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Wanna Win This Season? Here’s How…From The Experts!

Wanna Win This Season? Here’s How…From The Experts!

How To Win At CTP Teams!

I had an idea for today’s blog post…Everyone is focused on winning this season’s playoffs and as Round One comes to a close I thought I would ask the surfing experts in CTP Teams how they step up huge each and every season. Here are 5 answers from some of the leaders in the competition…

Brenda Broyles said simply – “Work as a team! Make sure you communicate each and every day and you’l accomplish some very big things…”

Rip Van Sky added – “Surf where the XP is! Focus on those traffic exchanges that give out the most CTP XP!”

Ken Locatelli stated – “Support the sponsors of the playoffs and daily promos! Make sure you complete the Daily Challenge first and then focus on those that support YOU!”

Andrew Matthews suggested this – “Once you are qualified, the best place to concentrate on is where the Golden Eggs of XP are! This is a difference maker!”

And Sunny Suggs ended with this, which I think is the most important suggestion of all – “Remember to have FUN!”

The first round is coming to a close and the teams are going all out to move onto the next round. Using these suggestions for this round, future rounds and the next season I think you will all get a lot more form your experience in the competition.

Good luck in the second round!!!!

4 responses to “Wanna Win This Season? Here’s How…From The Experts!”

  1. Hi. My name is Terry Allison. I am a SurfAholics Alpha. ROFLMAO I love the SurfAholics!!! Go SurfAholics! Go! Go! Go!

  2. Chris Deffenbaugh says:

    Win the lottery first so you can afford all the perks here.

  3. Scott Rohn says:

    Has Anyone seen my Dog? Anyone

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