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Meet The Players – Renee Vorbach

Meet The Players – Renee Vorbach

Meet The (3)

Meet Renee! She’s one of the most dedicated and powerful surfers in the history of CTP Teams. And along with her squad, Easy Team, are focused each and every season to absolutely crush it. Let’s get to meet Renee and her Easy Team family….

1. You’ve been in the industry for a while now, how did you stumble upon CTP Teams and TimTech?

I started with EasyHits4U (seriously, who didn’t?) and a friend of mine, username Tecii, introduced me to CTP although at the beginning I didn’t understand the value of the “game” that y’all had set up to teach people HOW to learn and earn online. I surfed for fun but not really seriously as I felt I didn’t have the time to spend with so many other projects on my plate. I had seen teams on CTP, and, again, I really didn’t understand the value of them. Then Debra Chism dragged me, kicking and protesting, onto her team this past fall… I must say, she REALLY opened my eyes to what I had been missing….

2. You also had your start with hosting, how do you compare owning a traffic exchange to owning a hosting company?

Actually, I got my start as an owner back in April 2007 when I took over LucasLinks.com from the retiring owner, with multiple PTRs and PTCS after that. Some I rehomed, some I kept… lol…. Prior to that I had been a desultory clicker at sites too many to count. I got into hosting about 7 years ago, and that opened up a whole new world for me. I would say that hosting other people’s sites and owning my own TE are really one and the same… it is a BUSINESS that you must get your head around… When my business partner was alive, I was content to stay in the background and let him run the hosting business. Afterwards, I realized the importance of branding and showing yourself to be an honest and open person!

3. What is the most important lesson you have learned from your time with Easy Team and CTP Teams?

Cooperation and communication I think are the two most important lessons I have learned from ~Easy Team and CTP teams. As a part of a vibrant community, you are not the only person dedicated to winning… we all do our best every day…. Some days are better than other days, obviously, but when you are part of a group you can help each other on those “off” days.

4. Speaking of Easy Team, you guys are fired up each and every season, how do you keep your level of excitement so high and how important is it to have a winning culture on a team?

Easy Team has a motto.. “Family First” and that is how we see each other. We have committed to work as hard for the team as if they were family, but when our own personal families have needs, the rest of us pick up the slack! Our extended family is literally international.. our time zones stretch around the globe… our nationalities and our personalities may be different but Debra and the team members have found a way to make that work for us! Only six of our team are site owners so we get input from both surfers and owners when we decide what we want to do… and everyone has a vote!!

5. And finally, where do you both see the industry going within the next few years? What is needed to take this to another level?

I have seen online sales take off as brick-and-mortar stores get online, and online stores like Amazon.com (were they ever brick-and-mortar?) become the go-to place when you are looking for a product. I would like to see the TE industry become more advertising for products and services than the current focus on other TEs. But then there is the issue of policing MLMs and the problem of sites that promise the world if you will only become their affiliate… and when it fails, it leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth…

I think the only answer is more training (like the CTP’s training videos), more education on exactly HOW an online business works, and people who are dedicated to getting it done correctly, no matter how impossible it may seem.

ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible… it is the probability that needs our work!!


Renee is one of the brightest stars inside the CTP Teams competition. Along with her traffic exchange Pistol Packing Mama, she’s been highly invested in CTP Teams and everyone in the community. A veteran in the traffic exchange world, she’s been a huge benefit to the entire competition and we’re honored to have her a part of the teams!

13 responses to “Meet The Players – Renee Vorbach”

  1. Its lovely to “meet you” Renee! I remember how you were skeptical of CTP Teams and was totally surprised that Debra talked you into joining ~Easy Team. You certainly became a highly dedicated team player in what seemed to be overnight but I’m sure it probably wasn’t. I know I’m on an opposing team but its a pleasure to know you!

    • Hi Leone… yes, I really WAS skeptical at first… I remember being on “work teams” in school projects and I was always the one doing all the work!! lol… Debra caught me at a vunerable moment and wouldn’t let me say NO… even when I screwed up as a “team newbie”.. lol

  2. Sunny Suggs! says:

    Yay Renee! Texas makes good TE people!

  3. I think Jon is being too effusive in his praise of my efforts… without my team mates I would be just another surfer.. and while MY name is at the top of this… without my ~Easy Team partners, I would have no claim to fame.. Thank you ET teamies!!!

  4. Great reading and thanks for sharing Renee 😉

  5. Sig says:


    Interesting. And allso I gotta say Your Site has taken me by Storm…

    I dont know what it is… but I find it nice to be at, to surf at, and yes Advertise at!

    Much Success with PPMama – and CTP


  6. I knew the minute I saw Pistol Packing Mama, that I had to get to know the owner better. Renee is dedicated, caring and very motivational and I appreciate the fact that she believes in sharing knowledge and each others expertise. I’m very pleased to have the opportunity do promo’s with her and compete with her from another CTP team. Thanks Renee for all your hard efforts and your friendship too! You are greatly appreciated!!

  7. R. Van Sky says:

    Congrats Renee, well deserved. Great getting to know you a bit! All the best

    • Thank you Rip!! I know that I enjoy reading about the others that Jon has profiled. Some I have done promos with and some are just faces in chat. Networking like this can only make us all stronger!!

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