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Happy International Day of Sweeva Day

Happy International Day of Sweeva Day

Today, if you don’t already know, is International Day of Sweeva.

Sweeva is different. Yes it has a longer timer, but Sweeva is unique and the long timer is actually a really positive feature.

Everyone sees the same page at the same time and the focus is on the quality of the splash page and creativity of the advertiser.

Being unique and standing out is what Sweeva is all about…and today we are having a massive Sweeva Day surf party to launch the new look Sweeva.

The site is getting a dramatic new look today and we can’t wait to show it off to the world at the Surf Party.

So get your unique splash pages seen, be creative with your XP giveaway offers, don’t forget your pictures of animals in silly clothes (if you were watching TELive recently you will know what I am talking about) and just generally be awesome.

Sweeva Surf Party – tonight at 7pm Eastern. Be there. NO excuses.

Oh and the Daily CTP challenge today is at…Sweeva.

43 responses to “Happy International Day of Sweeva Day”

  1. Stephen Whittle says:

    Don’t miss the Sweeva Surf Party! It’ll be a blast!

  2. Raj G says:

    Best Wishes to Sweeva…!!!

  3. charlotte ericson says:

    I love Sweeva! I will Try to be at the surfparty but it’s late here in Sweden then.

  4. Selya Rollins says:

    Yes, Sweeva Party today!

  5. Will there be cake at this party?

  6. I was so worried about this site being a challenge but once I got started it was easy breezy.

  7. Way to keep things hopping at CTP! Sweeva is a great place to showcase your creative work, and can be an invaluable tool to help improve that work if needed ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. steven schofield says:

    Sweeva party tonight.

  9. LORNA HEATH says:

    Let’s be honest here. You said, and I quote, “Yes it has a longer timer, but Sweeva is unique and the long timer is actually a really positive feature.
    Everyone sees the same page at the same time and the focus is on the quality of the splash page and creativity of the advertiser.”

    Oh Please! Who the heck has 20 or 30 seconds in most cases to sit staring at someone’s Ad? Who does that for 10 hours a day or more?

    We’re all clicking away furiously Nerd Surfing, with a dozen different tabs open across the top skipping over them like a stone on water to get the max points for the day, to get Keys, to get Badges, to get Pennies!!

    You really think anyone appreciates a 20/30 second timer to ‘appreciate’ ad Ad?

    Think I’ll book a day off next time Sweeva is in town.

    • Bob Sims says:

      I agree with you Lorna…..A 10 to 15 second display of ads is more than enough.
      Compared to “No-Timers” where folks just rush through the display of ads.
      The folks that appreciate the longer timers are the ones that choose them -as if ,like you said,”You really think anyone appreciates a 20/30 second timer to โ€˜appreciateโ€™ ad Ad?

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      Well if you want to watch the replay of the Sweeva surf party last night you would have seen that Jon, I and everyone in the doom did just that…and we had great fun while doing so.

      There will be a blog post about it on this blog a little later on today (fri)

  10. great new design in sweeva wtg timtech

  11. Lynn M says:

    I remember how much fun several of us had trying to break Sweeva before it opened to the public. Hard to believe that was more than four years ago now. I think Sweeva’s just fine as it is… it was never meant to be a normal TE, it was meant for feedback (though many use it for just publicity as well)… I hope it always retains its Sweeveness ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Jon says:

    Personally, I think it was a bad choice for the daily challenge site.

  13. Ken Wolff says:

    I am ready. Don’t get mad if my CTP Video comes up and goes for 60 second. It takes 30 seconds for the video to catch up with the words. But I think the words are too important to leave out and start it at 30 seconds. Check it out…don’t get mad…click to save it and watch the whole thing when you have more time. Enjoy the party…let’s have fun and improve our sites. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Sweeva is the first place I test my designs before it goes to the masses of exposure. Some designs make it, some don’t. The feedback is what gets me to that perfect design.

