLurkin says:

    Hi !!

    I agree with Ole and Henrik regarding their comments. I would also like to say that I would hope we could get this team surfing to reflect the way it was at the beginning of the First Season !! Very competitive and fun was had by!! The disavantages were felt by all teams … thus very few participated !! Here’s hoping for even, fair competitions for Season 8 !!

    Jessica πŸ™‚

  23. Howard says:

    I liked the older seasons were the eggs were not know were they were going to be and the teams had to comunticate with each other to let others know were the eggs are. I think activites were teams had to work together to accomplish goals would be a good thing

    • Sig says:

      that one I allso did like, and we had to find them..and Scream it to the team where they was… kinda fun!

      4 Bombcards should stay i think, but people should have a choice before they play it;

      IF they want to win XP with the card or Cash.

      This I think is good for both the TE owners and for Timtech, as not ALL in this World surf for XP, and it will pull more people to surf for the Bombs…
      Allso those who is NOT in teams.

      I see a Win win on it… A choice button before you start play the MineCard game, either go for XP or Cash..

      Anyway I agree on a lot here…and allso something i dont agree on…and so if I talk more now… I dont know what I talk about…so Carrie on folks πŸ™‚

  24. Do not like having a team draft I was on another and never received any support from others on team. Then I got hooked up with Easy Team and they are my family. The other team was always pushing to buy something and if you did you got certain xp (good) but never fulfilled their agreements saying it was not supposed to be that way(bad). Like being able to collect badges, but when you get them you have already claimed or this badge not in service (something to that effect) Thought focus at one time used to be on training but a lot of the videos are out of date. Would love to be able to be able to carry subs and vaults and dc on all 4 my sites as well as xp if can use xp from one buy on all four sites without having to buy a mod 4 times to display. And last but not least is if a te owner says that certain things are going to show on there sites that they be displayed there wer many times when when keys or subs were scheduled but they don’t show til halfway through the day (ok maybe a little exagerated there but you get the point). Well that’s my opinion as a newbie but hope to be pro soon(er) than later

  25. Jessica McLurkin says:

    Hi again,

    I agree with Nick’s response !! Well said Nick πŸ™‚

  26. How about having the team qualify rather than an individual…by that I mean set the qualification, for example, as 10 DC 20 Subs 10 Vaults. Members of the team can then decide between themselves how to attain that. Say 2 members concentrate on getting to level 5 of the DC, 4 members get 5 Subs each or any combination of figures.

    I just wonder if that would encourage more people to surf a little rather than a few people to surf a lot?

    • Deborah Cook says:

      I really like this idea Keith. It might help promote more teamwork within the team. I don’t think bonuses should be taken away but I do think they should be reset the same as xp is reset at the start of the new season. In the past it seems that bonuses carry over which seems unfair to new teams that haven’t had the same opportunity to take up/purchase the bonuses. Our team also seems to be earning bonuses from team members that are no longer in the team. I can only assume that we are not the only team this happening to. Maybe this needs to be looked at as well.

  27. Linda Mayer says:

    Really good suggestions! I totally agreed with all the ones that promote teamwork and networking and I understand that changes must support both the surfers and the owners, but I disagree with the idea of breaking up the teams. That seems contrary to the original purpose. It’s not so much about winning the money. It’s more about learning real teamwork and making new relationships. That’s my two cents…

  28. Feri EFf says:

    Only one thing…by hunting Vault Keys I am suggesting to serv 1 changeable Site whitit members can decide if want spend an Hour for Eggs or just to win the Vault.

  29. Feri EFf says:

    ….oopppppss excuse…I forgot to suggest to do so with the SubGames.

  30. Feri EFf says:

    ….oopppppss excuse again…I forgot to suggest to do so with the SubGames too.

  31. Anne Bergman says:

    Don`t break up the teams.I think I have found my “home”

  32. Jennifer Braga says:

    I am new to the teams compared to some I love the competition aspects as long as good sportsman is still has a place too. Look forward to participating in the next season. πŸ™‚ If I was to make a suggestion perhaps give boost out as prices for winning challenges also. Some teams have members that can`t pay a lot of the boosters made available so offer them as awards to active team members might even the odds in those situations.

