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Season Ends May 8 Playoffs Begin May 12

Season Ends May 8 Playoffs Begin May 12

Season Ends May 8th at 11:59pm EST

Playoffs Begin May 12th @ 12:01am EST

Please note: This post contains crucial information for all team players. be sure to share this with your teammates before May 12th!

The Playoffs are about to begin, it will be tournament based like previous playoffs! Where team 1 faces team 16, team 2 faces team 15 and so on…

We are making sure our promo partners are a HUGE part of these playoffs so this is how we are scoring things;

– All match ups will be CTP XP based!

– The more promos you complete, the more of a multiplier you get for your team!

– You can get a maximum of 15x multiplier (5x for completing the Daily Challenge, 5x for completing 5 Sub Games and 5x for opening 5 Vaults)

– We listened to YOUR concerns and took away the 1 million XP per dollar spent at ListViral. Instead we evened it out across the board and every dollar that is spent from now on is worth 100,000 CTP XP. No matter which TimTech program you purchase at!

Here is the payout schedule for all winning teams…

1st Place – $500
2nd Place – $250
3rd Place – $125
4th Place – $125

And remember, your teams have been winning bonus cash all season long as well!

We hope you enjoy the playoffs and good luck to the Top 16 teams for making it to the tournament!

The craziness starts on May 12th at 12:01am!

5 responses to “Season Ends May 8 Playoffs Begin May 12”

  1. Elizabeth Davis says:

    Are there any more CTP failures to come? Having had 2x Sundays with failures for bomb & vault games (not today). Then the fiasco of this week(team I am in won on 2 May but they still show 22 wins in a row from other. KISS needed for future please

    • Jon Olson says:

      Not sure you can consider CTP Teams a failure, seeing that we’ve paid out well over $15,000 in prizes and so much more in rewards….But YES we will fail again. We will screw up. Things will go down. Things will break. We’re human and we try things…It’s guaranteed that we will mess up but move forward and continue to grow.

  2. Elizabeth Davis says:

    🙂 Ty Jon. Just had to express my views & yes not many sites go without a glitch sometimes either. Still maintain KISS would be better for next round(not playoffs) Liked it when the team DC was a mix up of points, keys or subs etc. Gives those not surfing all day long a chance? Hopes so

    • Jon Olson says:

      The problem we have with that, is we need to cater to every single one of our promo partners. So if everyone is just surfing the vaults today, what about the sub games and DC’s….We need to find a good balance for promo partners as well as surfers.

  3. Sig says:

    Rock on Folks!

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