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Meet The Players – Rip Van Sky

Meet The Players – Rip Van Sky

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Meet Rip! Rip’s one of the most vocal surfers in the competition and if you have spent anytime at the Legacy Hour daily show, you will know this guy is a fun loving dude who LOVES to be a part of the community….Let’s meet Mr. Rip Van Sky!

1. What first attracted you to online business and how did you stumble upon CTP?

I graduated college with a major in communications in 1991. Shortly after graduation and having interviews with the major players in the Chicago market, I started working at schools in the area as a substitute teacher and coach and later security. I loved it and never really pursuing the radio thing.

Around 2004, I started podcasting and doing internet radio type activities when platforms made it easy to do so. As time went on, when I didn’t have any football coaching jobs on the horizon, in 2009, this nut started to pursue starting an internet radio station of my own and thus my online business began.

While trying to drive more traffic and listeners to the station through a search on Google I discovered traffic exchanges and CTP. I figured what the heck I’ll give it a try and the rest is history.

2. If you could go back, what would be the one thing you would have done differently when you first got started?

Getting me out there more, granted there were some good reasons to hide behind a mask at the time, however, not reaching out to people and marketing me and my station from the beginning was probably my biggest and most costly mistake.

3. You have truly embraced live video with your daily appearance on the Legacy Hours show. How has this helped your personal brand and business?

It has helped immensely. People have gotten to know me and I think they like the person I am. The whole know like and trust factor is in full effect. You can not underestimate that.

4. What has been the best and worst experience from your time in CTP Teams?

Well for sure more great experiences than bad. However the best experience on CTP was the epic last minute wins in season one. They rank right up there with some of the greatest wins I have had as an athlete or coach.

The worst experience was finding out that Terry Allison hates socks but likes wearing socks and sandals.

5. If you had to spend 2 minutes with a brand new player, what advice would you give them if they are just getting started in CTP Teams?

First have fun, and learn while doing it. Focus on building your business above all else. The games will help you learn but it is the learning that is key. Also ask questions of the people in the industry that are successful. There is a reason why they are on the top.


Rip is a regular co-host of the Legacy Hours daily show and his own online radio show Full Gamut Radio! Member of the SurfAholics Alpha this is one of the most well known competitors with a big heart and an even bigger desire to crush it…Each and every day!

8 responses to “Meet The Players – Rip Van Sky”

  1. G’Day RIP, Nice to meet ya 🙂

  2. Sunny Suggs! says:

    Yay! Great choice for the interview, and great responses Ripface!

    Rip is absolutely one of the people to get to know in our community – he’s honest, hard working and fun. I’ve watched him time and time again give to this community and its members. It’s really a blessing having him with us.

  3. Brenda says:

    Has been a blast getting to know you and being on a team with you…. We have fun win or loose (as we never really loose) We are all winners when we do as u said and play the game for fun and use it to build our own business.

    And I just have to mention that RIP was Coach of the Year in his off line Job this year. Along with all he does online.

  4. Graham McCallum says:

    Great interview Rip and honoured to be a teamie with you on Surfaholics Alpha?☺

  5. Linda Mayer says:

    Super interview! An example of wonderful communication skills. Pleased to meet you, Rip! Wishing you all the best.

  6. R. Van Sky says:

    Thanks for all the kind responses. It means a lot! It is a pleasure to be here with you all everyday.

  7. Great interview Rip. Great advice to new people. Games are fun but you still need to do the training too. I’ve seen you quite a bit on video laughing a lot. Can’t help liking someone who laughs a lot.


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