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Meet The Players – Leone Marziano

Meet The Players – Leone Marziano

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Meet Leone! Member of Lucky 13 and one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met in the traffic exchange industry. Not only a dedicated team player, Leone is the proud owner of one of the hottest new traffic exchanges on the net – TE Search. Let’s dive in and meet Leone Mariano…

1. What first attracted you to online business and how did you stumble upon CTP?

I’ve been doing something online for many years, starting back in 2004 when I was a Herbalife Distributor and looking for free online advertising. In 2012 my husband and I joined a direct sales company that I was trying to market online and I stumbled upon other online stuff again. I joined a site called The 10K Challenge which taught safelist advertising and it was from there that I came across CTP and Traffic Exchanges. I really only dabbled for a while and didn’t dedicate myself to learning properly.

When I fell pregnant with my younger daughter Abby I was extremely tired and quit all online marketing. It was when she was around 4 months old I was tired of playing Facebook games and decided to look at safelists again. I joined a program that I wanted to promote, then I remembered CTP and behold my account was still there! I got hooked on surfing, met up with Kris Rogers on SocialSurf4U teams and she asked me to join Stray Team Bee (Phoenix). That started my obsession with all CTP 

2. Being a newer traffic exchange owner, what has been the main difference you have found from being a surfer into becoming an owner?

A lot of other owners will probably say the same that you have to find the balance between being a surfer and being an owner. What you want to get as a surfer is not always what is wise to give as an owner. You need to look at your branding as I when I first started a few other owners was not aware that I owned the site. One of the main things is not to market anything but your site outside of your site. I know if I do this I will get told off by Sunny! Something else that I have learnt as an owner is that whenever I complete a promo with other sites I select credits for the reward, not cash. The more credits I can have to promote my site the better!

3. How important is the culture that was developed in the teams like Lucky 13? Do you see the impact of the team building being a factor for years to come?

The team culture is a huge factor in where I am today. CTP Teams create the right atmosphere for networking that is required to build the “know, like and trust” that is required in our industry. I’ve found that I have a competitive streak in me and I love the playoffs and will to whatever I can to help the team out. I hope that CTP maintains the team surfing, it provides a great environment for surfers and owners alike. As an owner I was really happy with the format of last season and would like to know that I can have some place like CTP Teams to help me keep building my site.

4. You balance a lot. Team play, traffic exchange ownership and family life. How do you keep up with everything on top of being in Australia which has a different time zone from the rest of the world?

I have to credit a lot of what I do online to my husband. He gripes at me at times over the amount of hours I spend online with my “virtual friends” but he contributes a lot around the house and understands that I am working very hard to build up my business for our future. The funny part is my kids know where Mum’s place is – on her computer chair. Abby my youngest gets distressed when she can’t find me there. Emma my elder daughter who is almost 6 knows a lot of my marketing friends by name and she likes to be involved with my works sometimes.

Being in Australia has its advantages most of the time. Reset is 2pm here at the moment, and when the US finishes their daylight savings we start ours and it is 4pm. I don’t have to sit up all night waiting for reset so I can make changes to my site. The downside comes when the Plus1 show is on 4pm EST, which is 6am here. Sometimes I can make it, but mostly I’m hoping to be asleep.

5. If you had to spend 2 minutes with a brand new player, what advice would you give them if they are just getting started in CTP Teams?

Make sure you have skype as most of the teams communicate via skype. Network with your team mates and get to know them a little. Most team players will go to their team mates when they are looking for referral links for new sites they want to become a member of.


Leone’s traffic exchange TE Search is a huge supporter of CTP Teams and all the competitions that take place. It regularly hosts the sub games and numerous Vaults as well. You can connect with Leone here or drop her a line while surfing TE Search!

5 responses to “Meet The Players – Leone Marziano”

  1. Sunny Suggs! says:

    Great choice Jon – and great job Leone! YES I will jump on you when you’re promoting something besides YOU!

    Leone is absolutely one of the hardest working people – I love her dedication to her sites – and still is able to do all of the family stuff. She’s fantastic!

  2. Nice to meet you Leone

  3. Linda Mayer says:

    Hi, Leone! Good job on your interview!

  4. Great interview… Love learning more about Leone!!

  5. Tim says:

    Nice expose. Great Owner And over all class act . Awesome part of our community

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