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Meet The Players – Candis Luther

Meet The Players – Candis Luther

Meet The

Meet Candis Luther – The Grandma Nerd! One of the pivotal players in Team CSN and someone who has not only embraced the CTP community but also the power of personal branding.

1. What first attracted you to online business and how did you stumble upon CTP?

I have worked regular jobs until I was told I would never work again. I’m not one to be idle with my time. I had to do something. I invested in a computer and started my search for something I could do working from home. I thought I would do data entry or something like that. While searching the internet,after filling out several survey forms, I found a program that seemed to fit for me. I was very out going so making calls and talking to prospects was perfect for me. That was 2005..

Move forward to 2011 I discovered CTP while looking for ways to advertise whatever MLM I was doing. ( I failed at many…. ).

Then as uncertain life issues happened over time, I was finally able to get back to what I wanted to do the most, in Sept 2015 which was work from home online. This brought me back to CTP. still in my email box…The training is something I decided I really needed if I was going to succeed That began a whole new journey for me

2. You’ve been really embracing recorded videos and list building with your squeeze pages, what is a stumbling block you got over that seems to handicap most newer marketers from using these tools?

I think that one stumbling block is the fear factor. How will I look? Will I get laughed at? Did I say the right thing? etc.. It takes me about 3 hours to put together just one 30 sec video. But I did it. I told myself if I let what every person thinks about me keep me from doing these things, then I will never make it in this business. and it will never grow. Honestly, I still stumble, but the end result of seeing my business grow is well worth it.

3. How do you combine your efforts with CSN / the team competition and building your business and brand as the Grandma Nerd?

Wow, this is a big question. CSN team has been awesome. I think being on a team is very important. Being in the competitions helps me push myself to the next level. It helps me see where I need to improve ( and yes i seem to get very competitive.. LOL I didn’t know I was like that ), I try to see what folks are looking for and hopefully in the long run help others to build there business. I meet and get to know like minded people that I can and have learned from.

Building my brand The Grandma Nerd at first was simply something my grand kids called me. Not owning a TE, or site and wanting to get something out there for my affiliate marketing.. that’s what I went with. I got a lot of positive feed back and although sometimes embarrassed, I stuck with it I put that on a blog, finally put out a video with it ( and a personalized badge ) and now my business is growing as that is how folks are making the connection with me. and my brand.

4. You are very active in chats, the live seminars and Skype groups….Why is important for you to be visible and grow with this community?

This is very important to me because if I don’t get involved or take action with fellow marketers, then how will I grow. I think everyone in this business has something to bring to the table.. I for one don’t want to miss anything.. and also being there, I’m not an invisible person doing this alone. I get a lot of support from the community and enjoy supporting others as well. There is not a day that goes by that i don’t learn something

5. If you had to spend 2 minutes with a brand new player, what advice would you give them if they are just getting started in CTP Teams?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions , make suggestion or make a mistake.. Get to know your team mates . They are there for you and as you grow and learn you will be able to be there for them and for new players as well. Be yourself , never give up.. and have lots of fun along the way.


Candis has been a huge part of the community a great contributor to the shows at Plus 1 Daily! She’s also a blogger and has one of the most popular blogs in the traffic exchange world. If there was a definition for action taker – Candis would be the shining example of it!

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  1. Way To Go Candis!!! You don’t look like a grandma to me 🙂

  2. AWESOME Candis…. U go girl…..


  3. R. Van Sky says:

    Awesome Candis! Keep rocking it.

  4. Great interview. Thanks Candis for your insights and willingness to share.


  5. Scott Rohn says:

    Awesome Candis Your doing Awesome stuff.

  6. R. Van Sky says:

    Candis continues to get herself out there.

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