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The Playoffs Start Tonight! Who Will Win?

The Playoffs Start Tonight! Who Will Win?

CTP Teams Playoffs

Here we go….

The match ups are set!

The teams are fired up!

The cash prizes are on the line!

It all begins tonight at midnight….

Will Team CSN defend their crown? Will a sleeper team sneak up and grab the spotlight? Will Phoenix regain their elite status? Will EasyTeam finally get over the hump and take the crown?

There is so many story lines in these playoffs we can’t wait to see what will happen. Remember it all starts tonight for Round 1 at midnight eastern…

Let us hear who you think will win?

We are giving away a bonus cash prize to one member who correctly names the winner of these playoffs in the comments below….And for the first time ever…A cash prize for the MVP of the playoffs!

If you pick correctly on this blog you have the opportunity to win a cash prize ($25 directly into your CTP account)…As well, we will be giving away an MVP prize to the most valuable player in these playoffs ($75 cash for the MVP winner of the season 6 playoffs!)

Make your picks now and good luck to all the teams…

58 responses to “The Playoffs Start Tonight! Who Will Win?”

  1. As you know I already picked Easy Team to win it all. And I’m now picking In to Win to take Second Place.

  2. Easy Team will go all the way.

  3. Ken Locatelli says:

    I predict Lucky 13 for the win overall and CSN second πŸ™‚

  4. Stephen Hall says:

    I think Journeyers will win because we play fair we don’t use cruches like buying points or badge sponsoring we just play our best and hope for the best.
    PS i recently had a run -in with the Arnold, the Capain of lucky 13, he susspended me from his site TERL, not the url in question but me personally, all i asked him was a simple question what site was against his TOS? he took three days to finally tell me, I am an easy going disabled Vet and he doesn’t understand where i’m coming from here. He never sent me a notice that my site was wrong for his TE… Now we are enemies here, everyone else likes me I have been in CTP for 8 years now and never been treated this way i my life. I just made a mistake, im sorry, i just give up you can’t please someone that never listens to a simple question… he could have easily sent a message to me and suspended that site, like all other TE have done in the past….I agree with that always but not a big headed brat like him, he has no business treating people like me the way did. Sorry to let off my steam here, but thought everyone should hear my side of the story. Forgive me.

    • Tony Tezak says:

      Hi Stephen
      One correction to your post. The good owner, Robert Arnold, is not the Captain of Lucky 13. Got another guess? πŸ™‚
      Tony Tezak

      • Good Owner? That is a joke! I have has a very similar run in with Robert Arnold. He is a jerk

        • Stephen Hall says:

          Thank you Steven, and also say hi to tony too, you two are good people I always respected tony and never crossed the line ever with anyone in the whole TE circuit, i love that tonight, i’ll be flighing with Randy’s site, always appreciated him, we were great friends, we both had Air Force Service backgrounds, and we chatted a lot. He was a real hero, we’ll miss him. He loved what he did, more than life itself as you know… Tony might remember the race driver that started clickaholics and MoneyLeg many years ago he died doing what he loved to helping people find better lives his partner is still on the talk circuit and has a lot of training people how to do online business, see i go back over 20 years working TE before they called then that…LOL Momeylegs had 7 gears as their logo i cant remember all the site names, but i remember the gears i had them on my AOL website for years till AOL decided to make the web servers, into email servers and hometown came down in a flash, one night it was gone, all the AOL sites disapeared i remember it well…. i still have backups of the aol site on cd data discs… a friend phone me and said my site had crashed…. everybody lost everything music sites info sites personal blogs etc…

  5. My pick is Surfaholics Alpha. There are some really dedicated surfers there and now that it is now more surfer based with bonus xp for purchases only being able to be claimed on the day, they are my number 1 choice. CSN for second.

  6. Javier Godoy says:

    I bet for SurfAholics Alpha to win.

  7. ajay says:

    terry has done a fantastic job and i think SurfAholics Alpha will pip CSN this time

  8. ~EasyTeam all the way…. when the going gets tough, the tough get going… only the name is easy!!!

  9. Jon Olson says:

    I have a soft spot for Renegades…My original team…But I’m sticking to my guns and going to pick Easy Team as well πŸ™‚

  10. Stephen Whittle (swhomebiz) says:

    Don’t sleep on the Lucky 13 teams. Time for the cream to rise to the top!

  11. Gavin McLean says:

    Surfaholics Alfa to reverse the result of Competition 5.

  12. Lynn M says:

    I’ll pick CSN for the win πŸ™‚

  13. Okay. I am very biased! I pick SurfAholics Alpha! I love these people!

  14. Joe says:

    Still new here, so can I pick each team??? LOL

  15. I predict Team CSN will defend their title successfully.

  16. SAA for the win….. And most valuable player is the whole team…… I am so honored they took me in….

  17. What? No one is picking the Team that has won more playoffs than any other team? Sorry but when it comes to winning Championships it takes teamwork and cunning, no one does this better than Phoenix.

  18. I’m thinking SAA will make a comeback from last season with CSN in second πŸ™‚
    But it is definitely going to be fun to see how it all turns out..

