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Round 1 – It’s Time To Shock The World!

Round 1 – It’s Time To Shock The World!

It’s here…And it’s about to get cRaZy!

Round 1 of the playoffs are here and it’s about to get very active in the land of CTP Teams.

We’ve got some great match ups for the first round and while there are some clear favorites, we will see if a dark horse underdog can shock the world.


Clear favorites like Cash Surfing Network, Surfaholics Alpha and Lucky 13 are for sure going to put up some epic numbers, but will this be the season that Easy Team finally takes it all?

Phoenix vs Beginners & Winners is my pick for the Round 1 battle to watch. This could be a potential final four team, whoever gets out of that first round.

Newcomers Hulk Smash Hits Surfers are entering their first ever playoff and will for sure be putting up a great fight.

Good luck to all the teams and remember, Round 1 begins….Now!

5 responses to “Round 1 – It’s Time To Shock The World!”

  1. Sig says:


    Let the Games begin!! 🙂

    Its going to Special “interesting” to see what a Hard Fight Surfer Sanctuary are going to Give the Alphas Team!!

    Pheew…will the Alphas be knocked out in 1st round??

    Good luck all.. 🙂

  2. Carl Davies says:

    Living Wealthy, Living Wealthy… Let’s go guys!

  3. Howard says:

    It feels good to be back on the Uber Surfers team again go UBERS TOOT

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