  33. Thomas Rasmussen says:

    Keep the Qualify,3 DC,4 subs and 3 vaults bonus for higher DC.
    Reset team bonuses at season start.
    Membership bonuses need to stay maybe just 50% per site.
    Active surfer bonuses.
    Change the Golden Egg mod to 40 pages so no interference with subs and vaults.

    Thats all I got, might spark more competition.

  34. Stephen says:

    Looks like TimTech has created a few dozen Auto-surfers that Google can not easily identify. Is this frenzy of thousands of 2-second visits sustainable?

      • Stephen says:

        I hope I can explain my concern for TE owners and their community.

        There is danger in the present system, as it delivers very high volumes of traffic with very short duration (2 or 3 second) site visits. This will lower the Quality of traffic towards that of auto-surf services.

        Providing high Quality (verses volume) traffic is critical to the competitive health of the Traffic Exchange industry in the long run.

        • Jon Olson says:

          Ahhh the timer debate…..That has been one argued for over a decade now.

          I would caution against blaming TE owners for shorter timer…We should all take personal responsibility and control what we can, and make our ads stick out like a sore thumb. And REALLY make them remarkable.

          Then it wont matter what the timer is…

  35. There needs to be a secondary daily Challenge so if someone is banned at the site of that day’s daily challenge that person can still compete by doing the daily challenge on the secondary daily challenge site.

    This Idea would bring in more income for CTP and make the game fair for everyone. As well as leveling the playing field.

  36. Cara Riggles says:

    Let’s face it. There are key players who have huge lists and/or money to spend. If the ability to win is based on spending money or gaining referrals, the “little guys” will STILL not have a chance. Perhaps put a max cap on how many bonuses apply per team. If one team has 20 Kore4 members and another only has 5, it’s still about the money in the end.

  37. Hi There!

    I do agree with the secondary daily challenge for banned people.

    Also, I believe qualifying is not the problem for teams, on the contrary, teams can test their own surfing people’s disposition to do so.

    Most of the problems come from the way bonus are given, and as these come from purchases it will be very dificult to control them. And, of course, for those who have more money they also have the ability to get more bonuses. So, I suggest start each day at zero, over all at the Play Offs, qualifying as suggested before.

    Other suggestion is to allow teams to join others for the Play offs.

    BTW, the golden egg is set at different spaces accorging to upgrade members on many sites, so set it to 40 will be just for the free surfer member.


  38. For me still nothing compares to the very first season, when we were fighting for like 5 xp :D, now you can easily find thousands in a few seconds without doing much. I see that lots of members lost interest, you could see it from the daily numbers when majority of teams stayed with 0 points and didn’t even bother to qualify. I wish there was a recipe for getting this all back on track. I can only say for myself, but the game has been exiting for me only like 5-6 days in total for the last 4 or 5 seasons πŸ˜€

    Maybe it is time to go back to the basics? I dunno…

    Subscribers bonus is a bit pointless in this game, it is just my opinion. I completely understand WHY it was made, but honestly, it doesn’t really play any role in this game. Members with big lists will always stay on top and the rest will have to work 80% harder and still wont get even close :). Just like at some point people started re-tweeting for xp and it all got out of hand :D. Some things tend to be overused.

    I might be not very popular with this but getting xp for spending money, isn’t also very player friendly. I am a TE owner, but still not fond of this idea. Of course it is nice to get rewarded for buying. You have all the stats of course, so I am wondering if sales increased after implementing this? Did people start buying more for xp or are those who are buying would have been buying anyway? Just thinking :).

    Reshuffling teams would have been a great idea if it happened in season 1 before people worked on creating their teams. But maybe those challenges where some members are against certain members, like it was implemented once would work better? Maybe create something with that for an extra bonus? Like if you beat certain member, you get a bonus? I dunno..

    I am not an expert, of course, but maybe it is time to concentrate more on our average active member and their needs and as a result to have owners come in and buy more because of those interested members? I mean, instead of concentrating on getting sales first and hoping that activity will come with it?

    • Bravo Could not as an owner and surfer have this what said better myself I totally 100 percent support what you just said and your highly popualar with me because I got trashed on blab live for saying exactly what you just said.

  39. Jon Olson says:

    What we seem to see is this for changes going forward;

    – Getting rid of the subscriber bonuses

    – Getting rid of XP for purchases

    – Keeping the Kore4, Trck.me and RocketResponder bonus (after all we want people to build businesses)

    – And keeping smaller bonuses for promos throughout the season.