    All the haters. Your badly mistaken of the effectiveness of Sweeva. It consistently ranks high for me in conversions. But then again any hater obliviously don’t care about conversion, and that is their own loss.

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      Yes Jeremiah…a lot of people use Sweeva for exactly the same purpose. You are certainly not alone. Great point.


  15. Oh in terms of Daily challenge. It don’t hurt for a daily challenge to be more challenging then normal. It is a “challenge” not life or death.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Agreed! It’s supposed to be a challenge. And I thought it was an awesome day. Great exposure for the folks that got their sites seen.

  16. Ok why not one more point. Its rarely talked about or highlighted, but Sweeva also carries viral power via twitter/facebook and the big one behind the scenes Google and other search engine ranking.

  17. Debb Lafevre says:

    Have to admit its great if your trying out a new splash.

  18. Inga says:

    Happy International Day of Sweeva Day to EVERYONE!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Yeaaah …and WTG to timer 29…24…19…15….9..and whatever else he has messed it up with …straighten up Tim

  20. Virginia says:

    There is something about surfing Sweeva and making pages that makes me feel more productive. Not productive in getting xp… but accomplishing things with my business.

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      Yes and you certainly got a lot of publicity from your business from your advertising on Sweeva yesterday. Keep it up.

  21. Wendy says:

    I Love Sweeva because of it’s long timer.
    The great place to test my design and I get constructive feedback there. I have a good result today because of daily challenge in Sweeva, and I use less than 1000 credits to get referrals or subscribers.
    Indeed it’s not good for surfers to complete the Tier in Daily Challenge, but it’s really good for advertisers. So why not be an advertiser today?

    I really love reading ads in Sweeva because I can tell which splash is eye-catching and learn from it. It really help my business.

  22. International Sweeva day was fun

  23. Sig says:

    Of all Timtech Sites Sweeva ALLWAYS been the one I kept upgrading in…

    And now, as a K4, I know I get the best of the best with it.

    Sweeva is unique, diff in many ways yes…for those who just look to click like “Hell” true all sites around…and not even peek at ads, then they maybe complain..but then again they have not learned all about marketing yet I guess.

    Try do some Training stuff folkS!

    Sweeva Rocks! Period!

  24. Patricia Dean says:

    Good crowd at the surf party

  25. Interesting challenge puts you to the test

  26. Myra P says:

    It was sort of nice to surf Sweeva for more than the traditional 10 a day….many creative splashes today, kudos to the creators!

  27. Really enjoy Sweeva, it is one of my most consistent advertising places,
    And thoroughly enjoyed the Sweeva Party today ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Karen Kuty says:

    Darn! I missed the party! I hope everyone had a great time.

  29. We missed you Karen, I like Sweeva when it is used as it was originally hoped for. I remember how excited Ken was about a new way of helping each other out. I am not sure very many people understand any more that the whole idea is to share the good things and things that can be improved… and to encourage each other to keep growing. Yes the Sweeva party with Jon officiating was a good example of the kind of things that are helpful or that we can take to heart if we feel it is an appropriate comment. I will say surfing Sweeva as one of the challenges was not a very good choice. It actually changes the direction that we want to be going in Sweeva. I do understand it was being honored today for the birthday but maybe there could have been rewards for comments made as well so we did not feel the rush to count down rather than truely analyzing the pages.

  30. Jon Olson says:

    I loved it. Every minute of it. It wasn’t ever meant to be something you could surf on automatic and never pay attention to it, Sweeva was designed to be different. That’s what makes it so special.

    Entire brands and names in the TE’s have been built using Sweeva and yesterday was proof enough for me that we’ve really ‘slept’ on Sweeva this past few months…

    Expect a lot more from Sweeva!

  31. The prospects looked good last night.

    You may have worn everyone out though because today the views are down around 12. Here’s to hoping as people hear, Sweeva will regain its previous showcase abilities.

  32. Anton Parvov says:

    Sweeva is the best…

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