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Season 6 Champions – Cash Surfing Network

Season 6 Champions – Cash Surfing Network


Wow, what a battle!

More point earned ever in the history of the competition as two power house squads battled it out….And one cam out on top.

Massive congratulations to John Novak and his Cash Surfing Network team!

They became two time back to back champions after a big win versus SurfAHolics Alpha. SAA’s didn’t go down without a huge fight and it took a last hour push from CSN to secure the win.

Both teams absolutely crushed it this season…

Congratulations to everyone who took place in Season 6 and as we go into the off season, we’ve got some exciting things on the horizon…First up is our brand new Badge Hunt which will be unlike any other badge hunt before it. You guys are going to love it…

And then, Season 7 will change the game once again. We can’t wait to show you guys what we have ins tore…..More money, more prizes, more challenges, more fun!!!

Enjoy the off season and we’ll see you in the Hunt!

7 responses to “Season 6 Champions – Cash Surfing Network”

  1. Looking forward to seeing the changes going forward Jon. Either way it’s been a great experience.

  2. That’s a nice “tease”, Jon…. can’t wait to see the new tweaks!!

  3. Graham McCallum says:

    Well done CSN on your back to back win – thoroughly enjoyed battling with you :)??

  4. Laura Kinnamon says:

    This season was a hugely enjoyable competition! I can’t wait to battle it out in Season 7. Thanks to Jon Olson and the CTP Crew for all they do to make the tournaments fun. Click Track Profit is a class act and we need to remember how lucky we are to be members here. Thanks again! Oh, and congratulations to CSN for a massive victory! 🙂

  5. Congratulations CSN Team !! fun as always 🙂

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