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Meet The Players – Boris Petricevic

Meet The Players – Boris Petricevic

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Meet Boris! He’s a unique dude. We like to think of him as the human Google and if you’ve been to an Plus 1 Daily shows you’ll understand why. He’s a wealth of knowledge, a funny guy and leader of one of the most storied teams in CTP history…Let’s meet Boris Petricevic

1. What first attracted you to online business and how did you stumble upon CTP?

Somewhere in 2011 I started researching ways to monetize a few websites I owned at the time. I used Google Adsense, but it couldn’t be used on iFrame pages. I did the sensible thing, looked at what my competition was doing, and found one of them was promoting 247TrafficPro (now Hit Link). I joined, poked around a bit, found something called “Downline Builder”, which among other sites had Tezak Traffic Power in it. Thus, the stage was set for my joining CTP.

But not yet…

For quite some time I surfed only Hit Link and TTP all while being annoyed by the fact that this Tony guy is trying to force me to get this thing called “Blue Bomb”, and he was persistent… every 35 pages… “here you go… take the blue bomb”.

After couple of months I decided to take it (in the hopes he’ll stop offering them to me). Heh,… I was oblivious. 😉

That’s the way I entered the CTP. I did ignore it for some more, and when I decided to give it a try it was “when I don’t have something better to do”… This phase lasted until the formation of CTP Teams. That’s the point I got the chance to work with people I admired and the point I immersed myself in CTP and this industry.

2. You’ve embraced being the voice of the Badge Hunts on your blog when they take place. What have you learned from not only covering the hunts but also from the different people that have taken part in them?

What I learned early on, after first badge hunt I hosted badge in is, that knowing what is the best way to use your badge and actually using it that way are two different things. I also learned, especially during this hunt, that dropping the ball is easy, catching it again is hard.

3. Lucky 13 is a very tight knit group of people, what has been the best part of being the leader of this legendary CTP team?

It still looks silly to me when I see “leader” next to my name, knowing that all of the members is what made this team legendary. The best part… the bragging rights of being part of this team! And the captain’s chair is very, very comfy. 😉

4. You’ve been involved in the traffic exchanges for some time, what do you think we all need to do to take this industry to a whole other level?

That’s tough one to untangle. The thing that comes to mind most often is, forcing people to comit to making their own advertizing, listbuild, promote their OWN websites. When they are personally invested in what they promote, they will see beyond “surf for penny” and this industry will flourish.

5. If you had to spend 2 minutes with a brand new player, what advice would you give them if they are just getting started in CTP Teams?

Choose the team you like, be active in their Skype group, if they don’t have one start it, get to know the people. Strategize together, and most of all, HAVE FUN!


Boris has become a leader not only with Lucky 13 but also inside the CTP community. His regular contributions to the CTP Badge Hunts have been outstanding and he’s a guy that takes part in all events, across the board. Leading by example, Boris is one of the true ‘good guys’ in the industry!

11 responses to “Meet The Players – Boris Petricevic”

  1. Sunny Suggs! says:

    Way to go Boris and Jon! The best thing about the teams has been getting to know people – it’s like we were FORCED to get to know them – and getting to know Boris has been one of my highlights!

    (However… I’m going to put super-glue on Boris’ Captain’s chair!)

  2. Lynn M says:

    Yay Boris! Boris has been indispensable to Lucky 13 from Day One – his wealth of knowledge (we like to call him “DeChuckapedia” LOL) has been invaluable and, along with L13 founder Tom Wacker, Boris has absolutely been “the brains” behind the Lucky 13. After Tom stepped down & then myself, Boris was the obvious choice for third person to take on the Leader position and it was pretty much unanimous among the active membership that he should be, and he has been super as I knew he would.

    And he’s a wonderful good guy with one of the best senses of humor I have ever had the pleasure of being around. Every CTP Teams team should have a Boris… but I’m glad he’s ours! Go Lucky 13! 🙂

  3. I agree with Sunny and Lynn…. Boris is always there for me. I have plenty of questions… as the team knows…and he is there to help. We have the best team in this community. We work as individuals but yet when push comes to shove, we are a team to recon with under Boris’ leadership… Thank You Lucky 13

  4. Great to read Boris 🙂 WTG on it all

  5. Congrats Boris!!! You are a very smart guy!

  6. John Chapman says:

    Always there to help me He gave me more encouragement to get more badges .When I got his badge he sent me the schedule when you could find them GREAT

  7. Elina Balashova says:

    Boris is simply the best! 🙂

  8. R. Van Sky says:

    Nice interview, it is great to learn more about you Boris. Have a nice big piece of cake and don’t share with Sunny.

  9. Good interview. Love the way your describe your fall from grace into the tribe of CTP and all the mad goings on.


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