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Round One Update – The Teams Are On A Roll

Round One Update – The Teams Are On A Roll

Round One Update

What a start to the first round! All 16 teams are stepping up and taking action and while we are approaching 24 hours into the first round, we are starting to see some teams pull away, some match ups are still up for anyone to win!


SurfAholics Alpha vs WealthBuilders – This is a David vs. Goliath match up! While Wealth Builders have had superior showings in the past few seasons, this seems to be an off season for the once powerhouse of a team. Can Evelyn fire up her troops to take out Terry and his team? The next 24 hours will show us a lot…

Ultimate Surf Warriors vs. Ajay Team – This match up could be one of the last minute victories as both of these teams had great seasons and are on the path to some big things down the road. Do we see if Ajay Team can make up the ground needed to take the victory away from U.S.W.?

Phoenix vs. In To Win – This has the potential to be the first round match up that everyone has been waiting for! Phoenix is fired up because of the lost last season and In To Win is on a mission to become a powerhouse team in the competition. Let’s see how this one ends up…

Uber Surfers vs. AdKreator – Walter’s back!!! I have to admit, I’m slightly excited to see the founder of the Ubers back in the mix and let’s see if his return to the competition beings back the Ubers to former glory. Barb and AdKreator are standing in the Ubers way tho….


Renegades vs. Beginners & Winners – This could be one of the most exciting match ups of the first round. B & W’s are firing on all cylinders and of course, David McKay and the Renegades are no easy match up. This could go down to the last second…

Easy Team vs. Lucky 13 Too – Easy Team is on a mission to win their first competition and become CTP Team Champions! Lucky 13 Too is in their way and are a tough first round match up. Things should really start heating up in the back half of this first round…

Lucky 13 vs. Journeyers – The parent team to L13Too is in tough vs Journeyers….Dualberto has his team rocking and we shall see if they have what it takes to knock off one of the original teams in the competition. Good luck to both teams!

Cash Surfing Network vs. Enjoy Spirits – The champs are back!!!! CSN is rocking and unless Enjoy Spirits pulls out a quick miracle, CSN looks poised to move to the second round.

All in all, the first day of competition is heated up and everyone is fired up! Let’s see who can move onto the second round….Good luck to all!

5 responses to “Round One Update – The Teams Are On A Roll”

  1. Stephen Hall says:

    yea we did good even with trafficr not having mines till the afternoon
    we were ahead till about 4 pm then they must ha bought some xp’s to get such a leap on us they had six surfers we had 4 one gave up when bombs didn’t show up.
    We really are out ranked by that team but we did our best by just plain down home surfing no gimics no frills just clickin away that all…

    In still Mad a hell with Robert and his TOS rules My site didn’t even show a to video unless you scrolled up and even then you had click it to play it, yest there was three videos but no autoplay, he also told me i had a frame breaker, I never break frames that agaist all TE’s rules that i know i never use popup popunders or any trick just html standard code 2009 mostly don’t even use jave never learned it… Please support me on this my feeling and pride are hurt from this. Today 19 people told me he thinks he’s GOD of the TE’s go figure !!!! If I had the money I would buy him out .I am just a Vet almost homeless but not yet…

    • Scott Rohn says:

      You know what Stephen that’s a load of Bull. I’ve been watching you bitch and moan for the last couple of days. About how Robert banned
      you for breaking his TOS. Guess what dude you probably did. Instead of
      bitching about it in skpe and on numerous blogs. Why the heck didn’t you talk to him. And did I read right you had 3 videos on your ad.really

    • Stephen,

      All I’m gonna say is that your rants, even if they’re justified, are NOT appropriate here on this blog. You’re hijacking the CTPTeams blog….and to what end?

      If you want people to know, that’s fine. I’m even gonna go out on a limb and say there’s probably many in the community who agree with you….but you use YOUR OWN PLATFORM to voice these rants, not here. This isn’t a community forum but someone else’s blog.

  2. kolesov10 says:

    GREAT. Its so interesting, win EASY TEAM..

  3. Sig says:

    hmm mmmmhmmm…well so here we are…the “OUTSIDERS” who none even talk about.. yes thats the Ubers.

    I kinda am an Uber, since back when Walter did invite me…and I needed to slow down.

    Had a great time in Alphas when I was there from the start.. but I was planning to slow a little down.. But LOL Walter did “push” me… and made me make Ubers Mascot.

    And now I cant get away from Ubers, coz it is kinda a part of me… They have to Kick me to get me out of it.. Oh oh, Hope not Wenche, my Fellow Norwegian, and Uber Commander reads this.

    Anyway.. Now I got lost.. But Keep Rocking Teams. Let it be a Game of Fun. šŸ™‚

    Its been an interesting ride so fare… from Sea(life)son 1 till 6.

    And a lot of Drama… that allso sometime can be fun to follow. :p

    Timtechs – Keep Work on ya stuff! I find it interesting… and as Jon did say in an other Blog; We will keep test new stuff..and YES we will Fail.. but we will allso Grow. (Maybe not 100% as he said it, but on that Jon is Correct!) We all have failed, we all have had issues, TE Owners and other business owners all know that.

    Anyway I am still happy..and yes I allso get GRRR about stuff now and then.. but again.. : I allso as a TE-Owner get Tickets, that sometimes make me wonder.. But that is an other Story.

    But what the Heck am I really talking about here?

    Happy Surfin and battling all.

    All I wanted to say…and got sidetracked…totally!!
    mmmff.. I wanted to say:

    GOOD LUCK FOLKS! Please dont do to much Fighting in a Blog… I recommand to take it with the person, or the Site. Not in a Open place like this.

    I could make even YOU who does it look bad… or put in a bad light.

    Peace And Love šŸ˜€


    The Life and Adventure of a Viking site and Blog is allso up again.
    http://sigskeie.com (and it ait a business site.)

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