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Round 2 Is Coming Down To The Wire…

Round 2 Is Coming Down To The Wire…

Round 2

With only a few hours left to go in Round 2, the competition is really heating up! There are some sneaky teams looking to catch their challenger sleeping, and some very close match ups that will literally come down to the final seconds…


SurfAholics Alpha vs. Ultimate Surf Warriors – Wow, what a showing! So far Surfaholics are crushing it but it’s anyone’s game in these final few hours…Do the Surf Warriors find their ‘ULTIMATE’ at the end of Round 2?

Phoenix vs. Uber Surfers – This is going to go down to the wire…The return of Walter Mulder has really fired up the Ubers but don’t let that guarantee a win. Phoenix are two time champions for a reason! This will be a heated contest until the final moments…


Beginners & Winners vs. Easy Team – My pick of the contest (Easy Team) looks like they have a healthy lead on B & W! But don’t let that fool you, no lead is safe in CTP Teams. I think Patsy Payne and company may have something planned as we go into the final few hours of Round 2…

Lucky 13 vs. Cash Surfing Network
– This is the match up of the second round!! This will literally come down to the final seconds and I think Lucky 13 has something to prove. They always seem to match up well against CSN and play them tough. Look out, it could get nasty…

Remember, the second round ends tonight at midnight eastern! Good luck to all the teams!!

16 responses to “Round 2 Is Coming Down To The Wire…”

  1. Patsy_j Payne says:

    ROFL, that dropping a bunch the last three hours was a PURE accident. However we have learned and will learn more …

  2. Congrats to all the winners. Good luck in the next round.

  3. Stephen Hall says:

    some team don’t stand a chance of winning like our team we don’t have the money to buy the extras to get xps *3 but we know how to surf a good game
    we only have three people surfing sometime four but we do our best and that’s all that counts.

    I have one comment to make about selfless owners like TERL’s Robert Arnold who
    willingly TOS People-out not the-programs, that’s unfair to us that work hard to present programs for the disabled like myself, because my program had 3 videos on it, even though you literaly had to scroll down to see them, plus click to play them. I fixed that easily, by splitting the program into ad with a button, to see the demo with videos on it.

    We cannot compete using TERL in subs, vaults, or even the daily.. That is totally unfair to hard working surfers like myself and my team the Jouneyers… Ok i’ve said my words, i have heard today from many unhappy people here at ctp about his ways tossing people not program that is unfair….

    • Jon Olson says:

      You should really take this up with Robert. Coming to this blog and complaining about him every time we make a post, is well…Not fair for our readers.

  4. Elina Balashova says:

    I didn’t want to write anything on this subject, but..

    Stephen, I understand that it can be very frustrating to get suspended. But TE owners build they programs and also make rules about using them. Those rules, or ToS, are there for a reason. Sometimes we also forget that TEs are one of the cheapest ways of advertising and most members do not have to spend a cent to get their ads seen. So, mostly, following ToS is one of the few things that is being asked by owners.

    Also, Robert Arnold is one of the best programmers out there, so if he stated in his ToS not to advertise something on his site, then it is so for a good reason. He is also a brutally honest person, probably only one of a few, so posting something like you did, will only work for newbies who do not know him yet. Not sure what are you trying to achieve with this. Not that it is any of my business, actually, but it is just sad to read…

    • Stephen Hall says:

      ok i just wanted all to know that he treats people unfairly, i did not purposly go against his TOS it was an oversite that has been dragged out of perposion like i said before my site did have three videos on it yes but they did no show up unless you scrolled up two screens and even then you had to click on them to play them… i don’t see his problem i fixed the file to show the ad only and a button if someone is interested… what you don’t understand is i am a disabled veteran in a vets hospital trying to make people with disabilities happy again, it works… No other site has treated me this way i am in around 300 plus TE’s with no complaints so what the problem ?

      I have talked to several TE owners who don’t like him either so started their own TE because they were mad at him so i’m not alone here i’m not naming names that would be unfair but i tell the truth sorry to blab this out but people have a need to know before they get suspended ok….

  5. Elina Balashova says:

    And as Jon said, this isn’t a place.

  6. Elina Balashova says:

    People start their own TEs because they are mad at someone? That is awesome 😀

  7. Elina Balashova says:

    I think we found a reason why so many TEs close so soon – owners just stop being mad at someone :D.

    • Jon Olson says:

      1000000% agree. This is crazy and I spent 20 minutes today removing comments on various CTP Profiles today….Move on, nothing to see.

      • Stephen Hall says:

        sorry but i quit harping on it but on another front were is my KORE4 status on here it’s not showing up even thought it shows paid by both the bank and my paypal account please fix it soon so i can promot it and get downlines, i think i am still on Nick team and maybe dualbrutos too shared but not sure now but it is paid ok fix it

  8. Stephen Hall says:

    ok everyone it’s over no more comments on u know who, but as it goes the journeyers are going to make a big splash as we are winning most of our duel we have only lost one so far this month at we got beat by only a few points watch out for us in the next season we will be in the lead, i feel it coming and makeroom for us in the next season as we regroup and get some real players involved…. i love ctp and most everyone knows me for saying what i think but ok i will stop that now because i am getting some money soon and will be looking for investments here to build my business up and help others too…
    I am an NLP consultant and have help many people get over problems and find new solutions to make their lives better… see i really not a bad guy after like everyone has treated me very nice here and i respect my friends here alot
    team spirit is what make it fun to surf here not rivalry or being intimidated or teased, so lets all try to get along here ok i’m done ok i may just start my own TE soon too….

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