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A Very Busy Off Season For CTP Teams

A Very Busy Off Season For CTP Teams

A Very Busy Off Season (1)

Wow, if you call this an off season we can’t wait to see how active it’s going to be for Season 7!

Only a little over a week ago we crowned CSN as the champs of Season 6 and even though it’s the off season right now, there is so much going on…

The Bigfoot Badge Hunt is live and we’re giving away $500 in real cash prizes! This time around we’ve got an extra special badge hunt in place for not only the badge sponsors but also our promo partners as well. Complete your exclusive gamecard every day by surfing the promo sites inside of ClickTrackProfit to unlock the badge for that day!

This will be a lot of fun and the promo partners should enjoy the bonus traffic while we’re in the off season…

Next up, we’re gearing up for Season 7 in a few weeks and the promos are almost already all booked. We saw traffic exchanges secure their promos and even invest for a FULL YEAR into you, the CTP Teams community…

Special thanks goes to Suzanne Howarth at Hits and List Cafe for securing her sub game every Friday for the next year. Wow! And there are so many other awesome people investing in YOU to make sure CTP Teams is here for the long haul….Thank you!

And finally, not to be outdone…We saw two huge launches these past few weeks. NewFire Marketing absolutely changed the game with the launch of TEPays.com and just recently the Legacy Team unleashed their brand new program – Legacy Result. (Don’t forget, you get a 5x Multiplier for joining Legacy Result under us…The bonus will be active for Season 7)

Seeing these two companies step up big and give a ton of value to the community and industry made us know, that traffic exchanges and the T.E. competitions of CTP Teams are here to stay!

Let’s have a great off season and get ready for Season 7!

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