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The Final Four For Season 7

The Final Four For Season 7

And it’s come down to this…

I have a sneaky suspicion that this will be one of the most hard fought semi-finals in the history of CTP Teams.

It’s Cash Surfing Network vs. Lucky 13

It’s Uber Surfers vs SurfAholics Alpha

4 of the original super star teams are going all in for their shot at the championship. After a few seasons away from the spotlight, we are seeing a resurgence within Uber Surfers like never before. They might be the dark horse in these semi finals but are in super tough vs. the mega-team SAA’s!

Lucky 13 is in really tough too against the undefeated Cash Surf Network.

It all starts tonight at midnight…Who will be the final two teams this season? We’ll find out soon…

23 responses to “The Final Four For Season 7”

  1. Sig says:

    This can be…no will be an Epic Battle, atleast I hope so…

    The coffee Machine is ready… the new mouse is bought in… and 357 cans of Beans is bought in!

    Sleep is over rathed, so let the Games Begin!

    TOOT a lot!!

  2. Howard says:

    Yes unload them uber beans Sig

  3. Gary Calvert II says:

    Wow. I’m really surprised not to see Phoenix in the final four. I guess L13 had too much for them. Good luck to these four awesome teams. 🙂

  4. Howard says:

    go Ubers woohoo

  5. Henk says:

    Yes lets go tomorrow Ubers !!!

  6. Henrik Jensen says:

    well hope you all going to have fun tomorrow

  7. Patsy_j_Payne. says:

    GO GO GO GO GO SurfAholics Alpha
    Team in 12th
    Beginners n Winners

  8. Carl Davies says:

    Good luck to all teams. 🙂

  9. sig says:

    …Go Ubers…as in Go?

    2 teams so fare has billions in XP, even before any of them qualify… I find it funny… but but…its like the Olympics…

    Is it time to call in the (WADA) – World Anti-Doping Agency to do some tests??

    Happy “surfing”

    😀 Dont worrie be happy – TOOT

  10. Howard says:

    what happened to the playoffs now Ubers are not in it?

  11. Wenche says:

    Really wonder whats happen,where is Uber??

  12. Henrik Jensen says:

    huh ubers not in competitions now ?

  13. sig says:

    Lucky 13
    SurfAholics – Alpha

    The Cash Surfing Network

    is the new top 4 folks… dont know why…coz I am only a Uber, and we dont count much… TOOT… coz we surf. :p

    • Mark Manypenny says:

      Lucky13 just passed Easy Team this round to move to 3rd seed, which seems to be what realigned the brackets, but that should not happen in a playoff situation. TimTech really needs to work on their system, because NO WAY the Ubers deserve to be screwed by a system glitch.

      • Mark Manypenny says:

        I mean once the brackets are set, that is that. What chaos would happen if the NCAA tournament operated this way?

        • sig says:

          hehe so true Mark… 🙂

          Would be good with some info atleast…

          around 5 hour since it happen… or more..

          I can understand people start wonder… but they dont dare ask it looks like 🙂

          Hope it get fixed…

  14. Howard says:

    I am happy that all the teams came to an agreement. This is a good move forward 🙂

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