    – Focus more on the activity from surfing to win the match ups

    Trying to find a way to get back to basics as Elina said with the divisions.

    But so far, these seem to be the changes most people agree with…..


  40. How about give some kind of easy incentive for teams to avoid 0-0 TIES? It shouldn’t be to hard for even a mediocre team to scrape up maybe 10 or 20 points! Have a Happy Labor Day weekend CTP Surfers! See y’all next week!

  41. Anne Bergman says:

    I think these changes is good . Happy weekend all πŸ™‚

  42. Tame Bear says:

    My view is probably anti-game, and may not be very popular… I do not join TEs just to be able to qualify. I do not join every TE. Consequently there are many (most) days I am not able to qualify at all because I am not already a member of this or that TE an don’t want to join simply to qualify. I do most of my traffic surfing at quality sites that are not participating (advertising) in the CTP games. Why? Because they are BETTER places for me to get leads and conversions from my own advertising.

    Teams are good, but I do think the emphasis on competition itself has become a distraction from the real purpose of TEs — to help us advertise, build businesses and make money.

    How do I know which TEs are provably BETTER places to advertise? Because I track everything. I compare how ALL my advertising is performing across ALL the Traffic Resources (not just TEs), and I focus on the ones with the best conversions. None of them are advertising in the CTP games. Some of them don’t do CTP badges either.

    I have to wonder if the “Sources” page in Trck.me was removed so we can no longer make those kinds of QUALITY comparisons.

    It seems clear enough that the games help TE owners get more members. Do they get and retain upgrades sufficient to keep growing their businesses? If so, then the games serve a useful purpose. But for the rest of of who surf to build our own non-TE businesses by promoting tools, training, and services, how effective have the games been in helping us earn more money and in taking our businesses to the next level?

    • Jon Olson says:

      Thanks man, but this seems to have absolutely nothing to do with the questions posed.

      I can see you think CTP Teams doesn’t help your business. That’s fine.

      But this is about what changes would members like to see in Season 8. Not whether or not people see value in the teams.

    • Tame Bear not many people realize they should be Using the CTP teams TE’s to build there lists but that was not the question asked.

      Maybe a completely new thread should be started on the subject of why people are not building there lists.

      But I would love to see a thread on why video promotion of products is not being done.

      I would also like to know myself why my video enbedding code is not working on the badges I sponsored .

    • If I couldnt distract my self from pure advertising if would be boooring.
      So I choose to do both mr Bear…and when doing that a while, I mean mixing advertising and training with fun…I am at my best !!
      So team stuff makes advertising fun…but key is to not forget that there is life outside of TT to..
      But here in this blogpost – we discussed what more fun or what way of fun we want to have added / changed.
      If your choice is to only advertise there is not need to take part of any team and run solo and let us others have the fun by our self..
      Thank you and good luck πŸ™‚

  43. Randy says:

    It’s all rigged! http://kreate.me/Msy

    Just kidding. Love CTP Teams! Each season has it’s own personality and gets better. I did like the one where you do different tasks each time.

    And while some bonuses are out of whack, don’t get rid of them all because that’s the whole point of it and the strategy of it.

    Plus of course, the promo partners.

  44. Natasja says:

    I really loved the season with the differet tasks(just like randy said above me)
    That way you can help your team even when you have little time that day to surf.

  45. Gary McKown says:

    Do 1 season where there is no buying of anything to increase your points,xp,or etc, and let everybody know this, and then see how many teams compete for the title.


  46. With a gazillion or so TE’s out there, with new or recycled ones popping up every day, how about something like a point per player for EACH TE that we surf, based on say 50 pages on each day per TE? ALL TE’s MATTER! πŸ™‚

  47. Astra Tiger says:

    I work from home answering ZenDesk tickets and taking calls and live chat as an Independent Contractor and during this time I am unable to surf. I try to get my qualifying done before my designated work time, however that can be difficult at times. If the Golden Egg of XP is in rotation at a site I need to surf for Vault Keys or Sub Game Pieces the Egg takes precedence and the keys and subs are not shown.

    Is there a way to deactivate the Golden Eggs of XP on sites that are running sub games and vault keys that day, or is there a way you can code it so we can stack these so we can go back to the one site to collect the rest. The Golden Egg halts the surfing process altogether.

    Thank You!

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