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Season 7 Ends

Season 7 Ends

There was an issue with the points and a mix up with the remaining teams and because of that, the playoffs hit a snag.

I have to admit, I’m disappointed that the season ended like this, but I understand why the team leaders decided to go this route.

We messed up. And gave the vote to the remaining four teams what they would like to do and decided to split the prize money equally.

So we have 4 ‘winners’ for this season.

Special congratulations to the Ubers, SAA’s, CSN and Lucky 13 for a hard fought season and to all the teams that made Season 7 so much fun.

We’ll be back at it soon for another exciting season of CTP Teams with more prizes and more cash to reward the players.

Have a great off season and we’ll see you soon…

11 responses to “Season 7 Ends”

  1. Howard says:

    congrats everyone enjoy the rest of the week and TOOT

  2. sig says:

    Stuff happens… but the Great thing is that the 4 teams, came to an agreement, after the Suggestion from you at Timtech, so even if this end before it should, I must say Big respect to all players and teams who came to this agreement without any Shit taking.

    There will be new chances for more fun later i bet.

    thanks to you all!


  3. Mark Manypenny says:

    Congratulations to all the teams that made the final four and for coming to a civil agreement in a bizarre situation.

    However, the programmers in charge of TimTech and the CTP Teams engine specifically should be hanging their heads in shame and their mascot, Melvin, must feel like he should wear a bag over his head for being associated with TimTech.

    It was a rookie mistake in programming that any real “Nerd” would not have let happen. You failed to close the door to position updating after the brackets were set and this is what caused the issue. Very sloppy work indeed.

    I would suggest that there be as big a break between seasons this time to make sure that TimTech has their act together.

  4. Graham McCallum says:

    Disappointed very much that this season came to such an abrupt end but hey ho guess s..t happens sometimes and glad that an amicable finish was agreed so quickly

  5. Congrats to all who won best of luck to the others bless week

  6. Hi there!

    Could someone fully explain us what has happened?
    Which is the motive of the agreement?
    what thing was wrong?

    Anticipated thanks.
    Dualberto Brito

  7. Can someone create a picture of Mount Rushmore with the heads of the Captains of the Final Four Teams instead of the four Presidents? All four teams are class acts! I am proud to be with one one of them! See everyone in Season 8!

  8. Raj G says:

    Hope complete details are shared and not to keep anyone guessing…. Every participant had spent all out efforts to be competitive and thus quite frustrating for an abrupt ending… Regards Raj

  9. Basically there was a four way draw decided on what’s to explain.

  10. Jon Olson says:

    We messed up. Our programming wasn’t up to par and there was an issue with the proper seeding in the semi-finals.

    So we asked the team leaders to decide what they wanted to do, and they decided to end the playoffs and split the payments.

    We would have honored any decision the team leaders chose, and that was their wish.

    Again, it sucks that it got to that and I cannot apologize enough. It was a screw up on our end. So we’re back to the drawing board to make sure it never happens again and the excitement is there for another playoff down the road.

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