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International Day Of Sweeva In Pictures

International Day Of Sweeva In Pictures

Yesterday was International Day of Sweeva and it was quite simply a tribute to the awesome sauce creativity of its members…and the CTP Teams members in particular.

Jon and I hosted the Sweeva Surf Party to mark the occasion and there were very many excellent, unique and super creative pages shown over the hour of the event.

Well done to everyone who took part in the celebrations for International Day of Sweeva and joined in with the fun. It was also great to see how many of you had fun with the “Patrick is Awesome” challenge which I set.

So here are some of the pages which caught my attention…

patrick and jon dept of awesome

Department of Awesome…love it.

patrick and jon are awesomepatrick griffin sucks

sweeva xp_giveawayPatrick is Awesome splash pagexp giveaway splash page rhonda

vote Sunny

And finally I asked if anyone would create a page containing animals dressed in clothes in honor of Jon’s long-suffering, but well-dressed ovendogs.

Well it is not exactly Puss in Boots but Nathan at least had a go at persuading one of his house cats to dress up for the occasion.

I think it was universally accepted that this must be one of the most unique AdKreator pages of all time. I wonder if the cat will ever talk to “Daddy” again?

daddy i am not talking

Whoa there. A talking cat? He should have his own Spreecast.

Thanks everyone for making the International Day of Sweeva surf party such an awesome event.

25 responses to “International Day Of Sweeva In Pictures”

  1. It was a lot of fun indeed seeing all the creativity in rotation.Well done everybody!I think we could say that not only Patrick and Jon are awesome but all the members are making the most awesome community online!

  2. There was a definite boost in surfing at Sweeva yesterday.

    I’m hoping to see this impact all surfing at Sweeva, not just the nights that there surf parties.

  3. Charlotte Ericson says:

    Great splashes everyone! I’ve been away in a cabin in the middle of nowhere faaaar away from any computers but atleast surfed Sweeva from my smartphone which has no flashplayer so I could not attend the Surf party. I did have a wonderful vacation with my family though.

  4. Well Sweeva is not a normal T.E. , is a unique place to advertise new launches, comment, review which you cannot do in other T.E.
    so wtg timtech and I see I fast timer today in sweeva also.

  5. Well Sweeva is not a normal T.E. , is a unique place to advertise new launches, comment, review which you cannot do in other T.E.
    so wtg timtech

  6. Sig says:

    Sweeva is Sweeva! And I love it!!

    But again its for people who want real Feedback, and its a place to really got a chance to show any videos advertisers, and marketers make…

    For those who just wanna rush click (its ok for me that some does..)
    Sweeva maybe not for them, but a real marketer should learn Sweeva and understand it.

    And yes many creative people out there indeed.
    Keep up the good work, and lets KEEP sweeva 😉

  7. Sweeva is Sweeva alright and I hate the timer,,,the timer dosent mean you have to leave after 5 sec…you can use as long time you want…but if you know the program and seen it 590 times before why the heck stay 29 sec to see it again …there ….otherwise it rocks !! lmao

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      Good point and that is why the really smart advertisers will continually refresh the content they put out there on Sweeva.

  8. Virginia says:

    I enjoy Sweeva. It’s not an exchange I normally do all day any more but it’s one of the few exchanges I tend to see some unique products and services offered. So like making a stop to surf some sites. It seems to generate creativity.

  9. Stephen Whittle says:

    Great surf party!

  10. Selya Rollins says:

    Nice to see a Sweeva party, great sites and tips.

  11. Karen Kuty says:

    LOL! Cat in a hat, awesome!

  12. steven schofield says:

    Great Sweeva Party , love the talking cat.

  13. Lynn M says:

    You missed Randy Sult’s page shown during the Sweeva party. The face on his Stinkin Badge pic that was on the page was also saying “Patrick is awesome!”

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      Sometimes the occasional page will get missed…especially when Jon and I talk for too long so thanks for pointing this out. 🙂

  14. Glenn Witmer says:

    Loved the Intl sweeva day

  15. Wow, way to go Lucky13.

  16. Patricia Dean says:

    Great surf party

  17. Raj G says:

    great moments captured….

  18. David McKay says:

    I logged into Sweeva expecting a new design and never got one.

    I then remembered that K4 members were already on the new design. Bit of an anti-climax. lol

    Great splashes and some fun had by all.

  19. john says:

    Sweeva is great enjoy surfing

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