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Round 2 – Now We Really Get To See Who Is Who

Round 2 – Now We Really Get To See Who Is Who

What a round! As always, the first round of the playoffs lived up to it’s billing and while some of the powerhouse teams ‘took it easy’ we saw some very close matches that came down to some last minute heroics from the winning side.

Congratulations to Phoenix, Easy Team, Lucky 13, Uber Surfers, CSN, Surf-A-Holics Alpha, Journeyers, and Ultimate Surf Warriors for progressing through to the quarter finals.

Now it really gets interesting…

We see second round match ups as follows;


Be on the look out for that match up between Lucky 13 and Phoenix….I have a suspicion that might come down to the last second….

Good luck to all the teams and let’s have a fantastic Round 2!

2 responses to “Round 2 – Now We Really Get To See Who Is Who”

  1. Cheryl Fitzjohn says:

    we are not there now. so does that mean we can rest. adkeator. are there anymore active duals for us?

  2. Sig says:

    Really Interesting battles ongoing.

    Happy weekend all

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