  19. So hard to pick these things. My gut says CSN of course, but ehhhh why listen to that πŸ™‚

    I’ve always liked the underdog so I’ll go with #16 and pick Wealthbuilders for the upset.

    • So sweet of you to pick us Underdogs. I fancy us Renegades but that name was taken. LOl I too have a soft spot for the Renegades, and I just Love Easy Team so Maybe those two will fight it out in the end.

      Terry and the Alphas are a tough team to beat. So if the Wealth Builders can pull off the win in the first round; there may be some fire in there yet. That will make people nervous. I like that.
      I wouldn’t count out the Wealth Builders. (wink)

  20. Rob Paris says:

    Wow $25 to be won just for commenting well I did πŸ™‚

    But beside all that I am for sure going to be the proverbial crow watching this one go down.
    Good Luck To All.

  21. Rob Paris says:

    P.S. Go Lucky 13

    was that a prediction???

  22. Adrea says:

    I’ll pick SurfAholics-Alpha to WIN..

  23. Kshitij Bhanu says:

    My prediction is SurfAholics – Alpha. The Cash Surfing Network is the closest team who can get pass SurfAholics – Alpha. Still I think SurfAholics – Alpha will get the crown. Fingers crossed.

  24. I’m going to go with CashSurfingNetwork but Surfaholics-Alpha will push them to the line!

  25. Vitaly says:

    Dear CTP Owners!

    Please take a grip and stop screwing up! Also stop saying that you will continue to screw up in the future – that smells bad.

    Play-offs season is starting and what have we got? Here:

    Sheila Alexander
    blue key is not working

    hanumantha rao krishna sridha
    is any one gettting game piece at trafficr.us. i am not getting even after 150 pages

    • Jon Olson says:

      Here’s a fun fact:

      People PAY US to have their promos.

      We aren’t going to simply take them offline if things dont work right away.

      If they paid for a promo, they should have the chance to fix things.

      Other than that, I don’t smell bad, I shower twice a day πŸ™‚

  26. Three picks from me!
    My Wallet picks Lucky 13 to go all the way!
    My heart says Easy Team since they have so many great people!
    My head says Alphas with Terry and Brenda finally tasting the championship Champaign!
    Also I pick ROSY for MVP, whatever team she is on is always automatically a contender!

  27. Hi There!

    It seems that does not matter what team we pick… if the vaults and subgames do not work it is simply a waste of time. I guess someone should be watching these things, and fix it as soon it appears.

    Of course, the main teams appear as favorites, so it is a most unfair competition in which time is a great value and not all people can surf at the same time, nor getting the supposed multipliers to have any possibility to win.

    Best regards
    Dualberto Brito

  28. Giorgi says:

    Hi all,

    it’s simple, winner will be SurfAholics – Alpha


  29. libi says:

    i pick us to get to 3rd win πŸ™‚

  30. Scott Rohn says:

    I have my pick. Its on a little tiny piece of paper in my pocket.
    I’ll let everyone know if my pick was right as soon as the playoffs
    are over. Ha Ha Ha. Seriously my pick is CSN for the win

  31. Vitaly says:

    Just several hours into the game:

    The Cash Surfing Network

    2,740,950,069,281 XP

    It is in TRILLIONS now. Could someone explain : what is the point of killing a good competition and taking (“winning”) $500 first prize, when your team consists of several great TE owners which earn hundred times more???

  32. Olga says:

    Lucky13 winner! Great team! I am willing only win.

  33. Lisa says:

    I am glad to be a part of this. It is very exciting to see who will win. I like the competing part. Go Team Ajay. Good luck everyone.

  34. Anne Bergman says:

    My pick is CSN for the win

  35. Cheryl Fitzjohn says:

    I like to pick the team am in but i not sure. sorry. i pick easyteam too to win.
    have a great day.

  36. Graham McCallum says:

    I believe that SAA will pull the victory – great team players and an excellent leader to boot !!

  37. Giuseppe lanzara says:

    SurfAholic – Alpha has a good chance of winning. It’a great team. I point to her

  38. Maurice Steikert says:

    I donΒ΄t become the Blue Mine at Traffic R πŸ™

  39. bard says:

    xptasker.com will win

  40. Tim says:

    CSN has a bit of game but those pesky Alphas always eyeing for a spot….You dont have to be a big name program owner to put up huge numbers. Dont lose focus of what teams is all about….Its not just about winning a season its about what you do with all the things you gain.

    Pick~~~CSN just because it is senseless not to believe in this kick ass team

  41. anthony says:

    SAA will win thanks

  42. CSN wont win if SAA wins – so I go for SAA .the most active surfers !!

  43. David McKay says:

    It’s a hard one as I’ve not really paid attention to the race.

    Mmmm…..Hillary or Donald? I’m not sure….what, wrong thread? lol

    Ah, this is CTP. Okay, I’ll go for CSN as the winners.

    CSN have the upper hand with ultra bonuses but they do lack overall
    team surfers. Some other teams have almost complete team surfers
    but lesser bonuses……so let’s see what happens.

    SAA, Easy, Phoenix, Lucky 13………

    Enjoy. πŸ™‚

  44. gerald says:

    just enjoy the game

  45. Brandon says:

    CSN for the win

  46. Easy Team will win it!

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