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Round 2 Is About To Begin….The Quarter Finals Are Here!

Round 2 Is About To Begin….The Quarter Finals Are Here!


Wow, did you see some of the CTP XP totalled last night?

What a crazy battle and a huge congratulations to the 8 teams that moved onto the second round!

– In one quarter final we have a match up for the ages, as CSN is in tough against Lucky 13. Clash of the Titans anyone? This could prove to be the battle of the playoffs and we will be in for a treat.

– Next up is newcomer Ajay Team versus the mighty Team Phoenix. Ajay is out to prove something but don’t expect Phoenix to hold back because they are new to the second round. A huge battle awaits!

– Also Renegades faces Easy Team in their second round match up, these two teams have become a staple in the CTP Playoffs and let’s see if either of them can push towards a finals showdown!

– And finally, Wealthbuilders are in super tough against SurfAholics Alpha. No rest for either of these teams as they both put up absolutely massive XP in their first round match ups.

Good luck to everyone and may the best team win….Round 2 starts tonight at midnight eastern!

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