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Meet The Players – Michael Dell

Meet The Players – Michael Dell

Meet The

I thought this would be a neat little series I would try to do every week for CTP Teams. This is about the PEOPLE and you guys are the lifeblood of this entire competition. It’s only right that we highlight the movers and shakers in CTP Teams and I thought we’d fire it up with one of the best guys in the business to start a new feature that we’re calling – Meet The Players.

Meet…Michael Dell, member of the two-time champions Cash Surfing Network!

1. What first attracted you to online business and how did you stumble upon CTP?

I first came online looking to make some extra money without having to leave the house. I took some Internet Marketing courses and started looking into what I wanted to promote and the many different ways of getting traffic online. I don’t remember exactly how I found them but I quickly found Traffic Exchanges and Safelist to be the perfect one two punch knock-out combo for affordable advertising. You get great branding, build your list or get signups in affiliate products without the risk of a huge investment like pay per click advertising, which was the most recommended form of traffic at the time.

How I stumbled upon CTP was kind of an accident lol. I was surfing not long after the launch of CTP, I had seen the splash pages becoming very popular in many of the TE’s I was surfing, but never stopped to see exactly what it was. At the time there wasn’t very many badges available yet, but I had tried to click on a few that caught my eye. The day I joined I was surfing Sweeva and kept seeing the little message notifications, so I clicked on one to claim the badge and it took me to sign up so I figured I would check it out. For some reason not even knowing for sure what CTP was I was compelled to take the OTO for the lifetime upgrade, and so the addiction of collecting badges had begun.

2. If you could go back, what would be the one thing you would have done differently when you first got started?

Focus on building ONE program, using it to build my list and not chasing after shiny objects.

3. CSN is a powerhouse and there are lots of conspiracies about how you guys win. What are some of the strategies people may be shocked to know that you guys use in your daily battles to win so many matches?

There is nothing really shocking about what we do, we communicate in our Skype room, the active people qualify daily and we have some very competitive people on the team. If every member on every team did their part every day the competition would be much closer. We all have the same rules to play by, TeamCSN isn’t doing anything that any other team out there can’t do, I guess we just want it bad enough.

4. What has been the best and worst experience from your time in CTP Teams?

To me the best experience is working with the great group of people on my team and the fun CTP Teams makes doing the daily tasks of building your business. Oh and winning back to back championships.

The worst part of CTP Teams I guess is the lack participation. Competition is great when people actually try, its kind of frustrating to play against a team that doesn’t even score a single point. Why be on a team or even a team if your not going to try? I mean its more then taking the championship, CTP Teams is set up to help you build your business so why not do the best you can?

5. If you had to spend 2 minutes with a brand new player, what advice would you give them if they are just getting started in CTP Teams?

Collect badges, qualify everyday, upgrade in Kore4, Rocketresponder and Track.me, use Rocketresponder to build your list for the highest possible multiplier and sign up for TimTech rewards program so you can trade your points for XP. Keep in mind that you are building relationships and the more you help your team the more you build your business.


Michael Dell is a fantastic example of someone who gets it! He takes part in all the promos, all the surfing competitions but is always building his lists and his own online business in the process. We can learn so much from a guy like Michael, it’s an honor to have him in the community!

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  1. Nice Concept
    I have always been in favour od the personal touch

    Hi Michael πŸ™‚

  2. Congrats Mike, nice interview.

  3. Graham McCallum says:

    Great interview Michael??

  4. NICE !! Michael. in ame boat, different oceans πŸ™‚

  5. Love the interview. Michael Dell is a great first choice. Lots of great info to apply even if you aren’t in a team at the moment.


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