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Season 7 Is Here…Everything You Need To Know

Season 7 Is Here…Everything You Need To Know

It Starts Tonight.....

Huge Update: The Season Starts At Noon, July 7th….

Here we go….We’re fired up and ready to rock! It starts on the 7th day, of the 7th month and it’s our 7th season….Here’s the rules for the season and some important changes to qualification, scoring and team based play:

SEASON 7 START: July 7th 12pm EST



PRIZE POOL: $1000 + $1 each win

Teams are collecting Points

There will be a playoffs like previous seasons, except this time your placement will be based on team points NOT the win loss record. Every day teams can collect points, whether they win or lose the competition for the day the points count towards the playoff placements.

The Point Breakdown

One point will be given for every 3 vault games, 7 sub games, 5 eggs, or 1 million XP collected. The points for the team are based on an aggregate total of all qualified team members. So if a member is qualified and completes 1 vault game, another team member can complete 2 more to score a point for the team.

To Qualify

Every day at 12 AM EST a “new day” begins. To Qualify you must complete Tier 3 of the Daily Challenge plus 3 sub games and 3 vault and key games. Once this happens any XP you’ve earned while unqualified will be released and added to your team total, and any sub games, vaults, or eggs you collect will start to count towards your team.

The Daily Challenge Multiplier

There are 5 tiers to the Daily Challenge. If you complete 1 tier, your vaults will count as one. But if you complete 2 tiers every time you complete a vault you’ll be adding TWO to your team total. Complete all 5 tiers and you are now adding 5 vaults every time you play!

The Season Pass Multiplier

This seasons’s special multiplier will be sponsored by Justin, Tim and Jon….It’s the CTP Season Pass Multiplier! It works exactly like the Daily Challenge multiplier except it applies to everyone on your team. Grab a Season Pass through this link and we’ll give your team a 7x multiplier…

To claim your bonus League Pass multiplier – Click here and it will credit your account. If not, then send in a support ticket with your confirmation email. We’ll credit you as soon as we get your information!

The Daily Competitions

Every day you’ll be playing against another team to see who can claim the most points for the day. The team who wins will receive $1 towards their Team Cash, and will score 10 bonus points towards their playoff placements. On Sundays the bonus points will be 10% of the points collected for the day.

We hope you guys are as excited as we are for the upcoming season! With these small changes, we hope to cater to even more surfers and promo partners to take CTP Teams to a whole new level….Get ready, we get started July 7th!

20 responses to “Season 7 Is Here…Everything You Need To Know”

  1. R. Van Sky says:

    Terry, they aren’t giving away free food here, unreal

  2. Hi. I am a SurfAholic…I want some damn pudding…especially banana pudding…ROFLMAO

  3. Lynn M says:

    It does start at reset tonight right? It says 12pm at the top but I think you meant 12am 😉

  4. Debra says:

    Does subscribers still count?
    and what about the Badge Hunt Points?

    Thanks For a clear insight for the season.

  5. Suzanne Howarth says:

    I was also wondering if subscribers still count…

  6. Vitaly says:

    It would be excellent if players who will make to the leaders table got some prizes.

  7. Kathy Dyer says:

    Getting my coffee ready – it is almost Noon

  8. Jon Olson says:

    GAME ON!!!!!!

  9. Maya says:

    Hey guys,

    wish you all the most success for season 7!

    one question…what is the Legacy bonus and how do you get it?
    The link that should give me the answer doesn’t do so LOL

  10. Sig says:

    Lets Get this Show on the Road!!

    Much success and Respect folks!!


  11. Just announced to my team. WTG Jon and Teams!!!

    Have Fun!

  12. Mary Goble Thomas says:


    After purchasing my season pass through the link I did not get the bonus 5x multiplier mentioned in this blog post, so I sent a support ticket as requested. I got this response “Season pass multiplier is 7x” – what am I missing?

  13. Mary Goble Thomas says:

    Ok, I see where I got confused – there was an error where it said in the blog post above “Grab a Season Pass through this link and we’ll give your team a 5x multiplier…” – I see you have now corrected that – thanks.

  14. well talk about dead season …even on blog about the season.
    mainly 12 teams playing out of 40..
    hard numbers that speaks of what people Really think of this.
    Most points is earned anyways by tE owners and combined with 80 000 % listbuld bonus.(in a TE world hehe funny)..its pretty much unbeatable..

    • Jon Olson says:

      Thanks for that positive feedback Ole, how about we come up with suggestions on how to improve things instead of saying how dead it was. Do you have suggestions? How about adding those….

  15. Meredith says:

    IMO… I think the subscriber bonus removed would level the playing field a bit seeing as many teams have % in thousands. Maybe some separate bonus/contest for that?

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