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Bigfoot Badge Hunt Winners

Bigfoot Badge Hunt Winners

And The Winners Are......

Wow, what an epic event! Our off seasons here at CTP Teams are quite enjoyable including our most recent Badge Hunt where we awarded $500 in real cash prizes to these awesome sauce members below;

  1. Elina Balashova $70 tied for 1st
  2. Jo-Anne Muller $70 tied for 1st
  3. Candis Luther $15
  4. Leone Marziano $15
  5. Paul Wharton $15
  6. Rip Van Sky $15
  7. George Nikolis $15
  8. Tony Calabrese $15
  9. Deborah Cook $15
  10. Stephen Whittle $15
  11. Kathy Dyer $15
  12. Colleen Fitten $15
  13. John Novak $15
  14. Nancy Radlinger $15
  15. Hanumantha Rao Krishna Sridhar $15
  16. Mahaboobbasha Syed $15
  17. Brenda Broyles $15
  18. Ellyn Weber-Bynum $15
  19. Monty Ferbert $15
  20. Javier Godoy $15
  21. Karen Rowney $15
  22. Tracy Jupp $15
  23. Lynn M & Brian Cullen $15
  24. Kerri Foster $15
  25. Adi Calin $15


Congratulations to not only our winners but everyone who took part in this badge hunt, without you this wouldn’t be any fun to do so THANK YOU!! We’re getting ready for Season 7 in a few short weeks….Get ready, we’re about to take CTP Teams to a whole other level this time around….

Let’s rock!!!!!

12 responses to “Bigfoot Badge Hunt Winners”

  1. Lynn M says:

    Congrats to all the winners! Funny thing that occurred to me when I found out I was in the Top 25 – I really didn’t even try that hard (I ended with 92 of 181 badges) and still wound up 23rd.

    I didn’t surf for ANY of the many TimTech promo badges, and I didn’t get any of the badges that required a purchase except for one of Legacy’s, which was for a renewal of a monthly subscription I’ve had for ages anyway.

    I also skipped all the badges that required surfing more than 500 pages and most of the ones that required more than 200-250. All in all I just didn’t make all THAT much effort in the hunt.

    I only bring all this up to illustrate that it would have been super easy for virtually anyone else to end up in the Top 25 with a little more effort. Even just doing several of the daily TimTech promos for those promo badges would have vaulted plenty of folks into the Top 25.

  2. Stephen Whittle (swhomebiz) says:

    To follow up Lynn’s point….I’m a part timer these day and I was 10th? WOW! This thing’s so easy that even I can do it, LOL. So can you. Take our comments as a challenge next time around.

  3. Yeahhhhhhhhhh to all the winners and what a fun event. Like Lynn I am surfer and they were fun to look for and get. I had set a challenge goal for myself just to see if I could get 100 and yeahhhhhhhhhhh I did.

    The best part that I got out of this was all the credits, banners & text impressions for advertising my baby, Zaney Clicks. There were some great sites that participated in the event and were places that I surf already.

    Being a blogger, I also got to subscribe to others blogs that have the same interest as me. As an internet marketer, I’m always reading and adding little tips to what I am already doing – so these extra blogs that I subscribed to was a nice bonus also.

    Bottom line – if you have never done one of these hunts, you should try it you might be surprised the extra benefits that you find. WTG again to all the winners.

  4. WTG all winners !! well deserved and good money won 🙂

  5. This Badge Really Rocked and those clues where really cleaver thank you for at least

    Making them so I could google the clue’s as A lot of them clue’s where math based.

    The people hosting the badges had some really challenge based clues I learned A lot

    Hunting for these badges looking stuff up on google to crack the codes.

    Congrats to all the Winner’s for taking part in a great game this badge hunt season.

    Can’t wait for the next one.

  6. Sig says:

    Congrats all! 🙂

  7. Congrats to the winners!!!

  8. Elina Balashova says:

    Is there some info regarding prizes? I have heard that it has been paid out, or even that it has been added to CTP commissions, but haven’t heard that anyone has seen any of it yet :).
    Or is it going the same way as the last badge hunt?

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